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What Is A Content Marketing Calendar And Why Should You Use One?

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Content marketing is vital to your marketing strategy and your brand’s ability to attract and convert your target customers. But content marketing videos for business isn’t a simple discipline. It has many facets, central to which is planning, developing, and publishing your content through a variety of channels. One of the best tools you can use to keep it all organized is a content calendar. Let’s explore what a content calendar is and why you should use one.

What Is a Content Calendar?

A content calendar is the hub for all your content marketing efforts and one of the most important tools within your marketing toolkit. A content calendar allows you to organize your efforts in a visual manner while enabling clear communication of your campaign schedules and editorial plans.

It’s a transparent depository of what’s due, what’s done, and the status of every content project. It also clearly defines who is responsible for activities related to each piece of content.

A content calendar helps your team, which is often a mix of creative roles from writers to editors to strategists to designers, understand the workflow of each project.

While you may have been using a spreadsheet to keep your content plan organized, this is not sustainable or scalable. Your content calendar needs to be dynamic so it can fulfill its role as the framework for your content strategy and content plan. It enables a holistic view of where your content is and where it’s going. It transforms strategic tenets into actionable plans.

Why You Should Use a Content Calendar

There are many benefits and advantages to using a content calendar. It could revolutionize the way you plan, create, and promote content. Using a content calendar could significantly improve your operations and the quality of your content, which could increase leads and profits.

Here are eight reasons why you should use a content calendar.

1. Keep Your Team Organized and Aligned

How do you currently source or organize ideas? Are content plans scribbled down in notebooks? Or, do you have endless meetings related to the status of projects?

These are both inefficient processes, which are keeping you disorganized. A content calendar delivers a more holistic view of your content strategy. It helps you uncover content gaps and also provides more oversight, so you’re less likely to miss content deadlines!

2. Brainstorm Better

When your content is organized by topics and your team has a clear view of what’s in the works, it can often get them thinking about new ideas. Brainstorming activities to boost your content calendar are essential to delivering compelling, interesting content.

And they can actually happen within your content calendar. You can create an “idea” space that allows anyone involved in the content process to put ideas into one repository. They can then be discussed and fleshed out into projects.

3. Maintain Consistency

Consistency is critical in content marketing. To keep your audience engaged, you have to be delivering content that helps them learn and is also entertaining. If your posting is irregular and not continually connecting with readers, your audience is unlikely to grow. A content calendar keeps your team honest and accountable to the publishing frequency and schedule that you’ve set out to execute.

4. Sustain Your Audience’s Interest

A content calendar offers you the opportunity to see what topics you’ve covered so you don’t duplicate efforts, while also helping you keep to your themes. You will no longer be picking topics at random so you are more likely to keep your audience engaged.

5. Stay Timely

With a content calendar, you can plot out specific events, holidays, or times of year that are important to your audience and your business. This means you won’t miss out on opportunities to leverage these events and get in front of your potential customers with timely content. You can ensure that you have content that speaks to what’s happening in their world, building your credibility.

6. Enable Visibility Across Teams

Content collaboration across large teams can be complicated. Content calendars make it easier. The most effective companies have alignment across teams. With a content calendar, you can employ a resource that helps everyone stay on the same page. Sales, marketing, product managers, and other stakeholders have clear visibility into content efforts, which can improve the relationships among teams and your culture.

7. Plan Social Media Marketing Better

Content and social media marketing are two parts of your content marketing strategy. A content calendar enables your social media team to schedule what will be posted and where, allowing you to be more consistent in posting.

Plus, with content automation features available on some content calendar platforms, you can save time in scheduling. This helps you cultivate a better social media presence because you can focus more on interacting with followers, instead of manually publishing posts.

8. Track Performance More Efficiently

Measuring the effectiveness of your content marketing efforts is essential. You need to understand what content is performing well and why so you can replicate it. By using a content calendar that also enables reporting, you can keep an eye on your production and performance metrics and uncover insights to inform your future content plan and make it even effective.

Having a content calendar is critical to your brand’s content marketing success. Thus, it’s not an option anymore. Using a content calendar is a foundational aspect of your content strategy. Now, all you need to do is find the right one for your business.

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Modus Film is a video production company based in Kent and London. Our services are nationwide and our video marketing agency can help you make some ground breaking content. If you want to discuss this further contact us or better yet see how video marketing can transform your current marketing mix. We are now fully PPE compliantPlus we carry on working!

Do You Need to Talk to a Marketing Expert?

As video marketing experts we are specialists in all forms of video marketing. Here at Modus Film, we have completed many projects for our clients that have required us to define a digital strategy with really great results. If you want to speak to a specialist email [email protected] or call us on 01233 273 273.

We are still an active creative marketing agency. Video production company London, Video production agency Kent

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What Does a Wedding Planner Actually Do?

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It is becoming much more common for couples to enlist additional support for all kinds of things, it might be hiring a cleaner for your home, ordering your food shopping online or getting help with decorating the house. So, why should the planning of your wedding be any different? But, if you haven’t planned a wedding before, how do you know if you actually need the extra help? You’ve cleaned your house before so you should know how valuable it is to pay someone else to do it. The wedding videographers and wedding filmmakers at our wedding cinematography company reveal what wedding planners actually do…

wedding videographers, wedding filmmakers
The wedding videographers and wedding filmmakers at our wedding cinematography company reveal what wedding planners actually do…

Full Wedding Planning

From start to finish, your wedding planner will be there to support you throughout the entire wedding planning process. From finding the perfect venue, sourcing suppliers, creating the design for the wedding, managing the budget and co-ordinating; all the plans in the lead up to and on the day to ensure you both, and your families, remain as stress free as possible throughout.

