Wedding videography isn’t just about pressing play and watching. It’s something that needs skill, time and patience. Since there are many important moments to capture for your couple on their special day, you need to be prepared about how to do so perfectly depending on the setting. The ceremony is one of the most memorable parts of the wedding day. This is the time your couple would be saying their I dos, exchanging vows, and become one. Creating the wedding content in the ceremony in as many different unique ways will.

1. The Front Is A Classic Approach But Always Gives An Easy Clean Look

wedding videography
wedding content

The happy couple have most likely used up a lot of time in deciding how they want their ceremony to feel. Before it starts, capture a shot of the ceremony site from the front. This will help you include the entire ceremony area and showcase all the details your bride and groom included as part of the setting. When the ceremony begins, stand at an angle that will include the bride and groom as they stand together, with their bridal party on their sides. This will require you to stand to face the front of the ceremony site, where you can capture these images for your couple.

2. Behind The Ceremony

Many ceremony locations have less than ideal lighting, which can be an issue for the special moments you want to capture. This is especially true for outdoor ceremonies, where the light creates unflattering shadows on your couple’s faces (or the harsh light causes them to squint). When lighting is not ideal, switch angles too and move behind the ceremony. If the setup and situation allow you, stand behind the altar, where the sun may be less intrusive. This angle can include the couple, and may even feature who is marrying them (the officiant).

3. The Side May Seem Unusual At First But Can Capture Remarkable Moments

wedding videography
wedding content

During the ceremony, there are certain angles where you must stand to the side to shoot to create the best wedding content you can for your client. It showcases different parts of the ceremony location, as well as the guests. It can also be helpful when there is difficult lighting while your couple and the bridal party walk down the aisle. Another way to shoot from a side angle is to stand on one side of the ceremony site and capture the groom with his groomsmen behind him. Then, switch sides to capture the bride beside her bridesmaids which completes a full look on the wedding videography.

4. The Aisle End Can Create A Unique Look For Your Wedding Videography

As the bridal party and bride walk down the aisle, take the opportunity to capture this moment from various angles. While your second shooter captures them exiting the limo or building, you can be at the front of the aisle as they walk toward you. When the ceremony concludes, switch angles and move to the opposite end as the bride, groom, and bridal party exit to the reception.

5. The Couple’s Perspective

When they are at the altar, the bride and groom are focused on one another and not how they’re wedding content will turn out. They are also facing each other, which means you should switch angles to capture their expressions. Start with the groom and shoot over his shoulder to capture the bride’s emotions and expressions during the ceremony. Then, shoot over the bride’s shoulders for the groom’s reactions. This will not only help you add variety and interest to the angles and photos you take, but you’ll also get to showcase how the bride and groom were feeling at that time.

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