Our production agency is now a key partner of the Turner Contemporary art gallery in Margate, and our creative video production process is a key part of their video marketing strategy. Unlike creating videos for business, the gallery is a charitable foundation and content needs to be informative and community driven.

Turner Contemporary, opened its doors in 2011, fortunately this was the same time our video agency was just starting out and after creating short pieces of content our partnership blossomed. Taking inspiration from how we create videos for businesses, Turner Contemporary has amassed over 3000+ subscribers on Youtube, and amassed over 500,000 video views. On top of this, they’ve also been able to host, and share a number of events with world famous artists including Tracy Emin, Oscar Murillo, and Grayson Perry.

The main focus of the majority of Turner’s creative video production content, is showcasing their current exhibits, and interviews both the artists themselves and the wider art community. Our production agency quickly realised that one of the biggest pulls in recent years has been the idea of virtual tours, something we thought would really work well to not only showcase a dynamic way of viewing Turner’s exhibits, but also by using these keywords such as ‘Virtual Tour’. Showcasing the exhibits in a number of ways online has increased their video SEO ranking and made for more engaging, and easier to share content. 

The focus on Turner’s YouTube channel allowed our video agency to utilise the main tools in driving traffic to their channel, as well as their website. By focusing on video tags and other elements of the YouTube SEO, we were able to optimise YouTube algorithms, and increase the amount of search results for Turner’s videos online. Our production agency team managed this by looking at retaining subscriber and viewer numbers, and seeing how and where they increased, and what audiences responded to most. We worked on this with Turner’s communications director, so that both them and us understood where the impact was coming from, and what elements of the video marketing strategy was working best for them. 

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The Results

Because of the longevity of the relationship between our video agency and Turner, we’ve been able to create a series of video content that recycles old content and that we can re-promote to continue using the SEO terms that worked well for the content at the time. This means that Turner has a constant stream of content, both old and new, as well as a high rank on Google, and within SEO results for London and Kent. This means their video marketing and other digital campaigns retain fantastic ROI’s as they’re able to be pushed out for as long as the exhibit is at home at Turner, on top of being featured by the artist themselves, and for any related exhibits in the future.

"We have worked with Modus Film Productions for several years on a diverse array of projects. On every occasion they have been professional, and have understood the subtleties of the brief completely. Their work is always highly creative, of the highest quality and great value for money."

Karen Elsea - Turner Contemporary