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How MrBeast Became The Best At Creating Video Content

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It seems that every other week there’s a new viral Mr Beast company video content that’s got all corners of the internet taking note. We’re taking a look at his meteoric rise Jimmy is someone who really knows how to nail YouTube SEO with everything from keywords and thumbnails to the way his videography is edited specifically for audience retention.

He’s also relentless. This drive has seen his subscriber number skyrocket and we feel there’s little to stop him one day becoming number one on YouTube.

Take a look at the top 100 YouTube channels by subscribers, and there’s one man who’s climbing the ranks faster than anyone else. MrBeast (real name Jimmy Donaldson) is the man of the moment. After receiving the Breakout Creator award in the 2019 Streamys, Jimmy went on to win “Creator of The Year” in the 10th and 11th annual Streamy Awards (with overall 7 Streamy nominations). It seems nothing can stop him ever since he started his YouTube channel 9 years ago. By his own admission, he wants to be the greatest YouTuber of all time. Given his track record, it seems likely he’ll someday be taking the number 1 spot with the most subscribers.

At a glance

video content
company video content

Jimmy was born and raised in North Carolina and continues to operate out of his studios there. Yes, it’s studios in the plural. The scale of MrBeast’s modern-day operation is hard to believe. Working with his dedicated team, he creates and films absurd game scenarios, such as “Last to take their hand off the Lamborghini, keeps it” and “Last to leave $800,000 island keeps it.” But he also launches ambitious philanthropy projects where he gives away millions of dollars and attempts to hit huge targets in cleaning up the world’s oceans. For MrBeast, it’s go big, or go home.

His knowledge of video content is second to none

It’s clear from the get-go that MrBeast has a deep, extensive knowledge of YouTube. He gets it, and that’s been reflected in his success. In this recent and insightful interview with Colin & Samir, he talks about how even at a young age in school, all he could think about was YouTube. All he wanted to do was study YouTube. So instead of paying attention to what was being taught in class, he was busy studying YouTube and thinking about how he could “make it.”

Jimmy is an ideas man, and it’s no wonder that each of his videos gets 10s of millions of views. Each and every video is based on a crazy idea that makes you want to click and watch. Who doesn’t want to watch a game of tag where the winner receives $500,000 and takes place in a giant vacant stadium? Who wouldn’t be intrigued seeing a man spend 50 hours buried alive? The ideas that MrBeast comes up with are always crazy and attention-grabbing.

Alongside the ideas that help shape the titles, his thumbnails really help win clicks. Take a moment to check out his channel and study each one. They’re always bright and colorful, bold and relevant. They jump out at you. Combined with the title, they always make you want to click.

Even after Jimmy’s won your click, he doesn’t stop there. The editing of his videos is remarkable. The idea is all about audience retention. To ensure you keep watching, MrBeast’s editors make every second count. In any part of any video, multiple things are happening. They’re quick, snappy and high-octane, ensuring he has one of the highest audience retention rates around.

Hillier Smith made a fantastic editing breakdown that goes into detail on this. It’s well worth checking out:

MrBeast has scale

While it can be challenging for relationship-based creators such as Emma Chamberlain to scale up, MrBeast is an ideas-based creator. People don’t necessarily watch his channel for him or his personality, but for the games and ideas he comes up with. So feasibly, Jimmy could put out video content on his channel that doesn’t feature him once, and his audience would still love it.

This has enabled the MrBeast channel and brand to scale significantly. Everything that Jimmy earns, he pours back into the channel. The more views he gets, the more revenue he receives, the more money for better videos, generating even more views. This cycle has allowed him to hire a huge production crew numbering well over 100. Together, they create different brands such as MrBeast Burger (yes, he owns a fast-food chain, and it’s highly successful) and create other channels such as Beast Reacts and MrBeast gaming – all of which bring in even more revenue.

More recently, he’s started putting out his videos in Spanish, helping him reach brand new audiences that previously were not exposed to his videos and would not have watched. And again, you guessed it, this extra revenue goes straight back into the main MrBeast channel. It’s a genius business model.

The dedication

Jimmy is wholeheartedly committed to creating the best company video content he can and, by default of that, becoming the number 1 YouTuber. He is obsessed with YouTube and is relentless in this pursuit of greatness. It’s what makes his channel so fun to watch.

