Implementing Video Marketing into a Social Media Strategy

Our video marketing agency was asked by McArthurGlen to produce a series of marketing videos that would help strengthen their social media video marketing across Facebook and Instagram. Our agency regularly supplies videos for business and charities and the Ashford Designer Outlet are the perfect partner to exercise a range of digital strategies. 

McArthurGlen Designer outlets are a massive presence not only in retail, but also online. With a number of designer outlets across Europe and the US, they are already a well-established brand. In 2000, Ashford got their own designer outlet, and over the years it has grown exponentially, both in size, and online. 

In 2019, they reached out to see if our video marketing agency could help showcase some of their events and products through targeted social media video marketing, to boost their social presence, as well as draw in more foot traffic for the centre. They were also keen for us to create videos for businesses in the centre to help increase footfall for lesser-known brands.

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The centre has no trouble attracting customers outside the local area, as these visitors often pass through on their way to and from the coast, and border. Having direct links to London and Paris, via the Ashford International Railway station mere minutes away also helps overall accessibility. The main drive of the centre’s outreach was to attract local customers, and those just outside their reach to maintain a regular customer base and footfall. The idea to stage a series of events, and promotions was intended to bring these potential customers into the centre for said promotions, and thus spend money in and around the centre too. 


Our video marketing agency team realised the main purpose of these videos was to show the number of customers at the centre, enjoying themselves with both shopping and at these events. These videos allow those featured to see themselves at these events, and share across their own social media accounts, thus widening the network of possible audiences. Likewise, when the centre decided to focus on a particular brand partner, this then meant a symbiotic relationship where both the centre and the brand were promoting the video across a number of channels and platforms, again to increase that reach. 


Because of the continued work with the Ashford Designer Outlet, McArthurGlen, also asked to provide a hiring video that could be used in a number of different centres across the country and in Europe. By creating a standard template that fitted the brands message and values, this could easily be altered with various elements such as photos of the site, and any language changes to be used in a number of ways, resulting in a consistent look and feel to the company. 


Overall the videos helped drive traffic to all aspects of McArthurGlen’s social media, as well as their website, and thus translated to increased footfall for their centres, as well as increased spending in the stores available, and a significant rise in returning customers.