Are you looking for how to gain more watch time? Here are 8 types of video content including any video production that attract more views on YouTube!

1. Podcasts

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Podcasts are mostly listened to rather than viewed, which means you don’t have to worry about keeping visual attention. If the topic is interesting and the conversation flows, podcasting is a powerful way to increase those watch time minutes.

2. Children’s Video Content

Kids are easily entertained by YouTube, and they’re known for watching videos on repeat. Whether it’s nursery rhymes or educational content, children’s videos are a jackpot for collecting YouTube watch hours and views.

3. Music Videos

Music video content collect a lot of watch time on YouTube, especially if they’re catchy. Just think of all the “internet songs” inspired by viral memes. Some are still getting thousands of plays today and building extra watch time by the minute!

For example, have you listened to the meme-ified song It’s Corn! by Songify This, Tariq, and Recess Therapy? The YouTube video has 34 million views and counting, which is impressive for just one year of viewership. The trend may die, but the song lives on forever!

So, here’s the real question: Are you musically inclined? Use your talents to songify a meme, and you might get more watch time!

4. Livestreams

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Live content allows for real-time interaction between creators and their viewers. These broadcasts aren’t short, either; many streams will range from a few minutes to 12 hours maximum on YouTube. Considering that, it’s no wonder streaming pulls in so much watch time!

Not only that, it’s easy to convert livestreams to regular YouTube video content when the broadcast is over. So you’ll gain watch hours during the livestream and after!

One example is the rise of Fortnite livestreams. They’re popular, engaging, and lengthy, all of which leads to more viewing minutes.

5. ASMR Videos

ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. It refers to the tingling sensation running from scalp to spine that a listener feels in response to soothing noises.

Like podcasts, viewers don’t have to see the screen to enjoy ASMR. It’s an auditory experience, so they’re listening to rain sounds, gentle wind, cooking noises, and more. Check out this ASMR cooking video from Men With The Pot to see what we mean!

6. Gaming Videos

Gaming is fun, but it’s also task oriented. Viewers are there to see someone beat a tricky level, build something complicated, explore glitches in a game, and countless other quests. They’re learning something new while also being entertained, and that’s a sure-fire way to get anyone’s attention!

7. Compilation Videos

Compilation videos offer a variety of content in one package, keeping viewers engaged for a long time. Best of all, there’s a compilation video for almost anything you can think of — funny pet moments, gaming fails, spooky pranks, silly bloopers, and more. The more entertaining the content, the more watch time you can earn!

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