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How has COVID-19 impacted Entertainment and Social Media Video Production?

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Although entertainment – with the exception of live performances – is easily consumed away from public places, the production process of most content even those in social media production still often includes significant human contact and is therefore at risk from COVID-19. Our video marketing agency looks deeper at the issue examining the Corporate Video Production sector.

Not all is Lost

Not all media industries are equally affected, however, restrictions and guidelines concerning groups of people and home-based working have already started to hit the filming of TV shows and movies, with many projects put on hold. Meanwhile, staples of linear TV such as soap operas (many of which have older, therefore potentially at risk cast members), quiz shows, game shows and reality TV are all likely candidates to halt Social Media Video Production. In music, recording studios are closing down, creating a similar supply chain challenge. If the pandemic persists long enough to keep the population home-bound for months, both music and Corporate video production agencies are going to start running out of new content to deliver to their audiences. Games, however, are a very different story, with many games publishers able to continue the development of games with work-from-home workers. This is a distinct market advantage. Podcast creators and social talent are similarly well placed. In fact, independent content production as a whole is well positioned to overtake other competitors. Not at all like our video marketing agency.

Live entertainment

Consumption of entertainment in venues (encompassing sports, cinema, music, theatre, clubs) is significantly more impacted in the short term by COVID-19. However, recovery should transpire in the mid-to long term. Sports events and their Social Media Video Production have been particularly hard hit and are one of the first sectors to respond, initially playing games behind closed doors and then stopping the leagues and events entirely. The consumption hole that sports have created, for both live and televised sports, is an opportunity for other forms of entertainment to fill. TV rights deals face the risk of re-evaluation if the shutdowns firmly continue. Live music is another high-profile victim, as testified to by the share price tribulations of Live Nation. Live streaming of concerts is still nascent and COVID-19 may have come a little too early for the sector to truly capitalise. Nevertheless, there is already a groundswell of activity that will grow – through promoters may find themselves cut out of this new value chain. Once the pandemic is over, however, live music will return to strength as the unique experience of being at live music cannot be fully replicated digitally.

Consumption of Social Media Video Production

Although the leisure industry may be facing a near-term Armageddon, entertainment is set for a boom. During the last recession, consumers enveloped, allocating more time in with entertainment at home rather than spending to go out. Even without considering extra time from potential unemployment and under-employment, the average working consumer has another 15% of their waking hours addressable by Social Media Video Production content by Corporate Video Production companies.


While there are plenty of evidence-based models to predict the likely impact of a global recession, modern-day evidence for the impact of a global pandemic is barely adequate and largely theoretical. The economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis on a Video Marketing Agency is unchartered territory. It is however likely that those companies who offer Social Media Video Production have the confidence and ability to invest in growing through and beyond the pandemic will be best placed once the crisis abates.

One of the unintended consequences of the COVID-19 crisis may be a creative renaissance. In the history of artistic output, adversity often results in the most powerful creativity. Creatives from scriptwriters, through songwriters to special effects designers, may find themselves inspired to craft some of the most poignant and impactful work they have ever created. We may be on the verge of the golden era of songwriting by established artists combining the raw emotion they felt in their youth with the learned creative professionalism that comes from being a professional artist or songwriter.

Video Marketing Agency Against the Industry

Indeed, the media industries as a whole not just a Video Marketing Agency may come out of the COVID-19 crisis with the most powerful creative ideas they have ever had. However, in no way does this suggest this is a good thing for the economic predicament of creators, nor does it diminish the duty of care that content companies have for their creative talent during this incredibly difficult period, The Global Pandemic. Many creators will face economic hardship unlike any other that they have experienced, and there is responsibility right across the value chain for helping struggling creators throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Some may even find themselves forced out of creativity altogether.


However, Corporate Video Production platforms such as Netflix have thrived during this time, with 15.8 million accounts being added between January and March, smaller organisations in the industry have endured severe losses. Broadcasting companies are severely suffering from the lack of advertisement as companies have been restricting their marketing budgets in anticipation of the recession which is sure to follow COVID-19.

The closure of clubs, bars and restaurants has now made the potential income of musicians and comedians decrease dramatically. This has led to mass rescheduling with a very large amount of events and shows etcetera, but this doesn’t necessarily solve the problem as many will feel unsafe attending mass gatherings once the virus has passed. Furthermore, in the current period of lockdown venues have no income and therefore are unable to pay their staff. Consequently, this could lead to venues having to close which will evidently have a detrimental effect on Corporate Video Production as a whole. There is a real possibility that the industry may never fully recover from the setbacks Covid-19 has caused.