Partial Wedding Planning

You may be enjoying a lot of the wedding planning process but just need some guidance on a few of the elements. Partial planning is always a bespoke service as they want to ensure you are getting the support that you need.  For example – there’s no point in them taking on the design and styling of the wedding if you have that all under control. They’ll take on the parts that you are finding challenging or stressful, allowing you to really enjoy planning your special event. They’ll be on hand whenever a questions crops up, and they will be there on the day to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

wedding filmmakers, wedding cinematography
The wedding videographers and wedding filmmakers at our wedding cinematography company reveal what wedding planners actually do…

Wedding Co-ordination

Often called ‘on the day’ co-ordination, but don’t be fooled; you get support for so much more than just the one day! They get involved with clients around six weeks prior to their wedding day. They’ll talk through everything that you have planned and will bring it all together to create a schedule for the day (often including set-up and take down days). They take on the contacts with suppliers for those final arrangements and are on hand to support the couple in the lead up to their big day. They’ll be there on set-up day to run through everything one final time (which is vital as something has almost always changed on that penultimate day!). On the actual wedding day they will be there for as long as you need them. Often this means they are some of the first ones on site and the last to leave. They will spend the day liaising with suppliers, ensuring everything runs smoothly and allowing you and your guests to have the best wedding day ever!

wedding videographers, wedding cinematography
The wedding videographers and wedding filmmakers at our wedding cinematography company reveal what wedding planners actually do…
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7 reasons to work with a video production company in 2023

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video production company videos videography video

If you are considering working with a video production company videos, you’re most likely aware of the core advantages of the partnership.

Collaborating with a video production company videos has many obvious advantages, such as using a clear budget to help you tailor your own unique high-quality video. Working with a video production company videos is fantastic for businesses of all sizes. They boost creativity of ideas and remove the hassle of planning, filming and putting together a video by yourself.

A professional corporate video is an essential step in taking your business to the next level. Video marketing is undoubtedly a great way to add value to your business, which is why many companies integrate it into their strategy. However, there are many other benefits that video production companies provide, which may not be so obvious.

In this article, we have compiled the obvious and not-so obvious benefits of working with a video production company. Without further ado, here are 7 reasons to work with a video production company.

High quality, polished content

Investing in video marketing correlates with enhancing your brand’s reputation. Consumers use the content that your business publishes to get more familiar with the personality of your brand. Having a high production standard improves customer impression of your brand.

A video production company has a lot of skills that cannot be easily learnt. These include thinking of and planning out ideas, shooting the video with advanced equipment, recording with high quality audio, using lighting to capture the video’s ambiance, and using video editing software. When combined, these factors allow us to create the perfect video for you.

Quality over quantity applies heavily to video marketing. Your company will receive more traction when you release sleek, high-quality videos, rather than a hundred sloppy videos a day that were lazily put together in under an hour.

Helps to save and manage time

Creating a video by yourself, with an employee(s), friend(s), family, or anyone else who has little video expertise, can result in hours being spent to make a video that doesn’t look professional or appealing. A video production company is obviously more efficient than people that don’t specialise in creating media and marketing content.

Even though the path of learning about video is extremely interesting and rewarding, the process can take a long time to put the knowledge into action. Working with a video production agency ensures that someone gives priority to completing your video with a high standard and low time waste.

Your input will be necessary in the structure and creation of the video, but you will have plenty of time to focus on other tasks too. When you have dedicated professionals working with you, it ensures that you don’t fall behind on your content.

Video content is extremely popular

A successful video marketing campaign has countless benefits such as increasing brand awareness, developing your relationship with customers, building your reputation, just to name a few. Video and digital marketing is the most popular that it has ever been, and it doesn’t show signs of stopping any time soon.

More traditional businesses may be unfamiliar with digital marketing. Video production companies can assist you in your path to learn about online marketing and help utilise social media and the internet to enhance your whole business.

Gen Z is the first fully digital generation, they are people who have not lived in a world without advanced technology. This generation spends over 25% of their day online, so it is crucial to market to them correctly. Using the right components in your video will guarantee it’s success. If you would like to learn more, check out our article on How to Reach Gen Z Correctly and Effectively with Your Video Content, here.

Saves money and offers countless values

How on earth does hiring a video production agency save money? Hiring a video production agency provides opportunities that you may not get if you work on your own, such as eliminating unnecessary expenditure and provide other valuable benefits that may not be so obvious.

The answer to the question: through their equipment and expertise. If you decide to DIY your video, factors such as purchasing equipment come into play. Good equipment is obviously a significant aspect of making your video visually attractive. Equipment often stops functioning properly or becomes outdated, working with a video agency removes this problem as we use the latest and update our equipment.

As we mentioned earlier, video production companies provide more than just shooting the video. Idea generation, shooting, editing, audio and planning strategy all come as a package. The whole process is done by the agency, you don’t need to invest in separate people to work on each part, which saves a lot of money in the long run.

Engages your customer and motivates employees

Video marketing is a brilliant way for new customers to discover your business and to keep returning customers. A good video assures that you reach your target market. Viewers love video content, its more entertaining than reading plain text and it allows them to engage with the content easily.

If done right, the story, visuals and message of your video should enable you to connect with your audience. Using customer feedback on your content can increase engagement as people appreciate when they are acknowledged.

The company and consumer are not the only parties that can benefit from videos. You can use videos to give information to and train your team and employees. This is less boring than textbooks and saves more time than in-person training sessions.

Provides a different point of view

Working with the same ethos may have concealed you and your team from innovative new insights. If you are struggling to come up with innovative ideas or need a push in the right direction, video agencies are excellent at brainstorming imaginative ideas.

Working with a video production company is not just limited to ideas for your video. You are working with people who are new to your business concept, strategy and ideas, they are bringing in new fresh ideas and opinions that will help to develop your company.

