The sky is no longer the limit.
Modus drone film & photography.

Aerial shooting is less rocket science, more drone science.

Filming and photographing from the skies are no longer an overly complex and expensive ordeal. Our CAA licensed (PfCO – Permission for commercial operations) and approved drone can capture every moment from above while we’re on the ground getting up-close and personal.

Whether you’re just after aerial shooting, or want to take your film to the next level and include Modus drone footage, we bring the equipment, technical and legal experience and all the qualifications and certifications under the sun so you can sit back and watch us work without worry.

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We make it simple.

We can work with local authorities, private property owners and council to secure filming permission for you. We recce and secure the shooting site, perform thorough assessments and make sure we’re covered for every eventuality.

We film in UHD 4K and photograph in 20 megapixels to deliver stunning, crisp and vibrant visuals.

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