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Video Production Company Trick of Using Video Marketing

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Video Production Company Trick of Using Video Marketing

Our video production company Kent and London have been busy analysing video trends for video marketing. It’s not too difficult to see why video is popular these days, for one thing, it’s an easy-to-digest format that gives our eyes a rest from the overabundance of text. Evidently, this is why the world reportedly watches a billion hours of YouTube social video per day. Our clients, who require corporate video production, rely heavily on us to make use of these stats within our creative video production process. 

And those of you who are headed towards digital marketing and video marketing careers should have a complete understanding of the power of video as a marketing tool. This is not only because they might be interested in making amazing corporate video production videos, but because they’ll probably have to learn to incorporate video into their creative video production content in order to remain competitive.

Here our video production company Kent will outline some best practices for digital marketers to create and share video, and highlight 5 key reasons why video is so crucial to your video marketing strategy. We can make you a YouTube success.

Why Video?

Video is a versatile and engaging creative video production format that not only gives us a real-life picture of what is going on; it’s also easy to share across multiple platforms. Consumers like it because it’s easy to digest, entertaining and engaging, and marketers like our video marketing agency love it because it can give a potentially huge return on investment (ROI) through many channels. Indeed we have noticed this when delivering our corporate video production. 

Video is also very accessible to anyone with internet access, both to watch and to produce. While there is certainly a trend towards higher quality video on a professional level, anyone can hop onto their laptop and create their own creative video production in under an hour. 

Types of Video

There are plenty of different types of videos out there and part of creating an effective video marketing strategy is having a solid understanding of your purpose before you sit down and create the video (or any other type of content, for that matter). To that end, you want to make sure your Creative video production fit the purpose of the video itself.


Explainers; these can help you educate people about your product and can be used in conjunction with instructions, customer service activities, and a whole other range of applications. See our video production company examples here.

Interviews; can help to encourage conversation between sides, or showcase a special guest or influencer. If you are creating videos featuring guest experts, for instance, you can always re-use the audio and market it as a podcast. Video production company examples.

Product reviews and demo videos; can be created by brand ambassadors in exchange for free products. If you can find people in your industry looking to boost their social following, this can be a great way of essentially getting free advertising. Doing this can also help you to find out information about the product if the people doing the video reviews have a lot of engagement and comments. So in a sense, it can function like market research. Video production company here.

Live video is the best chance to get up close and personal with your audience, and it works well on social channels in particular. Read our Facebook article.

Live Video, video production company Kent Video production Kent
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5 Stats that Prove Marketers Need Video

1. Informing and Educating 

97% of marketers claim that videos help customers understand products. (Hubspot)

For the most part, marketers today are no longer taking a pitching type of approach – the reason? There’s simply too much choice out there. Consumers and businesses simply don’t’ need to be sold to; instead, they’re doing a quick internet search to find the best product in their neighbourhood or even in the world where they’ll proceed to order it online.

To this end, marketers in many fields (perhaps not all) need to approach audiences with a value-based offer instead of a “sale.” And videos excel at giving customers a really up-close look at a product, service, or even an influencer or teacher.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Over 80% of all traffic will consist of video by 2021.

Search engines love video because they see them as high-quality content, so to this end, using videos in various types of content as well as on your main web pages can work wonders for your SEO — as long as the videos themselves are optimized properly as well. This means incorporating the right keywords, a solid meta description, and also a strong title.

3. Staying Competitive 

81 % of businesses are now using video for marketing. (Hubspot)

Videos are amazing for getting all sorts of messages out there, and if we think in terms of practicality, a short, unique explainer video can do a world of difference when it comes to educating people on the ins and outs of your particular product. By using creative storytelling and unique types of media you can easily catch people’s attention and hold it while they’re actually entertained.

Depending on how it matches your product, you may want to use an animated or illustrated explainer video to stand out from the crowd (and not come across as too in-your-face). Our video production company can take care of this.

4. Getting Personal

Live video will account for 13 % of traffic by 2021.

Ever wanted to check out Facebook Live or Instagram stories? If you’re in a digital marketing career, or you’re heading in that direction, you’ll need to learn how to create basic creative video production products and optimize them.

Instagram Stories and Snapchat are both awesome for offering people intimate glimpses or short, personal glances of what you’re up to and they are so great for creative tools. The interesting thing about these videos is that they’re only up for 24-hours so that creates more of a real-time feel. It also gives marketers the opportunity to develop ads that are focussed on time-sensitive promotions.

5. Boosting Conversions

90% of consumers claim a creative video production video will help them make a purchasing decision. (Social Media Today)Wyzowl claims that 74% of people who get an opportunity to see a product in action via an explainer video will buy it. And landing pages are great places to place videos, too. — supposedly boosting conversion rates by 80%! Always be sure to keep autoplay off so as not to scare the customer away with loud noises.