Video agencies help you present your business in creative ways and offer fresh new perspectives. They can help turn old concepts into wonderful and original new concepts which appeal to your target market and the current generation.

Beneficial relationship and new future

Working with production companies once can give your business a boost, but using their skills for the long-term is the real key in consistent success and growth. Working with a company that you already have experience with, is a great benefit that promises good understanding and clear communication as they are familiar with your work ethic.

Working with a familiar agency also allows you to keep all your content the same style, which indicates that your business is organised and consistent. They also know how to manage the people working on a project like, actors, voice artists, and other individuals: this will prevent any possible carnage on set.

Eventually, your social media pages will showcase a neat portfolio of your products. Long-lasting and productive relationships are another big benefit from working with a video production company.


There are endless benefits to working with a video production company. In today’s world, having a professional corporate video can make huge positive differences for your company. From saving money and time to generating new ideas, video production agencies are an essential tool in advancing your business.

If you make the smart decision and choose to produce a video for your business, make certain that you work with a video production company to generate the best possible video and receive the best possible results. As social media and the internet grows, so does video and content marketing: make sure you hop on the train before it leaves for good.

About Our Video Marketing Agency

Modus Film is a video production company based in Kent and London. Our services are nationwide and our video marketing agency can help you make some ground breaking content. If you want to discuss this further contact us or better yet see how video marketing can transform your current marketing mix. We are now fully PPE compliantPlus we carry on working!

Do You Need to Talk to a Marketing Expert?

As video marketing experts we are specialists in all forms of video marketing. Here at Modus Film, we have completed many projects for our clients that have required us to define a digital strategy with really great results. If you want to speak to a specialist email [email protected] or call us on 01233 273 273.

We are still an active creative marketing agency. Video production company London, Video production agency Kent

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Wedding Cinematographers Explain What a Video LUT is

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Colour grading is one way to improve the appearance of your footage as well as serve your storytelling vision. That’s why many wedding filmmakers, editors, and colourists who are working on a film use Look Up Tables, or LUTs, to save colour grades as templates to help speed up the process. Our wedding videography experts will have you know you don’t need to be working on a film to use LUTs to help personalise and brand your videos. If you’re wondering how you can get started with colour grading to speed up your workflow and produce better looking footage for your business, we’ve certainly got you covered. The wedding cinematographers and wedding filmmakers at our wedding videography company have explained everything you need to know about what a video LUT is…

wedding cinematographers, wedding filmmakers
The wedding cinematographers and wedding filmmakers at our wedding videography company have explained everything you need to know about what a video LUT is…

What is a LUT?

The term “Look Up Table” sounds a bit mathematical – and we suppose in a sense it is! Every digital image is made up of pixels, and each pixel is made up of colours. A LUT is like a spreadsheet that accounts for every possible colour an image can have and says one colour should actually look like another colour. To put it simply, LUTs are like a filter, but more accurately, a colour-grade-preset for your footage.

Types of LUTs

wedding filmmakers, wedding videography
The wedding cinematographers and wedding filmmakers at our wedding videography company have explained everything you need to know about what a video LUT is…

LUTs are used in a couple of different ways , so our wedding cinematographers have broken it all down for you…

Creative LUT

One type of LUT is a “creative LUT,” and this is used to add a specific look to your footage. The colours shift after it’s applied to the footage. An example of a creative LUT could be where the blues are pushed to a cyan, and the shadows are pushed from being black to slightly cyan as well.

Conversion LUT

Another use of LUTs is to convert flat, desaturated footage back into a typical colour space. This is referred to as a “conversion LUT.” Many cameras can shoot in flat colour profiles, which is often called LOG. These colour profiles look fairly bland as raw footage, but what’s happening behind the scenes is absolutely magical. Amazingly, when you shoot in LOG, your camera is capturing even more colour information and latitude than you would with a normal colour profile.

wedding cinematographers, wedding videography
The wedding cinematographers and wedding filmmakers at our wedding videography company have explained everything you need to know about what a video LUT is…

All of this extra information enables you to fine tune your footage in post. With LOG, you can push and pull your colour grade much further than with a default colour profile. That means if something was over-exposed, under-exposed, or if you have a high-contrast shot, LOG footage will give you much more flexibility in post.

19 Video Marketing Statistics Of 2023

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video marketing videos for business

Video marketing videos for business lets you showcase your personality, share lots of content in a short time, and ultimately gives your business a voice that can be lacking when people make digital connections. Developing a creative strategy is an integral component of successful marketing in 2022.

At Creative Marketing Ltd, we know how transformative high-quality video can be to business performance, so we have pulled together our top twenty video marketing statistics for 2022. When people scroll through their social media feeds or want to feel a connection online, video is the most engaging form of marketing content. Let us tell you why!

Video Marketing videos for business Consumer Behaviour Statistics

1. There Are Predicted To Be 48 Billion Digital Video IN The World By The End Of 2023

This represents an increase of 700 million users available for marketing teams to target with strong video content. Brands should also, therefore, consider how they can make their content suitable for large audiences, as we all know the power that a viral video must elevate a brand. Many video platforms are already enabled for this with features such as subtitles and transcripts available, meaning content can be enjoyed by event viewers that it was not originally intended for. This also offers an extra way to enhance SEO with informed meta and alt-tagging data being associated with video content.

From beauty tutorials that showcase the latest brands to informative how-to videos with subtle use of a brand’s presence to inform a consumer, consumers are looking for video content more than ever so now is the time to get your presence sorted.

2. 30.6% Of Consumers Are Searching For Tutorial Videos Making It One Of The Most Popular Forms Of Video Content

The most popular forms of content were music videos (51%) and viral content (36.7%), which we think brands should pay close attention to. The most successful video content is the one that comes across as the most authentic and organic. It is, therefore, a great idea to pay attention to these trends and find ways that your company can align with what consumers are, somewhat unknowingly, looking for.

