Food With Chetna

Since appearing on The Great British Bake Off in 2014 and christmas 2016, Chetna Makan has received a huge following from fans via Instagram and Twitter, and launched her bestselling Amazon book, ‘The Cardamom Trail’ in 2016.

We are continuosly working with Chetna to create her online recipe series for her YouTube channel ‘Food with Chetna’ which features some of her best dishes from her book, whilst boosting awareness and brand identity.

Chetna’s channel went live in July 2015 and now has received over 22,000 subscribers in 2017, all thanks to her massive online support. We also continue to work on collaborative projects with other famous YouTube chefs including the Food Busker and the Lean Machines.

Modus provide a fantastic team to work with. They are hard working and creative. They are very positive when it comes to getting the most out of my performance and always approach each project with a highly professional attitude!

Chetna Makan