In his earlier days, as he began to gain some notoriety, he was posting absurd challenges, such as counting to 100,000, counting to 200,000 (it took him 55 hours to do that), watching paint dry for an hour (yes, really) and “Grilling A Microwave Microwaving A Microwave Microwaving A Toaster Toasting An iPhone Watching Micro.”

In short, there’s really nobody quite as dedicated to YouTube as MrBeast. He did whatever it took to gain views and subscribers and will continue to innovate and change the game long into the future. Even if he were to end up in a scenario where he was starting again at 0 subscribers, I can guarantee he’d be reaching millions again in no time.About Our Video Marketing Agency

About Our Video Marketing Agency

Modus Film is a video production company based in Kent and London. Our services are nationwide and our video marketing agency can help you make some ground breaking content. If you want to discuss this further contact us or better yet see how video marketing can transform your current marketing mix. We are now fully PPE compliantPlus we carry on working!

Do You Need to Talk to a Marketing Expert?

As video marketing experts we are specialists in all forms of video marketing. Here at Modus Film, we have completed many projects for our clients that have required us to define a digital strategy with really great results. If you want to speak to a specialist email [email protected] or call us on 01233 273 273.

We are still an active creative marketing agency. Video production company London, Video production agency Kent

Things You Can’t Forget To Ask Your Wedding Videographer

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If you’re getting married soon and have your wedding video on the mind, that’s great! A cinematic Wedding videographer is fantastic because they have the ability to capture your wedding video in a whole different way than your photographer will. The best wedding videographer can add an entirely new element to documenting your big day.

Let’s assume you’ve already done your research and found a wedding videographer whose work and style you love, and who has glowing reviews. Even after that (which is in itself quite a bit of work), there are still some things that you will need to discuss with him or her in order to ensure you’ll be happy with both their part in the wedding day and the delivered product.

Here’s what you should discuss with your chosen wedding videographer before making the decision to book them.

Highlight Or Feature

Typically, wedding videographers will offer couples either a “highlight film” or a “feature film”. It’s very, very important to understand the difference between these two options.

A highlight wedding film is just what it sounds like: a little video of the highlights of your wedding and reception. These are typically around five minutes long, and these are the types of videos that you’ll post to social media or email your family members. This video will only include snippets of the day, and not full segments, such as the vows or the entire first dance.

A wedding feature is usually around 20-30 minutes, and is more in-depth. This is the film that you’ll watch on anniversaries, with your parents, with your kids, etc. This documents more, and often includes the entire wedding ceremony.

Be sure to make a decision on which of these two types of wedding films you prefer and discuss this with your wedding videographer so that you’re on the same page.


No matter how great your wedding videographer’s work may be, you don’t want him or her to get in the way of your guests (or you) and ruin the experience. Some videographers are completely unaware of how obtrusive they are.

You want someone who knows how to stay out of the photographer’s way, who won’t be this close to the guests, and who is almost hidden.

Professionals tend to capture the more intimate, quiet moments (such as getting ready before the ceremony) close up, and then will change their lenses later to capture moments from farther away, such as the dancing during the reception.

A good cinematic wedding videographer knows to keep their equipment hidden (no tripods in the hallway!), not be distracting, and to be as unseen as possible. Make sure to ask the person you’re considering how they maneuver.

The Music

Music is something that many couples completely do not discuss with their wedding videographer, and then they regret it when they see their video. After all, music can make or break a film.

Once you have certain music in mind for your wedding video, ask the cinematic wedding videographer if he or she will allow you to use it. If they say no, well, that’s very weird and you should think about finding someone else.

If you don’t have a preference, be sure to ask them what music they will probably use. In case you don’t like it, that is very important. Ask if they have music you can choose from, or what their process for selection is.

Whatever needs to happen in order for you to know what music will be used, make sure it happens before the wedding videographer edit the video. Otherwise you may be unhappy with the vibe of the film.

Delivery Date

Sometimes great work takes time, but you don’t want to be waiting for your wedding video for six months. It can take especially long if you’re getting married during wedding season (late spring through early fall).

Be sure to discuss with your wedding videographer what their typical turnaround time is, and make sure you’re comfortable with their answer.

The Raw Footage

If you want your raw wedding footage that the videographer shoots, be sure to ask him or her if you’ll be able to have it.

There’s no reason the videographer shouldn’t provide you this, and it shouldn’t cost anything extra. Many couples enjoy having their raw footage because they may end up re-editing it later, or they may want to watch the wedding in full later on.

