We need to increase footfall by 20% in a month

Shepherd Neame is an independent brewery founded in 1698 in Faversham, Kent, and own over 320 pubs around the UK. Shepherd Neame caught wind of some of our other work in the food and drink industry and wanted a taste. So we’ve served them up a series of films promoting some of their top local bistro pubs.

Each of the pubs we’ve worked with have their own personalities, their own style, we try to bring that to life in our films. No two pubs are the same, after all.

Shepherd Neame are a fantastic company to be involved with, and we look forward to travelling all around the UK doing burger and beer research for our films. Perhaps we should get gym subscriptions.

The Focus

Before working with Modus, these venues were relying mostly on word-of-mouth, low level social media and non-sponsored posts. The pubs are fantastic and so they are naturally busy – the problem was how to show the UK each pub’s uniqueness and speciality. We knew there was opportunity for increasing footfall by expanding marketing strategies into video marketing. The delicious food and drink, and unique, authentic decor of each pub was not being emphasised in their marketing efforts.

These venues and the products they serve create a really great atmosphere that you can only appreciate fully when in the room, so that’s exactly what was needed to help get people through the doors. We took this to another level and had the customer at the table, at the bar, enjoying the food and everything else, showing the customers exactly what they can expect from a visit.

We also product based films which includes their Cask Club where they introduce a new cask ale each month, drink launches, events and delicious food to drive their social media channels forward with video content.

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Our Films Go A Long Way…

We target our films to the perfect audience, in the right place at the right time. That means Shepherd Neame get maximum value for their marketing budget.

For every £150 spent on marketing our pub venue films reached almost 95,000 people in the local area, pushed hundreds to the venue websites, and dramatically increased footfall in the weeks following the films.

Needless to say, we helped Shepherd Neame achieve their goals. With the feedback and response from the community being so positive – and so focused on the amazing food, we got to work creating a new film showcasing the Limes’ famous Streaking Pig Burger. We wanted to get mouths watering and eyes wide open and this short film did the trick, orders went through the roof.

" Modus Film were able to understand our business very quickly, and delivered a strategy and series of films that was perfect for us and our goals. With Modus' expertise in the film industry and their marketing capabilities, our promotions were quickly reaching all the right people. In short, they increased our footfall by 20% within a few weeks and far surpassed our targets - and kept under budget. "

Gareth Finney - Pub Owner