At the minute we’re all in lockdown due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Because of this, all 3 of us are confined to home, so I decided to use this time to perfect our live streaming capabilities. Given I had the office to myself, I had plenty of room to set it all up. Using 2 of our cameras, our H6 Zoom, and a whole lot of wires, I managed to get a pretty decent stream lasting for four and a half hours. Pretty useful if Max or Mark wanted to check in to make sure I was actually working. Thankfully we invested in some camera batteries we could connect to a plug socket, so the need to keep swapping and charging batteries wasn’t an issue, and again, being the only one in the office, I had all the internet power for myself, so no dip in stream quality thankfully. The next step would be getting down to a more refined process, so we don’t need so many wires, but given this works fine, keep an eye out for Modus Live streams in the future!