According to a online video viewer survey across selected countries in August 2020, over 27% of online viewers watched more than 10hrs of online videos in on a weekly basis. This is great proof that video content is becoming increasingly more popular and ever more accessible. Especially with the addition of stories on the majority of social media platforms now. Every business should be increasing its creative video marketing efforts in order to boost conversions and even sales. The importance of corporate video production is becoming prevalent in any businesses content strategy. Below we have highlighted some key points to boost sales with video production agencies.

Cracking the video content algorithms to boost sales

A lot of marketers underestimate the work that goes into creating top performing video content. While it is possible to create high-quality content on your phone, with social media becoming saturated with video production companies, just simply picking up a phone and hitting record won’t always cut it. If you truly want to see video views turn into boosts to your sales, then you must be high ranking on Google by creating engaging content, as well as creating videos your target audience actually wants to watch.

The majority of algorithms on social media are based on simple video metrics. Metrics help us determine how well something is performing. For example, tracking the level of engagement through certain actions taken on your video. Videos that have been liked, commented on or shared are considered to have a higher engagement rate and therefore will rank better in the algorithms. When creating your video content you should be thinking about these metrics. What kind of content will get your audience commenting, liking and sharing with their friends and family?

Whilst getting engagement on your video content is great, how will this help you boost sales? Having your video shown to more people increases the chance your video will help you earn conversions, as long as there is a strong CTA (call to action).

How do you make a video searchable so it has the opportunity to rank in search engine results pages? One way to do this is by adding closed captions to your videos which allows Google to understand the context of your video a lot easier. If you are uploading your videos to YouTube you have the option to add timestamps. These allow Google to show certain snippets of your video on Google search results pages that are relevant to the user’s search. You should be uploading subtitles to all your YouTube videos.

Make sure your video production agencies is optimised for Google will increase the chances of it ranking higher in search engine results. Therefore it is important to have a reason and call to action within your video to guide these organic views towards either your website or another action. For example, to purchase the product head over to our website ‘www…’ or click the link in the description.

Complement your products with video

Having videos on your product pages is a great way to boost your sales. You can fit a lot of product information into a 60-second clip. Video works especially well for higher-priced items. This is typically because the consumer will have to consider the purchase a lot more. Therefore video allows you as a business owner to show off your product in ways that images cannot. 

Things to include when filming video content for products:

Thumbnails increase click-through rate

Thumbnails are a major contributor to increasing click-through rate (CTR). The higher the percentage of the click-through rate, the more views your video will receive. This is also a metric that affects whether or not your video production agencies will be shown to others. If you have many users clicking on your video the social platform will show this to more users with the same interests. Whether this is on Instagram’s explore page or YouTube’s recommended video feed. This is why you should put some effort into your thumbnails rather than just choosing a shot from the video. 

Some things to consider when creating a thumbnail are to use a template to help with consistency across your YouTube channel, stick to your branding and make sure the thumbnail is eye-catching. However, make sure the thumbnail remains relevant to the video. Miss leading titles and pictures can cause low watch times that can negatively impact the potential for it to show organically in social feeds.

Making sure your thumbnails stand out from your competitor’s videos is a great way to improve CTR. Getting more clicks will help your video be organically displayed to similar audiences. 88% of marketers state video production agencies provides them with positive ROI. In comparison to only 33% saying this in 2015. This shows if you’re not already utilising video content within your business, you could be missing out. You can start creating video content today. Read our blog on how to shoot and edit a YouTube video with just your phone. To increase your sales using video content you should be using all the tips mentioned in this blog.