Jenkins & Pain specialise in vehicle repairs for the insurance industry along with the trade, fleet and general public. Based in Dover, Kent, Jenkins & Pain are fast becoming one of the UK premiere repair centres and are now award-winners in their own right. Our video production company has been working with them since 2015.

The Problem

Jenkins & Pain approached Modus to see if we could help them refocus their customer engagement solutions across all areas of the business. After an internal review Jenkins & Pain discovered similar competitors were attracting and retaining much more walk-in customers on a yearly basis and this became a concern for the business. We ran an audit across the website, social media and also reviewed the client roadmap. We discovered that the website had super high bounce rates especially on pages where you wouldn’t expect it, such as the About Us Page, Homepage and Repair Process pages.  

Once we had created our video marketing audit we decided to implement pockets of video content to specific pages of the website. The intention for doing this was to see if we could reduce bounce rates and improve the websites overall SEO ranking. As a way to improve customer engagement metrics we also decided to create a bespoke video email package along with software that the team at Jenkins & Pain could use to email their prospects and clients. Finally we wanted to look at their YouTube page and see if we could create a space to host their videos as well as advertise video content across the platform as part of their video marketing campaign.


1. Video SEO:

The Jenkins & Pain website is very text heavy with minimal images displayed across the site. Lots of text is a great way to help increase organic reach across Google and other search engines but people don’t want to read reels and reels of copy. Our videographers spent time filming in the repair centre over a number of different sessions to capture video content that documented all areas of the repair process. We created a company overview promotional video to feature on the homepage header. This video is eye-catching and summarises what a client can expect when visiting the centre. An About Us video for the about page which perfectly summaries the history of the centre and its roots in Kent. Finally we created step by step videos for the repair process page which audiences can view as part of a sequence or individually.

2. Video Email Campaign

Sending emails to clients wasn’t engaging enough with the clients, they needed something that was going to retain attention and inform them. In response we deployed a video email campaign using a bespoke emailing system that the Jenkins & Pain team could send with ease. These video emails are sent to clients at various stages of the repair process and informs and educates audiences in the most efficient way. This area of video marketing has reduced email open rates, created conversation and has helped increase customer engagement metrics. When used correctly this video email campaign works perfectly as part of a digital marketing campaign. See how we can help you produce an amazing video marketing campaign using the power of a video email campaign.

3. YouTube Advertising

YouTube has over 2 billion logged in monthly users (See more info on Hootsuite) and over 80% of online users use YouTube as a conventional search engine. Our video marketing strategy involves creating and hosting videos to use as part of a Jenkins & Pain YouTube advertising initiative. We regularly host a number of targeted 30 second YouTube videos that are targeted at very niche audiences. Collectively we have seen conversion traffic increase on average by 15% year on year for YouTube users looking to find accident repair solutions. Hosting on YouTube is also a great way to review and monitor viewer analytics as part of your overall video marketing efforts. Our video marketing agency specialises in YouTube advertising plus it’s the perfect platform to begin building video SEO into hosted content. Our YouTube advertising services are proven and effective to help you build brand awareness and generate sales. 

Some of our work with Jenkins & Pain

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With the support of our focused video marketing strategies and campaigns we have helped Jenkins and Pain win a coveted AGEAS national award for outstanding customer engagement. The centre is now a registered Kitemark repairer and are Ford and Vauxhall approved. Our Video Production Company continues to work with Jenkins & Pain on a month to month basis and we regularly update all video content as and when required. We are proud to work with such a fresh thinking client and are keen to see how we can continue developing their video marketing strategy.

If this case study has sparked an idea for you or your business get in touch with our production team who will be able to show you what video marketing can do to increase your on and offline presence. 

We helped Jenkins & Pain win an award for their video marketing strategy. Find out how our video production company can help you.