Don’t Forget The Contract

As always — and as with any wedding vendor — be sure to get everything you’ve agreed upon in writing, on a signed contract.

Contracts often cover things like replacements if the wedding videographer gets sick or can’t make it, deadlines, overtime fees, refunds, etc. It’s a very important document to have to keep you from losing money or your videographer without a replacement.

If you’re planning a wedding, we sincerely hope that this article has helped you! Good luck, and be sure to check us out at Metropol if you’re still looking for your perfect Los Angeles reception venue. We offer four different ballrooms, all with exceptional amenities.

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Can I Record Wedding Videography On My Phone?

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The wedding videographers and wedding filmmakers at our wedding cinematography company have revealed the best wedding venues of 2022…

Using a phone to record a wedding.

Modern phones have high quality cameras with many features that are similar to cameras used by a cinematic wedding videographer. They generally have a wide angle lens that will capture a lot of light.
For most wedding videography in well lit venues in the middle of the day this should work pretty well. I would avoid using the zoom function as this will degrade the quality of the image. This won’t be so noticeable on a small screen but will be very evident if viewed on a large screen. To find out more about wedding videography look here.

Where the camera lens falls down is that the lens itself is tiny by comparison so doesn’t capture much light in low light situations. A mirrorless camera with a prime lens capable of a wide aperture of F2.8 or wider will outperform most phone cameras just because of optics and the width of the glass being able to let in more light.

Most camera phones have face recognition so should focus well on the main subjects, the bride and groom.

The biggest thing to avoid doing is to hold the phone in portrait mode. This will look fine on a phone held in portrait mode but on any other screen such as a laptop or desktop computer the image will be cut off at the sides. You see this happen all the time on the news when people film things happening on the street without thinking how that’s going to look on TV. Hold the phone in landscape mode whilst you film. For more information on whther u should film ur wedding yourself or hire a professional wedding videographer click here.


My iPhone has 128GB of storage and about half of that storage is free so that should be more than adequate. I typically have two 64GB cards loaded into my Lumix S5 and they rarely get filled up.

Battery life.

I always carry spare batteries for my cameras and charge up batteries when one is swapped out. This is a bit tricky with a phone. You could use two phones I suppose or when you take a break you could charge up your phone again from a portable charger.


I have not tested this out but I suspect that the microphones on phones are not directional or as high quality as some camera microphones. Your best option will be to get as close as you possibly can to the subject doing the talking or record audio on another device. During the speeches a second phone lying on the top table in front of the speakers would work I think.

Editing and video production

I’ve seen many people filming on phones at weddings but I’ve yet to learn what they did when they got home with the video clips.
If it’s the odd short clip then obviously that can easily be shared on social media. If a cinematic wedding videographer is filming the whole wedding with the intention of bringing it all together as one continuous film, having first edited out any errors, shortened some of the clips that are too long and possibly added music tracks then this requires some upfront planning and research into how this can be achieved.
Using a cinematic wedding videographer video camera that records to an SD card makes the whole process much easier. I can then load all my clips onto an external SSD drive attached to my Mac. It can take an hour or more for me to load all the clips into Final Cut Pro, a couple of days to edit the footage then another couple of hours to compress the final video and load it onto a USB stick for delivery to my client. How that process would look if I was trying to do it all on a phone I don’t know but I suspect that it would be long winded.

If I was in that position I think I would find a way to get the clips off my phone onto an SD card (I know there are adapters that can attach an SD card to a phone). I would then proceed with my normal editing process on a Mac.

Iphone options

Another option on an iPhone might be to load clips into iMovie from where they can be shared to Dropbox but I suspect that large clips will take a while to process by this method even on a modern iPhone. From Dropbox it would be possible to import media into a Final Cut Pro project for further editing.

The main point of this rambling piece is that it all involves some thought, planning and testing of the approach well before you agree to film a whole event on your phone.

If I was sat in a wedding and the cinematic wedding videographer didn’t show up and I was asked if I could film it instead then I would give it a go, on my phone if I had to, but I would probably have a small camera with me anyway. The Sony RX100 is not much bigger than a phone and can do a reasonable job filming a wedding and writes to an SD card for easy editing/video production. So if only for the editing and video production process using a purpose built camera is preferable.

Having said that there is a saying amongst photographers and videographers that says ‘the best camera you have is the one you have with you’. You use what you can to get what you need.