The inclusion of how-to, tutorials, product videos, and influencer videos are all important in the marketing world as they showcase consumers engaging with content that can convert them into paying customers. With 62% of people trusting influencers more than celebrities or public figures, we think that this offers a great way to enhance your brand loyalty.

3. 90% of consumers use mobile video as their main form of video view content.

3.90% Of Consumers Use Mobile Video As Their Main Form Of Video View Content

Thanks to the likes of TikTok, Facebook videos and Instagram reels, people are looking more to mobile social platforms to view video content. Gone are the days of static images filling feeds, as consumers now expect highly edited and sleek content to greet them.

Globally, 4.43 billion people access social networks using mobile devices, so it is no surprise that this statistic is so high. Brands need to understand that people expect access to every form of content from the trusty sidekick that lives in their pocket or desk. Mobile video content is here to stay!

4. Millennials Aged Between 26-35 Make Up The Higher Category Of Video Viewers

You could even say that they take it as seriously as a part-time job, with some people racking up as many as 20 hours spent watching video content. This means that brands have amazing opportunities to target the consumers that potentially have the least financial commitments.

Knowing the age of consumers that watch the most video content also gives companies a great insight into how content can be tailored to stand out. Every element, from the editing style to the tone of voice that is used throughout, can help you stand out in the mind of a consumer.

5.66% Of Consumers Have Actively Searched For Video Content To Find Out More About A Brand

Gone are the days of reading about a brand or downloading a catalogue. Consumers want the content to be informative and readily available in video form, allowing them to learn about a new product or service in a timely manner.

Knowing that consumers are using video platforms in this way allows brands to create content that is further optimised to include a stronger call to action. This also allows for budgets to be allocated more wisely, as consumers would prefer to watch an informative video instead of calling up and speaking with a customer service team member.

In a conclusion, it is obvious that all content needs to be created for both brand advocates and new consumers to ensure that it provides something for everybody’s needs.

Social Media Platforms Video Marketing videos for business Statistics

6. YouTube is the most viewed source of online video content and has an astonishing 2.6 billion global users.

The platform is most prevalent in India, with more than 467 million viewers. Very much seen as the leader in video content, the platform is to thank for the rise of user-generated content and consumer video engagement. In fact, more than 720,000 hours of YouTube video content are uploaded each day!

The platform’s global reach is also made achievable by accessibility features such as subtitles, which means viewers can still interact with content even if it is not in their native language.

YouTube can also be seen as the first significant influencer platform. In 2022, it is estimated that 30% of all channels belong to a content creator. Thanks to the world of food reviews, beauty tutorials and product recommendations, many people now head to the platform directly for video content that supports a buying decision.

7. 30% of marketers choose to use Facebook live as their live-streaming social media platform of choice.

Launched in 2015 to bring Facebook to the needs of the modern social media user, Facebook live allows businesses and individuals to stream via their pages to an approved audience. The feature mimics the likes of Instagram stories and YouTube live by allowing people and brands to be instantly streamed to their audiences.

Live video is a great marketing tool to include with strategy and plans as it enhances digital connectivity and helps brands obtain a voice online. Live streaming shows that a company is current and that they have something that is worth sharing. Facebook is likely chosen as it has brilliant B2B and B2C features, with the live streaming function being fully compatible with most other third-party streaming services such as Zoom for the purpose of webinars.

With more than 8.5 million broadcasts having been made on Facebook to date, it is clear that this is something every business should be considering!

8. Want to make major money through video streaming? TikTok is the place to be as the video-streaming app has generated more than $6.3 billion to date in revenue.

In September 2022, TikTok’s parent company, Douyin, reported growth for the fourth consecutive quarter to the tune of $914.4 million! This is even more impressive considering the industry of mobile spending is noticing sharp drops just like many other consumer-spend sectors.

TikTok showcases how you can bring in a strong call to action with video content as the app has become increasingly focused on in-app shopping. Many content creators now post links to shop products on their own videos, with a trend also emerging for live TikTok shopping events that people can use a one-click feature to buy products.

9. 77% of companies use YouTube as their platform of choice to host marketing video content.

This proves that brands use the platform as the main call-to-action landing page instead of purely hosting video content on their own websites. The Google integration with YouTube means that videos have the power to be shown within search results if the metadata aligns with the SEO search for a particular keyword or trend.

By uploading marketing content to YouTube, brands are improving their presence on the platform and the chances of relevant customers coming across their products or services.

The easy-to-use description box, option to interact in the comments and inclusion of hashtags all offer personalisation features that can further enhance the visibility of marketing video content. We think using YouTube as your video hosting platform is a brilliant idea.

10. Video content is proven to be 1200% more effective than other forms of marketing content.

This statistic speaks for itself, proving that consumers are more susceptible to being converted to video. Videos are more emotive, allowing increased amounts of information to be digested and more questions to be answered in a short time.

The reality is that consumers expect brands to be producing sleek content, so if yours is not, you will be seen as behind the times and less likely to stand out to the modern consumer.

Video Marketing Professionals Statistics

11. An incredible 82% of internet traffic across the world is set to come from video marketing in 2022.

Based on both video streaming and live video content, this stat proves how important high-quality video marketing assets are in your plan. This also doesn’t just relate to length informational videos but also video assets that can be created from content such as gifs and shorts.

It is also not just the fact that video content sells but also how consumers use digital outlets as part of their daily life influencing this video marketing prominence.

32.8% of people say they view videos online as a way to relax and unwind. Whatever the reason for use, there is no denying that video content provides a source of entertainment that previously other media forms would have filled.

With videos offering high conversion rates, brands need to consider why consumers turn to video streaming platforms and how they can relate their products or services to this media outlet. Customer profiling certainly has taken on a whole new digital meaning in 2022!