Another reason why video is great for conversions on websites is that they actually keep people around for long enough to look around on the site. This is especially true for those who aren’t big readers (a good rule of thumb is to assume that people’s eyes could be tired from looking at a screen all day). This helps smash the 8-second rule!

Tips for Best Practice Video Marketing

Okay, you have some amazing reasons for incorporating creative video production into your marketing activities or have inspired you to take a digital marketing career. But how do you actually go about making a video that’s engaging and optimized? Here are some tips:

First off, figure out what the ideal video length is for your platform – here’s what Hubspot recommends:

Other things you’ll want to to to ensure the best engagement and accessibility as well as boost your SEO include using captions for autoplay and keeping the video on silent if it’s on a landing page. Videos on landing pages such as the one for our video production company as can be very effective but only if they don’t scare viewers away. You’ll also want to be sure to keep your video mobile-friendly across the board.

In order to understand how your videos are performing, practice good SEO standards and always check your metrics. You can develop a standard library of various videos and keep them organized in YouTube, then incorporate them into various forms of content such as blogs and emails.

And don’t forget about your call-to-action, which on YouTube usually consists of a little annotation suggesting that users subscribe to your channel. You can also check out our TikTok guide.


Video is one of the most popular content forms in the world and the truth is that it’s not likely to be going anywhere soon. And it makes sense: in an impersonal digital world, we’re craving connection and personality. We want to see and hear people in a real-life context — it’s meaningful.

Creative video production is not only fun, but it’s also really one of the best ways to get up close to your audience and give them a real glimpse of what you and your business or your clients are doing. The key here is to always think beyond profit and product show them something about your philosophy, or share some information on an interesting event, or offer some valuable information. The more they know about your positive practices, the more likely they are to stick around.

About Us

Modus Film is a video production company based in Kent and London. Our services are nationwide and our video marketing agency can help you make some groundbreaking content. If you want to discuss this further contact us or better yet see how video marketing can transform your current marketing mix. We are now fully PPE compliantPlus we carry on working!

Do You Need to Talk to an Expert?

As video marketing experts we are specialists in all forms of video marketing. Here at Modus Film, we have completed many projects for our clients that have required us defining a digital strategy with really great results. If you want to speak to a specialist email [email protected] or call us on 01233 273 273.

We are still an active video marketing agency. Video production company London, Video production agency Kent.

Video Marketing Campaign for DFDS

Posted July 9, 2020 No Comments

We’ve been working with DFDS UK to make video marketing content for their Rediscover Freedom campaign. In July they started to welcome passengers back on their ferries as the borders have now been eased post the coronavirus lockdown. How to keep video marketing during COVID-19 lockdown?

Whilst remaining PPE compliant our video production team set sail from Dover to Dunkirk to film their new on board safety measures. We used our Canon camera on our DJI Ronin gimbal to get ultra smooth shots which was much needed on a rocky ship!

We edited the content with a tight turnaround ready for the videos to hit their social media channels. The campaign was designed to spread the word on safer travel so their passengers can feel at ease onboard. DFDS provided us with instructional captions which communicated their post COVID-19 offering and new operations. These highlighted a complimentary meal voucher for every passenger, enhanced cleaning, fully PPE compliant crew members and their luxurious Premium lounges to relax and unwind.

Click below to see the results of our full promotional video which featured on board their ferries,

Our edited cut down video for their social media channels to boost their online presence in welcoming passengers back on board,

We are a PPE Compliant Video Company post COVID-19

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PPE compliant Video company in Kent and London now able to continue social media video marketing. in Kent and London.

Now we have started slowly thawing out of our COVID-19 freeze we have started to implement measures to make our services compliant with the government guidelines. As a video production company this can be a little difficult as our products force us to get up close and personal with the subject matter. Typical for social media video marketing, but regardless of this situation, we are enforcing the following practices:

1. Wear face masks at all times unless given permission by the client to remove them. 

2. Maintain social distancing and try to use zoom lenses whenever possible.

3.Sanitise all our equipment, especially microphones which come into contact with individuals. 

4.Sanitise hands regularly and try with all your will not to touch your face.

5. Do not accept biscuits from a tin or any other food items that clients would normally offer

With these measures in place we have been busy working with a number of our partners to deliver COVID-19 awareness videos across the South East. With more and more venues opening commissioning Modus to deliver your new compliance video will make you look professional, and serious about safety. Get in touch with our sales team now we are a PPE compliant Video Production Specialists! 

For the latest safety information visit:

Click here to see what video production services we can help you with post the Coronavirus lockdown.

We are Video Production Specialists working across Kent and London. We are keeping things moving!