About Our Video Marketing Agency

is a video production company based in Kent and London. Our services are nationwide and our video marketing agency can help you make some ground breaking content. If you want to discuss this further contact us or better yet see how video marketing can transform your current marketing mix. We are now fully PPE compliantPlus we carry on working!

Do You Need to Talk to a Marketing Expert?

As video marketing experts we are specialists in all forms of video marketing. Here at Modus Film, we have completed many projects for our clients that have required us to define a digital strategy with really great results. If you want to speak to a specialist email [email protected] or call us on 01233 273 273.

We are still an active creative marketing agency. Video production company London, Video production agency Kent.

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Wedding Videography From 4K To 8K

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Wedding videography has come a long way in recent years, from the early days of standard definition footage to the introduction of high definition 1080p video and, later, the stunning clarity of 4K resolution. However, the latest and greatest development in the world of video content is the arrival of 8K resolution. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out in the industry, understanding the power and potential of 8K resolution is essential for staying at the forefront of this exciting field. In this post, we’ll explore what 8K is and how to switch to this resolution with and without changing your gear.

Step into the future with Bride& already today

The benefits of shooting in 8K are undeniable, from capturing more detail and allowing for greater flexibility in post-production to future-proofing your video content for emerging technologies.

As we can see, wedding videography recording in 4K is now the norm. But what is 8K video and how does it differ from 4K? Simply put, 8K resolution is four times higher than 4K UHD and 16 times higher than Full HD.

The higher the resolution, the more pixels fit on the screen size, increasing their density and making the image sharper and more realistic. This megapixel resolution provides a more immersive viewing experience, drawing the viewer into the action on the screen.

With each passing year, there are more opportunities to create a Hollywood-style picture. And this can be a key factor in capturing beautiful weddings. Of course, cameras that shoot in 4K provide high-quality images, but sooner or later, there will be new trends, and Bride&Groom are ready for them already now!

  1. The first thing we do is use professional editing software for weddings, such as DaVinci Resolve, which is considered the best for color correction.
  2. If we see that the program can’t handle high bitrate performance, we use 10-bit proxies.
  3. Even if you shoot in 4K, we’re ready to upscale your footage to 8K using our AI tools. AI work looks amazing! You can see it in action in the showreel below.

The screenshots show the main difference – 8K image have more sharpness, and the details of people’s faces are more distinct, which gives a significant advantage.

It is also worth noting that AI allows us to add the Grain effect. Grain prevents the image from being too smooth and can give a cinematic look, like on film cameras.

You can try new gear

Previously, only the film industry used 8K filming with such cameras as RED, ARRI, and others. And the quality is phenomenal. However, when we look at the prices (starting at $15,000 and higher in 2023, not including lenses and additional equipment necessary for filming), we understand that they are not suitable for most weddings, or they must be rented for each shoot, which can be quite expensive as well.

There are several more budget-friendly options available, such as Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K, RED KOMODO, and so on. Are these cameras good for weddings? It all depends on your vision of the filming process and post-production. But as our experience shows, most video operators prefer cameras with autofocus.

What autofocus solutions are available on the market? Since 2021, many companies have introduced and continue to offer cameras that shoot in 8K up to 30 fps, such as Sony a1, Nikon Z9, Canon EOS R5 C, and others. Their prices start at $4,500.

Are there cameras that shoot in resolutions higher than 4K and cost less than $4000? Absolutely! For example, Fujifilm X-H2 shoots in 8K and costs $1999! And if we look at the 6K format, we can also mention the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K and 6K Pro, priced at $1995 and $2535, respectively.

We’re not considering all existing cameras but giving examples of the modern camera market and what it is telling us if you want to change your gear.

Final words

The world of cinematography is constantly evolving, and 8K video resolution is the new frontier in terms of resolution and image quality. Whether you decide to upgrade your equipment or use our help to upscale your 4K video, you will definitely elevate your work to the next level. Let’s take the first steps toward the future already today and start making wedding videography films look like Hollywood blockbusters! Contact us, and we will take care of editing your 8k videos.


What is 8K resolution?

8K resolution is a video content display format that offers approximately 8000 pixels of horizontal resolution, sixteen times that of 1080p resolution. It provides extremely sharp and detailed images but requires high-performance computing power to display and process.

What is the difference between 4K and 8K?

The main difference between 4K and 8K formats is their resolution. 4K (Ultra-High Definition, or UHD) offers approximately 4000 pixels of horizontal resolution, while 8K (Super-High Definition, or SHD) offers approximately 8000 pixels. This means that 8K displays have four times as many pixels as 4K displays.