12. 60% of marketing teams say they use video as a tool to look relevant.

Video content is a surefire way to not only stand out amongst tech-savvy consumers but also ensure that brands look like they are busy and successful. Creating elevated video content does not have to be complex, thanks to the various apps and courses available, but it does have the power to impress consumers of all ages.

Marketing teams understand the importance of creating video content as it’s not just what will make them look good but also what their consumers will expect.

This form of marketing is relevant for B2B and B2C audiences as company culture is an important message to transmit in various settings. Whether you want to stand out amongst influencer-driven consumer markets or want your business to appeal to top talent, video content is a strong marketing tool.

13. 81% of marketing professionals plan to include video as a cornerstone in their marketing strategy over the next decade.

Video is such an essential part of marketing strategy for most marketing teams that it is being planned into strategy, not just content plans. Normally marketing teams will have ideas for campaigns or base their operations on a solid call to action. However, the trend in 2022 and beyond is that a video is a tool that can be used to lead to many other forms of conversions.

With teams planning this into strategies and budgets, it highlights the need for all companies to invest in professional video marketing services to stay ahead of the game.

14. 46% of marketers say they now create more video content as it’s easy to produce in-house.

The rise of video-focused platforms has already meant a market for easy-to-use apps and software has closely followed. Whilst this is great to hear, there is still an industry-wide lack of digital skills meaning that companies are still potentially missing out on the best converting materials as they do not have the talent.

That is when a professional marketing agency, such as Creative Marketing Ltd, can act as a seamless extension of your own teams. We would love to see this statistic climb even higher as we think creative teams should feel empowered to create content for all parts of dynamic marketing strategies.

Video Marketing Content Statistics

15. 62% of marketing professionals say video engagement is their top metric for measuring campaign success.

While we appreciate that there are many ways of measuring consumer journeys and understanding ROI, at Creative Marketing Ltd, we agree that video engagement is a top priority.

There are many ways in which video engagement can be used to understand how consumers are interacting with a brand, including shopping click-throughs, live event statistics, onward journeys, and interactions within the comments sections. These elements all tie together to create succinct digital strategies that let companies automate operations thanks to the digital presence that sleek video content offers.

16. Webinars are a form of video marketing that 95% of B2B companies use as a key marketing tool.

When you think of video marketing, you may assume we mean social media videos or on-page tutorials on your website. This is not the case, as webinars are also a brilliant way of engaging with consumers and brands.

Whilst they are sometimes used within the consumer market, they are often brilliant forms of converting content within the business world. This form of knowledge transfer is almost always sold as a knowledge transfer exercise means that the viewers are being subjected to more subliminal marketing techniques.

With an average attendance rate of 50% for webinars, it is clear that this form of video marketing offers a great way to engage directly with target audiences.

17. 73% of consumers Are influenced by some video marketing Agency making it the most successful assets you can create.

From short how-to snippets to lengthy brand content, video content is such a popular form of marketing as it offers tons of flexibility.

With so many options around, it is vitally important to understand what your consumers will benefit from. As you can spend much of your budget on professional video content. We hold this in high regard as we always investigate what forms of content would best suit your business.

18. Video content marketing is set to be given more budget by 60% of companies over the coming years.

You want to invest your money in content marketing; that is no secret. The biggest trend to emerge in 2022 is the in-house budget focus on producing video content. More frequently, companies are also working with professional marketing agencies. While also bringing top digital talent in-house, meaning that their content is of the best quality possible.

With this comes consumer expectations that set the benchmark for how professional video content should be. Gone are the days of quick edits and poor-quality video being an afterthought in content plans. Now, companies are recognising the need to invest appropriately in these versatile collateral pieces.

19. Videos that are between 15-30 seconds have a 70% click-through rate making them the most popular form of video

Like any form of marketing asset, video content also has a time and place, which should always be considered. To engage users in a short time on saturated platforms. Snappy and attention-grabbing video content is the way to do it.

Just like the trailer of an action-packed movie, having a short form of video which can sell a concept is a great way to pique interest and direct the consumer journey.

About Our Video Marketing Agency

Modus Film is a video production company based in Kent and London. Our services are nationwide and our video marketing agency can help you make some ground breaking content. If you want to discuss this further contact us or better yet see how video marketing can transform your current marketing mix. We are now fully PPE compliantPlus we carry on working!

Do You Need to Talk to a Marketing Expert?

As video marketing experts we are specialists in all forms of video marketing. Here at Modus Film, we have completed many projects for our clients that have required us to define a digital strategy with really great results. If you want to speak to a specialist email [email protected] or call us on 01233 273 273.

We are still an active creative marketing agency. Video production company London, Video production agency Kent

wedding videographers, wedding filmmakers, wedding cinematography

What Can Wedding Videographers Capture?

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The wedding videographers and wedding filmmakers at our wedding cinematography company have revealed what we can capture from your special day!

What Moments Will Your Wedding Video Capture?

People like you – couples planning their wedding – hire professional wedding videographers in order for you to relive the most magical moments of your day; your vows, reception toasts, the dancing, and all the little moments in between. To preserve those memories as they happen and share them with others, a wedding video is certainly a must. But what are the exact wedding day moments that will your wedding videographers will capture?

Pre-Ceremony Excitement

Shots of the bride, groom and the wedding party getting ready are simply a must! Whether your bridesmaids are in matching robes or the groomsmen are throwing back brews, make sure your wedding videographers have enough flexibility in the wedding day schedule to capture moments with both spouses at their getting ready locations.

Bride and bridesmaids getting hair and makeup done.

wedding videographers, wedding filmmakers
The wedding videographers and wedding filmmakers at our wedding cinematography company have revealed what we can capture from your special day…

Bride getting buttoned or zipped into her wedding dress.

