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Why Mac Users Produce The Best Video Marketing Content

Posted February 27, 2023 No Comments

Macs don’t automatically make people better company video content marketers, but Macs definitely provide a stable environment and access to a wider range of high-quality software. That’s not to say you can’t produce good video marketing content with a Windows machine. However, using a Mac makes it easier, and here’s why:

Mac users have access to better video editing software

Successful video marketing depends on good studio gear and good editing software. When any of these are missing, conversions take a dive. It’s easier to create high-quality videos with a Mac because the software selections are better, and the user interfaces are intuitive.

What constitutes “better” software is somewhat subjective. People prefer what’s familiar, and will perceive familiar software as “better” than software they’ve never used; even when the unfamiliar software has better features. However, from a technical and financial perspective, Mac users have access to better software.

Mac users are told when they’re about to install an app that hasn’t been approved by Apple. The user is forced to use special commands to open the installer, and then must enter their computer’s password to approve the installation. This may not sound like a big deal, but on a Windows machine, users often get into the habit of installing anything and everything they can find when they’re on a hunt for software. This habit puts their machine in danger by way of viruses and malware. Macs are susceptible to viruses, but users are less likely to have a habit of installing random programs.

Mac users have more software options

Windows users don’t have the option of buying Final Cut Pro X for a one-time fee, and are forever tied to Adobe’s subscription plans. Unless they want to splurge for Avid Media Composer – the industry standard. Or, they can scour the internet for random video editing software and spend countless hours trying to find one that works.

Tech equipment is an investment

You can buy a Windows laptop for a couple hundred bucks brand new, but a Macbook Pro will cost you a couple thousand. The former will last about a year; the latter will last a decade or more. Mac users are more focused on quality, rather than saving a few bucks and having to deal with sub-par quality.

Mac users are serious about investing in tech assets, and they don’t take shortcuts, which means they won’t produce shoddy content. That includes social media influencers. In fact, it didn’t take long for Mac users to notice that well-known YouTubers use Mac products.

This phenomenon makes sense. Highly successful people tend to be selective about their tools and are willing to invest more money in their purchases. For instance, successful influencers don’t look for cheap, pre-made music tracks they can manipulate – many of them source original custom tracks from professional session musicians and audio engineers. Most use AirGigs because they want the value of world-class studio talent reflected in their videos. Their final intros and outros might only be five to ten seconds long, but the audio is engaging, inspiring, and match the influencer’s brand.

Mac’s user interface is intuitive

Compared to Windows, Mac’s user interface is far more intuitive. Although, with the release of Windows 10, more people are using Windows machines because the OS works just like the smartphones everyone’s familiar with. Again, it comes back to familiarity. There are plenty of people who use Windows 10 who would switch to Mac if they could afford it. Windows 10 is simply a compromise.

Video marketing is 50% content and 50% delivery

While using a Mac won’t automatically make you a YouTube star, it will give you access to better and more affordable tools. There’s even a full class for Final Cut Pro on YouTube.Regardless of what machine you use, there are eight video marketing blogs you should follow. These blogs include video marketing resources for SEO, editing, creating thumbnails, lead generation, analytics, and marketing strategies. How you deliver your content is of equal importance to what content you deliver. The video marketing blogs in the article linked above will help.

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Turner Prize 2019

Posted December 6, 2019 No Comments

On Tuesday 3rd of December the Turner Prize 2019 was awarded, and we were asked by the Turner Contemporary to live stream the event on their Facebook page for all to watch at home. Whilst we’ve managed to live stream from an office set up before, live streaming from a live event itself was something that may have presented a few issues. Thankfully we had all the equipment that would allow us to Live steam in a mobile environment.

We hit the road and made it to the location for the award ceremony, Margate’s very own Dreamland Amusement Park. After setting up the equipment, and getting the live stream all running smoothly in the event hall, it was time for the event to begin.

The event went down extremely well, and the live stream remained consistent throughout the evening’s event. The crowd erupted into applause when Vogue Magazine editor, Edward Enniful, announced that this year, the four nominees had chosen to come together, and share the prize as a collective. We wouldn’t have minded the applause, had we not been wearing headphones to monitor our microphones. Congratulations to all four Turner winners, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Helen Cammock, Oscar Murillo and Tai Shani. Let’s hope to see even more exciting pieces from each of them.