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Video marketing videos for business lets you showcase your personality, share lots of content in a short time, and ultimately gives your business a voice that can be lacking when people make digital connections. Developing a creative strategy is an integral component of successful marketing in 2022.

At Creative Marketing Ltd, we know how transformative high-quality video can be to business performance, so we have pulled together our top twenty video marketing statistics for 2022. When people scroll through their social media feeds or want to feel a connection online, video is the most engaging form of marketing content. Let us tell you why!

Video Marketing videos for business Consumer Behaviour Statistics

1. There Are Predicted To Be 48 Billion Digital Video IN The World By The End Of 2023

This represents an increase of 700 million users available for marketing teams to target with strong video content. Brands should also, therefore, consider how they can make their content suitable for large audiences, as we all know the power that a viral video must elevate a brand. Many video platforms are already enabled for this with features such as subtitles and transcripts available, meaning content can be enjoyed by event viewers that it was not originally intended for. This also offers an extra way to enhance SEO with informed meta and alt-tagging data being associated with video content.

From beauty tutorials that showcase the latest brands to informative how-to videos with subtle use of a brand’s presence to inform a consumer, consumers are looking for video content more than ever so now is the time to get your presence sorted.

2. 30.6% Of Consumers Are Searching For Tutorial Videos Making It One Of The Most Popular Forms Of Video Content

The most popular forms of content were music videos (51%) and viral content (36.7%), which we think brands should pay close attention to. The most successful video content is the one that comes across as the most authentic and organic. It is, therefore, a great idea to pay attention to these trends and find ways that your company can align with what consumers are, somewhat unknowingly, looking for.

The inclusion of how-to, tutorials, product videos, and influencer videos are all important in the marketing world as they showcase consumers engaging with content that can convert them into paying customers. With 62% of people trusting influencers more than celebrities or public figures, we think that this offers a great way to enhance your brand loyalty.

3. 90% of consumers use mobile video as their main form of video view content.

3.90% Of Consumers Use Mobile Video As Their Main Form Of Video View Content

Thanks to the likes of TikTok, Facebook videos and Instagram reels, people are looking more to mobile social platforms to view video content. Gone are the days of static images filling feeds, as consumers now expect highly edited and sleek content to greet them.

Globally, 4.43 billion people access social networks using mobile devices, so it is no surprise that this statistic is so high. Brands need to understand that people expect access to every form of content from the trusty sidekick that lives in their pocket or desk. Mobile video content is here to stay!

4. Millennials Aged Between 26-35 Make Up The Higher Category Of Video Viewers

You could even say that they take it as seriously as a part-time job, with some people racking up as many as 20 hours spent watching video content. This means that brands have amazing opportunities to target the consumers that potentially have the least financial commitments.

Knowing the age of consumers that watch the most video content also gives companies a great insight into how content can be tailored to stand out. Every element, from the editing style to the tone of voice that is used throughout, can help you stand out in the mind of a consumer.

5.66% Of Consumers Have Actively Searched For Video Content To Find Out More About A Brand

Gone are the days of reading about a brand or downloading a catalogue. Consumers want the content to be informative and readily available in video form, allowing them to learn about a new product or service in a timely manner.

Knowing that consumers are using video platforms in this way allows brands to create content that is further optimised to include a stronger call to action. This also allows for budgets to be allocated more wisely, as consumers would prefer to watch an informative video instead of calling up and speaking with a customer service team member.

In a conclusion, it is obvious that all content needs to be created for both brand advocates and new consumers to ensure that it provides something for everybody’s needs.

Social Media Platforms Video Marketing videos for business Statistics

6. YouTube is the most viewed source of online video content and has an astonishing 2.6 billion global users.

The platform is most prevalent in India, with more than 467 million viewers. Very much seen as the leader in video content, the platform is to thank for the rise of user-generated content and consumer video engagement. In fact, more than 720,000 hours of YouTube video content are uploaded each day!

The platform’s global reach is also made achievable by accessibility features such as subtitles, which means viewers can still interact with content even if it is not in their native language.

YouTube can also be seen as the first significant influencer platform. In 2022, it is estimated that 30% of all channels belong to a content creator. Thanks to the world of food reviews, beauty tutorials and product recommendations, many people now head to the platform directly for video content that supports a buying decision.

7. 30% of marketers choose to use Facebook live as their live-streaming social media platform of choice.

Launched in 2015 to bring Facebook to the needs of the modern social media user, Facebook live allows businesses and individuals to stream via their pages to an approved audience. The feature mimics the likes of Instagram stories and YouTube live by allowing people and brands to be instantly streamed to their audiences.

Live video is a great marketing tool to include with strategy and plans as it enhances digital connectivity and helps brands obtain a voice online. Live streaming shows that a company is current and that they have something that is worth sharing. Facebook is likely chosen as it has brilliant B2B and B2C features, with the live streaming function being fully compatible with most other third-party streaming services such as Zoom for the purpose of webinars.

With more than 8.5 million broadcasts having been made on Facebook to date, it is clear that this is something every business should be considering!

8. Want to make major money through video streaming? TikTok is the place to be as the video-streaming app has generated more than $6.3 billion to date in revenue.

In September 2022, TikTok’s parent company, Douyin, reported growth for the fourth consecutive quarter to the tune of $914.4 million! This is even more impressive considering the industry of mobile spending is noticing sharp drops just like many other consumer-spend sectors.

TikTok showcases how you can bring in a strong call to action with video content as the app has become increasingly focused on in-app shopping. Many content creators now post links to shop products on their own videos, with a trend also emerging for live TikTok shopping events that people can use a one-click feature to buy products.

9. 77% of companies use YouTube as their platform of choice to host marketing video content.