Bride putting on her jewellery or shoes.

Pinning boutonniere on the groom.

Keep in mind, a wedding filmmaker cannot be at two places at once. So, if the getting ready locations are a great distance away, you may want to consider hiring two videographers if having pre-ceremony moments with both people are of importance to you.

Details of Your Day

You have worked hard to plan every single detail of your wedding; from the way your reception napkins are folded, guests favours set at the table settings to your centrepieces and invitations. If having those details captured through wedding cinematography are important to you, list out what you would like your wedding filmmaker to capture.  Your wedding videographers don’t necessarily need to set specific time aside to capture these items, but just in between the larger moments they are already focusing on.

Invitation suite, jewellery, and your ‘something blue’

Exterior shot of the church or of the venue

Interior wide shot of the church or the venue



Wedding program

Additional Detail Shots:

Table name tags

Gift table

Wide shot of reception room

Closeup of place settings

Guest favours


Your Wedding Ceremony

Once everyone has arrived at the venue, your videographer should make their way inside. You’ll want everything from your flower girls to your “I do’s” to be on film. Remember to point out key guests to your wedding videographers, as you’ll probably want a few crowd shots as well.

Guests being escorted down the aisle

Musicians performing (if any)

Groom waiting at the alter

Bridal party walking down the aisle



Exchanging of rings

The first kiss

wedding cinematography, wedding filmmakers
The wedding videographers and wedding filmmakers at our wedding cinematography company have revealed what we can capture from your special day…

Introduction as a married couple


Bride and groom leaving the venue

The joy that is captured during the ceremony is so incredibly special and will be highlighted beautifully, so you can see your love come to life each time you watch the final wedding video.

Your Romantics Session

This is the time of your special day, either directly before or after your ceremony, that you and your spouse kiss, pose, twirl, and dip for the camera! Your wedding filmmaker will be right along side your wedding photographer capturing the shots of just the two of you or group shots with the bridal party at your favourite locations.

First look

Moments with bridal party

Specific locations with your spouse

Reception Moments

There’s a lot of moving pieces, so make sure your wedding videographers have a list of all the necessary shots when it comes to your reception. How much your wedding filmmaker is able to capture of your reception is heavily dependent on how many hours you have your videographer booked for. These key reception moments are (very likely) a sure thing:

Bridal Party & Newlywed Grand Entrance

wedding videographers, wedding cinematography
The wedding videographers and wedding filmmakers at our wedding cinematography company have revealed what we can capture from your special day…

Cake cutting

First dance

Parent dances

Best man and maid of honour toasts

If you pre-planned to have your wedding videographers stay for the entire reception or most of it, then you can expect a lot of great dance floor footage, too!

Anniversary dance

Guests dancing

Bouquet and / or garter toss

Last dance

The Unexpected Moments

Some of the most exciting wedding day moments are taking place behind the scenes, some of which you’re not even a part of. Even with a prepared list of shots you want captured, it’s important to allow enough breathing room in your wedding day schedule for your wedding videographers to be able capture those unexpected opportunities.

Watch for the ring bearer and flower girl to giggle as they are walking down the aisle.

Grandparents taking a twirl or two on the dance floor.

These emotional moments add personality to your wedding cinematography video and making it uniquely you.

Wedding Videography: Is it worth it?

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Over the years the idea of having a wedding videographer capture your special day has become increasingly popular. Many wedding photographers are now also offering video services alongside their photography because many cameras that take gorgeous photos are also capable of capturing high quality videos. In the right hands, can be edited and produce stunning and cinematic visuals. That not only capture the magic of your wedding day, but allow you relive it every time you re-watch it. The wedding filmmakers and cinematic wedding videographers at our wedding videography company reveal why you should invest in a wedding videographer…

wedding filmmakers, cinematic wedding videographers

Relive the Day

What is the main reason a wedding videographer is worth budgeting for alongside a photographer? A wedding video allows you to relive those important moments from your wedding day for many years to come. Your wedding day is full of love and excitement. So capturing moments like the first kiss, the parents dance and the send-off. Will let you see and remember every single minute of those moments. With a well-produced wedding video you’ll be able to see your day go from preparation to the moment you and your partner are sent off to start your journey as a married couple, all edited together to look beautiful and cinematic in just a 7- 10 minute video. 

Hear the Love

A photo is worth a thousand words, but a video with crystal clear audio will let you hear the emotions and see how you and your loved ones felt throughout your wedding day. Many family members make sincere and touching speeches for the couple getting married and to capture every word and replaying it years down the line will help you remember how special the entirety of the day was. Many videographers also take audio into consideration when they create your wedding videos. They want to make sure that not a single word or moment is missed. Make sure when you’re consulting videographers that you ask about audio because you wouldn’t want to miss the amazing speeches and kind words people say about you and your partner on your magical day. 

wedding filmmakers, wedding videography

Have An Unplugged Ceremony

You definitely want an unplugged ceremony, we promise. Hiring a videographer will capture the moments that you and your guests were able to be completely present for. Without all of their distracting phones in the way. Not only are videographers professionals who know where to stand to get that perfect shot. They also won’t ruin the visuals of your day in order to get it. 

Wedding Videographer Costs

Once you’ve decided you’re ready to hire a videographer, the next step is to carefully work them into your wedding budget. On average, wedding videographers can cost anywhere from around £1,000 to £5,000. We have provided a break down of what these costs entail:

Time — how long your videographer is present at your wedding will definitely impact their cost. Some wedding videographers create specific packages. Those include both the amount of time that they’ll spend at your wedding and then editing costs in order to create your video. Understandably, more time is more money. And if you want your videographer to cover other wedding events, such as your rehearsal dinner. This will cost you more.