What is the size of 8K video per minute?

The minute-long size of an 8K video can fluctuate depending on different aspects, including compression, bitrate, and codec employed. Nevertheless, as an approximation, assuming a 100 Mbps bitrate, an 8K video capturing 30 shots per second could consume around 7.5 GB of storage capacity per minute. In contrast, an 8K video capturing 60 frames per second with an identical bitrate could take up around 15 GB of storage per minute.

When will the world be using 8K video content?

8K video content is already being used in certain industries, such as professional film and TV production, but its widespread adoption by consumers is still in its early stages due to the high cost of compatible devices and limited availability of 8K content. In the wedding industry, 8k is starting to be used more and more often, thanks to new AI technologies that allow for improving footage after shooting.

What video resolution is best for wedding videography?

The best video content resolution standards for wedding videos depend on various factors such as the intended use, budget, and equipment. In general, a resolution of at least 1080p (Full HD) is recommended for capturing and editing wedding videography. However, the most popular format at the moment is 4K. In addition, you can order AI resolution upscaling services and significantly improve the quality of your footage.

About Our Video Marketing Agency

is a video production company based in Kent and London. Our services are nationwide and our video marketing agency can help you make some ground breaking content. If you want to discuss this further contact us or better yet see how video marketing can transform your current marketing mix. We are now fully PPE compliantPlus we carry on working!

Do You Need to Talk to a Marketing Expert?

As video marketing experts we are specialists in all forms of video marketing. Here at Modus Film, we have completed many projects for our clients that have required us to define a digital strategy with really great results. If you want to speak to a specialist email [email protected] or call us on 01233 273 273.

We are still an active creative marketing agency. Video production company London, Video production agency Kent.

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Best Months For Your Wedding And A Great Wedding Video?

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One of the first big decisions after getting engaged is choosing what month you’d like to get married. Weather plays a part, but there are many other factors at play too, like how your wedding video will turn out, with your wedding videographer and wedding filmmakers such as us.

Here’s a quick summary, but keep on reading to learn more about the best months to get married in the UK.

January – A great way to cheer up a quiet month

February – The month of love!

March – Spring means beautiful wedding snaps

April – Reliable spring weather

May – Beautiful late spring days with all the blooms

June – Fantastic honeymoon opportunities

July – Perfect for an outdoor wedding party

August – Traditional, British weddings

September – Fantastic soft light for your photos

October – Beautiful autumnal backdrops

November – Festive feel at super low prices

December – It’s party season!

wedding videographer, wedding filmmakers, wedding cinematography
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The wedding videographers and wedding filmmakers at our wedding cinematography company have revealed what we can capture from your special day…

January – A New Year, A New Start

Not the most popular month to get married, but there are a few perks for choosing January for your wedding video and you see some of these examples here.



February – Let Cupid Celebrate With You

As far as romantic months go, you can’t beat February. You can choose to get married on Valentine’s Day itself if you want to, but even if you avoid it, February is known for being a month oozing with love. You can read about beautiful winter wedding venues here.



March – New Beginnings Awaken

A new season is beginning in the UK and that means warmer weather and the chance to perhaps get outside for some beautiful spring wedding photographs and wedding video. March is without a doubt one of the best months to get married.



April – A Low Cost Month With The Perks Of Spring

Many people falsely believe that April showers mean this is the rainiest month of the year. But the majority of April is actually very pleasant and as you move towards the end of the month you can enjoy some beautiful warm days.



May – A Stunning Month For A Spring Wedding Video

May is the ideal month to get married for many people as it’s the start of the outdoor wedding season. You have a much better chance of a dry, warm, blue sky day during May.



June – Summer Without The Heat!

June is usually a warm, sunny and beautiful month. Perfect for your wedding day or wedding video.



July – High Season And Summer Vibes

July is one of the most popular months to get married as it’s the start of summer – the best time of year for outdoor weddings.



August – Your Summer Wedding Video Continues

When you picture an English summer you probably think of bunting, cakes, marquees, and plentiful fun. That’s exactly what you can include at your wedding if you get married in August and its a great scene in your wedding video.



September – Autumn Signals Beautiful Scenery

The start of September is still considered summer and the temperatures are wonderful, but there is that autumn chill during the evenings.



October – How About A Themed Wedding Video?

It’s spooky season, the best month for a themed wedding video!