This proves that brands use the platform as the main call-to-action landing page instead of purely hosting video content on their own websites. The Google integration with YouTube means that videos have the power to be shown within search results if the metadata aligns with the SEO search for a particular keyword or trend.

By uploading marketing content to YouTube, brands are improving their presence on the platform and the chances of relevant customers coming across their products or services.

The easy-to-use description box, option to interact in the comments and inclusion of hashtags all offer personalisation features that can further enhance the visibility of marketing video content. We think using YouTube as your video hosting platform is a brilliant idea.

10. Video content is proven to be 1200% more effective than other forms of marketing content.

This statistic speaks for itself, proving that consumers are more susceptible to being converted to video. Videos are more emotive, allowing increased amounts of information to be digested and more questions to be answered in a short time.

The reality is that consumers expect brands to be producing sleek content, so if yours is not, you will be seen as behind the times and less likely to stand out to the modern consumer.

Video Marketing Professionals Statistics

11. An incredible 82% of internet traffic across the world is set to come from video marketing in 2022.

Based on both video streaming and live video content, this stat proves how important high-quality video marketing assets are in your plan. This also doesn’t just relate to length informational videos but also video assets that can be created from content such as gifs and shorts.

It is also not just the fact that video content sells but also how consumers use digital outlets as part of their daily life influencing this video marketing prominence.

32.8% of people say they view videos online as a way to relax and unwind. Whatever the reason for use, there is no denying that video content provides a source of entertainment that previously other media forms would have filled.

With videos offering high conversion rates, brands need to consider why consumers turn to video streaming platforms and how they can relate their products or services to this media outlet. Customer profiling certainly has taken on a whole new digital meaning in 2022!

12. 60% of marketing teams say they use video as a tool to look relevant.

Video content is a surefire way to not only stand out amongst tech-savvy consumers but also ensure that brands look like they are busy and successful. Creating elevated video content does not have to be complex, thanks to the various apps and courses available, but it does have the power to impress consumers of all ages.

Marketing teams understand the importance of creating video content as it’s not just what will make them look good but also what their consumers will expect.

This form of marketing is relevant for B2B and B2C audiences as company culture is an important message to transmit in various settings. Whether you want to stand out amongst influencer-driven consumer markets or want your business to appeal to top talent, video content is a strong marketing tool.

13. 81% of marketing professionals plan to include video as a cornerstone in their marketing strategy over the next decade.

Video is such an essential part of marketing strategy for most marketing teams that it is being planned into strategy, not just content plans. Normally marketing teams will have ideas for campaigns or base their operations on a solid call to action. However, the trend in 2022 and beyond is that a video is a tool that can be used to lead to many other forms of conversions.

With teams planning this into strategies and budgets, it highlights the need for all companies to invest in professional video marketing services to stay ahead of the game.

14. 46% of marketers say they now create more video content as it’s easy to produce in-house.

The rise of video-focused platforms has already meant a market for easy-to-use apps and software has closely followed. Whilst this is great to hear, there is still an industry-wide lack of digital skills meaning that companies are still potentially missing out on the best converting materials as they do not have the talent.

That is when a professional marketing agency, such as Creative Marketing Ltd, can act as a seamless extension of your own teams. We would love to see this statistic climb even higher as we think creative teams should feel empowered to create content for all parts of dynamic marketing strategies.

Video Marketing Content Statistics

15. 62% of marketing professionals say video engagement is their top metric for measuring campaign success.

While we appreciate that there are many ways of measuring consumer journeys and understanding ROI, at Creative Marketing Ltd, we agree that video engagement is a top priority.

There are many ways in which video engagement can be used to understand how consumers are interacting with a brand, including shopping click-throughs, live event statistics, onward journeys, and interactions within the comments sections. These elements all tie together to create succinct digital strategies that let companies automate operations thanks to the digital presence that sleek video content offers.

16. Webinars are a form of video marketing that 95% of B2B companies use as a key marketing tool.

When you think of video marketing, you may assume we mean social media videos or on-page tutorials on your website. This is not the case, as webinars are also a brilliant way of engaging with consumers and brands.

Whilst they are sometimes used within the consumer market, they are often brilliant forms of converting content within the business world. This form of knowledge transfer is almost always sold as a knowledge transfer exercise means that the viewers are being subjected to more subliminal marketing techniques.

With an average attendance rate of 50% for webinars, it is clear that this form of video marketing offers a great way to engage directly with target audiences.

17. 73% of consumers Are influenced by some video marketing Agency making it the most successful assets you can create.

From short how-to snippets to lengthy brand content, video content is such a popular form of marketing as it offers tons of flexibility.

With so many options around, it is vitally important to understand what your consumers will benefit from. As you can spend much of your budget on professional video content. We hold this in high regard as we always investigate what forms of content would best suit your business.

18. Video content marketing is set to be given more budget by 60% of companies over the coming years.

You want to invest your money in content marketing; that is no secret. The biggest trend to emerge in 2022 is the in-house budget focus on producing video content. More frequently, companies are also working with professional marketing agencies. While also bringing top digital talent in-house, meaning that their content is of the best quality possible.

With this comes consumer expectations that set the benchmark for how professional video content should be. Gone are the days of quick edits and poor-quality video being an afterthought in content plans. Now, companies are recognising the need to invest appropriately in these versatile collateral pieces.

19. Videos that are between 15-30 seconds have a 70% click-through rate making them the most popular form of video

Like any form of marketing asset, video content also has a time and place, which should always be considered. To engage users in a short time on saturated platforms. Snappy and attention-grabbing video content is the way to do it.

Just like the trailer of an action-packed movie, having a short form of video which can sell a concept is a great way to pique interest and direct the consumer journey.

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