A second shooter  if your wedding videographer needs a second shooter or an assistant, this might also increase their costs. If you’re able to find a photographer who doubles as a videographer, you might be able to get a lower rate since you’d be hiring just one vendor to capture your day. However, keep in mind they’ll likely work as a team if this is the case, so you should still expect to add a second shooter.

cinematic wedding videographers, wedding videography

The finished products — after all the filming, your videographer will then provide you with an edited highlight reel and wedding film. You may even get some b-roll footage. This takes both time and effort for your videographer to create a film that is completely perfect for you.

Extras —nowadays, many videographers offer drone footage, Super 8 films, USB drives, as well as other extras. Depending on what type of film you would like, you may have to pay a little extra.

Travel—If your wedding videographer has to travel a long distance to be present at your wedding, you’ll probably have to pay for their fuel, airfare, hotel, or any other travel-related expenses.

best wedding videographers, cinematic wedding videographers, wedding cinematography

What are the Most Popular Wedding Ceremonies Across the World?

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Cultural wedding traditions and rituals have evolved over thousands of years all around the world. Currently many wedding traditions are still linked to other customs, superstitions or even the environment around us. The best wedding videographers at our wedding cinematography company have revealed the most popular wedding ceremonies from around the world…

best wedding videographers, cinematic wedding videographers


Indian weddings are big, bold and extremely beautiful. An Indian wedding is jam-packed with traditions and customs, guests, as well as celebrations which can span across 3 days! Traditional Hindu wedding dates are determined by a pandit (priest). Who uses the stars to discover the couple’s most favourable date to get married. On day one of the celebrations the bride and her female family members take part in ‘mehndi’. This is where they have their hands and feet henna-ed, and ‘sangeet’, a small reception where the bride’s and groom’s families come together for the first time for a celebration. The third day is the ceremony and reception, which could last a whopping 16 hours!  There is a procession where the groom greets his parents and bride’s parents at the ‘manadap’. Where everyone removes their shoes to enter the sacred space to await the bride’s arrival. During the wedding ceremony the couple are physically bound together and step around a sacred fire followed by greeting their guests and also receiving blessings.  


When setting the date, the couple will visit a fortune teller, Feng Shui Master or Monk to determine the best date to get married based on their birth dates in addition to their star signs. Interestingly, the bride and groom have a wedding photoshoot prior to the wedding in order for them to get the perfect shots and display the photos at the ceremony.  It’s also becoming increasingly popular for newlyweds to book a European trip for their honeymoon so that they can have photos taken wearing their wedding attire in front of famous European landmarks! On the morning of the wedding, it is customary for the groom to pick up the bride – often a lively affair which can involve fireworks, gongs, drums and even dancing!

best wedding videographers, wedding cinematography

A child walks in front of the procession with the groom as a representation of fertility. Upon arrival, the groom will be greeted by their family. To then put him to the test where Chuangmen (door games) take place. The games typically include eating something spicy, sour or bitter and answer multiple questions about the bride to win approval of the bride’s family. After winning the game the groom hands over a red envelope. Which containins money to the bridesmaids so they can essentially ‘surrender’ their friend.

The groom’s final challenge is to find the bride’s missing shoe and place it on her foot. Before carrying her to the traditional Chinese tea ceremony held within the bride’s family home. The wedding banquet is an opulent eight hour event hosted by the parents of the bride and groom. The food served to the guests is extremely symbolic – a fish course represents abundance, a suckling pig signifies the bride’s purity, a poultry dish is served for peace and a sweet lotus seed symbolises fertility.   

Denmark ‍

Prior to a Danish wedding, the bride has a pine archway built outside her home either on her pathway or attached to her doorway. This is known as a ‘Gate of Honour’. The groom traditionally buys the bride her wedding bouquet. However the bride must purchase her own shoes (and must not sell them after!). After the wedding ceremony, the male guests take off the groom’s shoes in order to cut holes in his socks. Some say this is to prevent other women from seducing him, and others say the bride should repair the socks to prove she is going to be a good wife. 

Danish weddings are absolutely filled with kisses! During the wedding reception if one guest starts to stamp their feet and the rest of the party join in. The bride and groom are required to duck under the table to kiss. If guests start tapping their cutlery against their plates or glasses, the married couple must stand on their chairs to kiss. In addition to this, when the bride leaves the room, the female guests rush to kiss the groom on his cheek and vice versa, if the groom leaves then the male guests kiss the bride on the cheek. Finally, all guests are expected to eat a slice of the wedding cake. As it is deemed as bad luck for the marriage if they don’t. 


cinematic wedding videographers, wedding cinematography

The day before an Italian wedding, the bride must isolate – and surprisingly not because of Covid! She must stay away from the groom and is only permitted to look at her reflection in the mirror if she removes an accessory – a shoe, glove or earring. Moreover, on the night before the big day the groom arranges to serenade his bride underneath her window. The bride doesn’t know what time this will be and is awoken by the sound of music. Which is being played by musicians outside the window. Friends and family are notified what time this will take place so they can witness the unfolding of this event. Traditionally bomboniere which is an organza bag filled with sugared almonds or confetti, is stacked into groups of five. The bomboniere are given to guests as wedding favours and are representative of health, wealth and fertility. Finally, during the wedding ceremony the newlyweds must smash glass. The more pieces shattered on the floor, the better as they represent the longevity of their marriage. 

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What are the Most Popular Wedding Videography Trends?

