Comparatively speaking, company video blogs are more immersive and concise than other creative video blogs. They have a higher chance of going viral and are simpler to increase the number of views compared to contextual content. However, boosting engagement for your YouTube videos is more challenging than overnight sleep. You’ll need to find ways for how your audience engages with your content.

Hence, video engagement is vital because it demonstrates how viewers respond to and interact with your content. It is made up of comments, likes, dislikes, and shares. If your YouTube video has no engagement, your audience isn’t enjoying your content.

Therefore, one of the ways to grow your audience engagement is through YouTube intros. It is essential and is the future of video marketing. If your video does not pique people’s interest immediately, they will most likely abandon it. Create a captivating intro using a free YouTube intro maker to capture your audience’s attention from the first second. A free YouTube intro maker can help you create branded video intros or outros to attract viewers.

In addition, there are other ways to raise engagement with video blogs. The guidance below can help you engage your audience more effectively and keep them interested. Here are the five tips to increase engagement in video blogs:

Making a relevant video for social media channels is a type of trend-following. People seek out trending or viral videos, so if you use them, you’ll almost certainly gain new followers, subscribers, and viewers.

You don’t have to brainstorm or come up with a new niche. If reaction videos are your specialty, concentrate on following the trend and showcasing your brand personality. You could create a reaction video to a specific trending topic which can increase engagement.

Create Stunning Intro

Since there is so much competition on YouTube, you must strategically plan every move to attract more viewers. Making an eye-catching YouTube intro is one of the most effective ways to attract viewers.

No matter where you are, social video breakpoints are two to five seconds. It is critical to capture viewers’ attention in such a short time. YouTube intros are, therefore, essential for attracting viewers. Use the free intro maker for YouTube to create a compelling intro that gives viewers a quick glimpse and establishes the tone for your video.

Engage With The Audience

Engaging your audience in conversation is critical to establishing bonds with them. You can ask a question about the content you’re creating or solicit ideas for future content from your audience.

These comments will boost engagement while also providing insightful criticism and video creativity. Naturally, this entails keeping an eye on your comment section and responding to as many as possible.

Incorporate A “Call To Action”

Never let getting more people to watch your video be your only priority. After each video, don’t forget to include a “Call to Action.” It can be a short text animation or an outro asking your viewers to follow you on social media or subscribe to your channel. You can incorporate a link to your website to promote your product or service. Every viewer should be regarded as a possible opportunity.

Use a YouTube intro maker free tool to create a stunning outro where you can incorporate your “call to action.” Start your videos or live streams with branded intros by customizing them with this intro maker online free software.

Organize Thumbnails Strategically

A  photo that serves as your video’s sneak peek is a video thumbnail. It resembles a book cover. Additionally, it should pique a viewer’s interest like a cover image.

You need to make a thumbnail that describes your video and explains why viewers should watch your video instead of your competitors. Here’s how to make a compelling thumbnail:

Experiment with different designs to entice your viewers to watch your video.


YouTube engagement metrics such as views, comments, likes, and subscriptions show how frequently people interact with your video. These metrics can help you determine the overall performance of your video.

Knowing how to increase viewer engagement with your videos is crucial if you want to succeed in video blogging. Another suggestion is to plot your videos in advance to prevent disorganization and keep viewers interested.

Second, use an intro maker for YouTube free tool to make excellent intros and outros. Third, employ a user-friendly free YouTube intro maker software to create a compelling video by cutting out unwanted scenes that aren’t helpful to your audience.

Since a YouTube intro can help to increase viewer engagement, it is always preferable to use a youtube intro maker online free tool that can produce a compelling video rather than paying for expensive software.

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