What is guerilla filmmaking?

Guerilla filmmaking (video production) is a shooting style that is done clandestinely with no film permits, limited props, and usually a bare-minimum crew. A filmmaker, AKA a videographer, could find this quite hard to do but its better for the film. This usually means shooting on-location quickly before anyone else notices what’s going on. Prepare beforehand is essential, as is maintaining a low profile. This means not having a big boom mic, lights set up or having too many crew members around when shooting.

Why Guerilla?

The term “guerilla” is taken from the Spanish word for a style of warfare waged between small bands of non-professional soldiers and official government military. In filmmaking, you can see how this idea applies because this filmmaking style is not as organized (or legal) as a normal movie shoot. While a guerrilla shoot can be organized in its own way, it’s still very risky, which is why it’s also nicknamed “run and gun.”

What are guerilla filmmaking characteristics?


How do you shoot guerrilla style?

While we do not endorse the shooting and production style of guerilla filmmaking, we can provide you with guerilla filmmaking tips that cover the do’s and don’ts.

Before going into all that, feel free to watch the video below about the do’s and don’ts of guerilla filmmaking from Film Riot.

Useful guerilla filmmaking tips

Guerilla filmmaking is cheaper than most other kinds. Since you can bypass film permits (which means not needing to secure locations):

Guerilla filmmaking provides you with a freedom you might not otherwise have if you were shooting things “the normal way.” 

If you want to shoot in a certain location:

However, shooting in a public without a permit has serious drawbacks, so:

There’s a real spontaneity to guerilla filmmaking, which might also be part of the fun or process. The idea is that you only have one chance or two to get something right, so:

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