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Wedding photos are something extremely popular and banal today, but they remain an integral part of the celebration of each couple – opening the exchange of rings, raising the bride’s hands after signing, the first piece of cake, passionate dance along with many other exciting performances. All this over time remains forgotten and hidden deep in a box somewhere in your home. A beautiful memory that we unfortunately rarely remember over the years. The wedding videos captures all those moments that the photos capture quickly – the exchange of rings, lifting the bride in her arms and taking her out of the ritual hall, signing, congratulations, the first dance, smiles and the overall joy of the event. It creates timeless memories and captures the most beautiful moments of your wedding day. The wedding filmmakers and cinematic wedding videographers at our wedding videography company reveal the most popular wedding videography trends.

wedding filmmakers, cinematic wedding videographers
The wedding filmmakers and cinematic wedding videographers at our wedding videography company reveal the most popular wedding videography trends…

If you are reading this article, you are are more than likely already planning how your wedding video will look like and you are trying to come up with its best look so that your video does not look dry, tasteless and even uninteresting. You may even be debating which wedding videographer to choose for your special day. It is important to know that the video recording of this special day must be entrusted to an experienced person in order to have the necessary quality, creativity, but also to be able to keep forever the joy and happiness of your wedding. 

Wedding Videography trends 2022 – 2023 

wedding filmmakers, wedding videography
The wedding filmmakers and cinematic wedding videographers at our wedding videography company reveal the most popular wedding videography trends…

Retro wedding video, but with a modern flavour

Not surprisingly, the style of wedding video recording has changed many times over recent years. In 2020, the tradition of shooting and editing wedding videos has changed dramatically and even become unrecognisable. The strongest trend in 2020 was for the video to be shot entirely as an independent film. Retro wedding video, but with a modern flavour is the completion of the trend for the wedding videographer to shoot videos in black-and-white. Something that in the 21st century for the couple would likely seem boring. You can always have a video of your wedding, shot in its full colour range, but sometimes it’s good to make the day look old-fashioned and somewhat different. An interesting way to recreate the best moments of your wedding day, which mean very much to the couple.

Wedding in journalistic style

In 2020, the tendency for some couples to have their wedding video in a “documentary” style became increasingly more established. As for the journalistic style – this is simply just capturing the events as they happen. A videographer who makes a journalistic-style video will actually capture the events of the day as they occur. You will still find beauty and elegance with this “documentary” style of editing.


A few wedding shots with elements of “freezing” is not necessarily a bad idea. Although this would cost you a lot of lost time and nerves to make the guests “freeze” at least for a moment, sometimes the result is not what you actually expected. It would be an extremely challenging task for your wedding videographer to show all your guests together. Then you can choose moments for a wedding video with just the bride, groom, grandparents, parents and your closest friends.

cinematic wedding videographers, wedding videography
The wedding filmmakers and cinematic wedding videographers at our wedding videography company reveal the most popular wedding videography trends…

Drone video recording

The idea of a drone hanging in the air over your wedding ceremony, especially when it is outdoors, may appear to be an unconventional idea. However, drones that are more for play can show great results. The drones can capture beautiful shots of your wedding ceremony and venue, which would be difficult and even impossible for a wedding videographer to make from the ground. This is not just about the shots in which the guests of your wedding ceremony are gathered in the middle of a picturesque garden part of a huge castle.

3D montage in wedding cinematography

Of all the existing visual effects, without a doubt, 3D definitely captures the best wedding memories. For this reason, 3D montage wedding cinematography has become a leading trend in wedding videography in 2020. If you like this unusual idea, you could include a 3D montage in your wedding video and even in your wedding photos.

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What Makes a Good Wedding Videographer?

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What Makes a Great Wedding Videographer?

At Modus Weddings, we believe that some of the same things that make a great wedding photographer are mirrored in a great wedding videographer. The difference between the two skill sets in the latter involves motion, which requires a dedicated approach to visual storytelling. A great wedding videographer will bring depth to your love story by integrating angles and scenery through a combination of artistry and technology. A great videographer operates with both poise and precision while simultaneously incorporating the details of cinematography, experience and passion. The complexity of capturing your wedding event in motion requires substantial talent as well as knowledge of how movement is recorded, and we have both. The wedding videographers, wedding filmmakers and wedding cinematographers at our video production company reveal what makes a good wedding videographer.

Cinematography Is So Much More Than Capturing Video Footage.

wedding videographer, wedding filmmakers
The wedding videographers, wedding filmmakers and wedding cinematographers at our video production company reveal what makes a good wedding videographer…

Cinematography can be described as the art of motion-picture photography and filming. It involves angles, framing, and movement techniques using multiple cameras, lenses, filters, and lights while making artistic and technical decisions in relation to the imagery. At Modus Film, we embrace all the onscreen visual elements related to your filming locations and apply them to your love story in the style that most successfully reflects your commitment to each other using a narrative that is as unique and beautiful as your relationship. 

Experience Is Counted In More Than Years Behind the Lens.

Great wedding videographers should have more than a strong technical knowledge of camera equipment and a thorough understanding of filming techniques. They have an eye for detail in addition to a mind for fast invention. While skill and experience are of importance, so are the intangible qualities that allow our wedding videographers to stand apart. These consist of…

wedding videographer, wedding cinematographers
The wedding videographers, wedding filmmakers and wedding cinematographers at our video production company reveal what makes a good wedding videographer…

• Strong communication skills
• Excellent listening ability
• Vivid creativity and innovation 
• Formidable team management skills
• Editing and post-production aptitude that flawlessly ties together each shot

We are inspired by each of our couples in distinctive ways, which begins with having real conversations that help us to bring our clients’ visions to life. You and your person are unique, and so are the things you want to incorporate into your wedding videography, from your wardrobe decisions, site selections, and how you want the brilliance of each of these captured. Truly partnering with our clients allows their wedding cinematography to reflect and celebrate their exclusive love story through a cinematic lens. By choosing our wedding package, you will receive exceptional service and attention to detail.

wedding videographer, wedding filmmakers, wedding cinematographers
The wedding videographers, wedding filmmakers and wedding cinematographers at our video production company reveal what makes a good wedding videographer…
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