November – Fireworks And Sparklers To Light Up The Night

November is the month of Bonfire Night, when everyone goes firework crazy. That cosy feeling is in the air and the anticipation of the festive season isn’t too far away.



December – Combining Festivities And Nuptials

Who doesn’t love December? The party season is upon us and everything is red, green and very glittery.



About Our Video Marketing Agency

is a video production company based in Kent and London. Our services are nationwide and our video marketing agency can help you make some ground breaking content. If you want to discuss this further contact us or better yet see how video marketing can transform your current marketing mix. We are now fully PPE compliantPlus we carry on working!

Do You Need to Talk to a Marketing Expert?

As video marketing experts we are specialists in all forms of video marketing. Here at Modus Film, we have completed many projects for our clients that have required us to define a digital strategy with really great results. If you want to speak to a specialist email [email protected] or call us on 01233 273 273.

We are still an active creative marketing agency. Video production company London, Video production agency Kent.

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How to Make Short-Form Video Content

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Short-form video refers to video content that is between five seconds and ninety seconds long. Short videos are intended to be quick, easily digestible content for viewers scrolling through social media production feeds or other outlets.

Common examples of short-form videos include TikTok videos, Instagram Stories and Reels, YouTube shorts, and Snapchat Spotlight and stories.

Short-form video content isn’t new. In fact, Vine – the short-form video app introduced in 2012 – was an early pioneer of the format. But what started as a niche platform has grown into something much larger, with tech giants like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube catering to short attention spans and launching short-form video features of their own.

Today, TikTok is the most downloaded app in the world, and ranks number one for consumer spending according to a report by Other short-form video platforms, like Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube, aren’t far behind.


This rise in popularity is due, in part, to the fact that short-form video is more accessible and engaging than ever before. With an average video length of 15-30 seconds, creators can deliver their message in a very small window of time – allowing viewers to consume content on the go with little to no commitment.

Data from Wyzowl found that 73% of consumers prefer to watch short-form videos when learning about a product or service.

Short-form videos can also be shared and watched from any device, which furthers their accessibility and popularity among users. From sending Snapchat stories on the subway to watching YouTube shorts in the dentist waiting room – viewers can access and engage with content at any time.

Short-form video is also generally cheap and easy to produce and requires minimal production effort. All you need is a smartphone and a good idea. Plus, hosting platforms like TikTok and Instagram are all free to use.

Platforms themselves are also tailored to user interests. TikToks algorithm suggests videos based on what users like to watch, while Instagram’s Explore page helps users discover new content that aligns with their interests. This focus on personalization and connection keeps viewers engaged with the platforms and your content.

In a nutshell, short-form video content is popular because:

8 short-form video best practices

Dive into short-form video marketing with these tips.

1. Use Vertical Video Content

Most short-form video platforms are designed for content to be viewed on mobile devices in a vertical format.

Vertical formats allow videos to take up the full width of a phone screen, creating a more immersive and engaging experience for the viewer.

On platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat, users are used to scrolling through vertical feeds and will be more likely to watch your content if it’s in the same format. By contrast, horizontally-aligned videos can often appear small and difficult to view, resulting in lower engagement.

If you want to know the best sizes for content on every platform, check out our social media size guide.

2. Hook Your Audience

Short-form video is just that: short. This means you only have a few seconds to capture your viewers’ attention.

Starting your video with a strong hook, through on-screen text, eye-catching visuals, or with a tantalizing story, can help draw your audience in and keep them watching.

The best types of short-form videos for marketing capture attention, evoke emotions, elicit action, and inspire engagement. Focus on creating an emotional narrative that will stick with viewers long after they finish watching.

Short-form video trends move fast, and the best creators are the ones who can stay ahead of the curve.

Are there sound bytes or songs that are being used again and again? Filters, animations, and visuals that you see posted day after day? Audiences are drawn to these trends, and incorporating them into your videos will increase the chances of your video reaching more people.

4. Keep It Short

While short-form videos can technically be up to three minutes long, the best ones are less than a minute.

Short is the sweet spot on platforms like TikTok, which reported to WIRED Magazine that the optimal video length sits at a bite-size 11 to 17 seconds. In fact, the same report found that videos over 60 seconds actually stress users out – yikes.

Similarly, while Instagram reels can be up to 90 seconds long, Hootsuite reporting found that between 7 and 15 seconds is where you want to land.

