1. Ready-made traffic

Got your own blog? Good. You will know that attracting readers can be tricky (even for professional videographers and bloggers) , especially in the early days. With LinkedIn you are part of a hive that’s 467 million professionals strong. There are people who want to read your content, and plenty of them. LinkedIn helps you reach them – and that starts with your carefully nurtured network of connections.

2. Boost your exposure (beyond LinkedIn)

Of course, LinkedIn allows your readers to share your content across their other social media channels. You could pick up traffic from Twitter, Facebook and all the rest – even if you don’t actively use those platforms yourself. Easy win.

Good posts with eye-catching headlines and a logical structure can earn your company tens of thousands of views. A post by the CEO of investment company adventur.es is a good example of just what blogging on LinkedIn can do for your brand.

3. Get ranked in Google fast

LinkedIn holds phenomenal clout with the search engines. Publish your content and Google will pick it up pronto. That’s excellent news if you’re writing a piece in response to the latest big story in your industry. When the value of your content lies in its timeliness, LinkedIn will help you maximise the opportunity.

4. Build credibility and gain trust

Links to the latest content you publish on LinkedIn are added to the top of your profile. That shows any visitors checking out your profile that you are engaged, knowledgeable and confident enough to make your opinion heard. Ideal for picking up one or two extra credibility points.

5. Drive traffic to your blog

6. Built-in analytics

LinkedIn shows you how many times your content has been viewed, how many shares it’s generated and how many comments readers have felt compelled to leave. That’s useful in any marketer’s book. Especially if you fancy comparing the data with your own blog’s analytics to see which content is working best on each platform.

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