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DFDS Flashmob

Posted April 8, 2020 No Comments

DFDS Seaways asked us to hop aboard and film a choir that was scheduled to do some shows over in Berlin, and would be performing a flash mob for the onboard guests. 

Once on board, we made our way to the lounge to set up the cameras. Making use of both our extreme zoom lens, and Ronin gimbal steadicam, as well as two GoPro‚Äôs to ensure maximum coverage of the lounge for when the performance began, to ensure we captured the guests’ surprise when the choir started singing. 

However, this was a rough day weather wise. The ship was already rocking when we were docked in Dover, so filming with a precision zoom lens was going to be difficult. Thankfully we had our gimbal to balance out any rocking motion, and the choir did a spectacular job regardless of the motion. After a few falls we were back on track and the choir performed a variety of pop songs, and some well known Christmas classics, everyone on board seemed to have a great time, and it allowed everyone to forget about the rocky crossing. 

Being event videographers we captured this event exceptionally well. If you want your event filmed get in touch with us on our contact page where we will be happy to answer any questions. This was great for social live streaming!