Here’s a breakdown of ideal lengths on all short-form video platforms:

5. Post Regularly

Consistency is key when it comes to short-form video marketing. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram prioritize accounts that post between three and five times per week, while platforms like Snapchat suggest posting multiple times per day.

Regular posting keeps your audience engaged and gives the platform’s algorithm enough content to choose from when surfacing videos. This will help you reach more viewers and build an audience of loyal followers.

Keep in mind that quality is just as important as quantity—be sure to post interesting and engaging content rather than simply churning out low-quality videos on a daily basis. Aim to spend some time refining each video and creating content that your audience will enjoy.

6. Partner With Relevant Influencers And Brands

If you’re looking to reach a wider audience, teaming up with influencers or relevant brands can be highly effective. Data from Civic Science found that 14% of 18 to 24-year-olds reported purchasing products in the last six months due to a blogger or influencer recommending it.

Partnering with relevant brands and influencers can increase your reach and help create more engaging content for your short-form videos. Look for influencers with a similar target audience to yours with a good track record of producing high-quality content.

For brand partnerships, consider companies that have similar values to yours, or products that are complementary.

Bonus: Learn the basics of building an influencer marketing campaign in our complete guide.

7. Avoid Cross-Posting Video Content With Watermarks

One of the most significant barriers to brands and creators when it comes to short-form video content is resourcing. While a 15-second video might not seem like a lot of effort, creating original content does take time and effort.

Because of this, many brands opt to cross-post the same video across multiple social media platforms. While this can save time, it’s important to note that recycled content, especially content with clear watermarks, can hurt your rankings on platforms like Instagram.

In 2022, Instagram announced it would start prioritizing original content on its platform. This means that recycled content could be given less visibility, hurting your overall reach and engagement.

Does that mean you can’t cross-post at all? Well, not really. Check out our blog on removing TikTok watermarks so you can cross-post without getting penalized.

8. Showcase Products In Use

One of the best ways to leverage short-form video content as a brand is by showcasing your products in action. Explainer videos help potential customers visualize how and why they would use the product, building anticipation for it, if done correctly.

You can easily showcase a product’s features, benefits, and testimonials—all within a few seconds of viewing time. If your product has a niche use, like Vessi’s waterproof sneakers, show viewers all the ways they can use them in their everyday life.

Consider installation and set-up videos for more technical products. Your customers will appreciate the convenience and you’ll be able to better educate them on how your product works.

About Our Video Marketing Agency

is a video production company based in Kent and London. Our services are nationwide and our video marketing agency can help you make some ground breaking content. If you want to discuss this further contact us or better yet see how video marketing can transform your current marketing mix. We are now fully PPE compliantPlus we carry on working!

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As video marketing experts we are specialists in all forms of video marketing. Here at Modus Film, we have completed many projects for our clients that have required us to define a digital strategy with really great results. If you want to speak to a specialist email [email protected] or call us on 01233 273 273.

We are still an active creative marketing agency. Video production company London, Video production agency Kent.

Video Marketing Trends for 2024: What You Need to Know

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Video content accounts for 80% of all the video marketing material we see online today. Focusing on marketing videos for business in 2024 is a great move for marketers.

2023 has been a great year for marketers who created more video content for businesses.

Times are changing, and the video marketing sphere will witness a lot of advancements in the coming years. Particularly due to the rise of the famous TikTok reels, and the latest technologies like AR, VR, and AI.

Easy accessibility and ease of targeting prospective clients make video marketing unique and a go-to marketing strategy in 2024.

Importance of Video Marketing

video production
video content
video marketing
marketing videos for business

Customers love video content. That’s just one part of the story. On the other side, video marketing helps businesses with brand discovery, brand awareness, and brand engagement. It improves the overall engagement rates of the brands, particularly in the B2B sphere.

If this doesn’t convince you enough, let’s look at the statistics on how video content has revolutionized the way brands leverage and people consume video content.

But first, let’s look into the statistics.

The following statistics are sourced from Wyzowl :

In 2023, 91% of businesses use video marketing and, this is the highest number of businesses endorsing it as a significant marketing tool since its rise in 2016.

96% of marketers believe that video marketing helps them understand their audience better which makes video one of the significant marketing tools.

95% of marketers believe that video marketing has helped them improve brand awareness and make the brand more discoverable.

Video content contributes to the overall search engine optimization. 91% of marketers claim that it has helped them to improve web traffic. 87% of marketers say that video content improves dwell time

Video marketing strengthens lead generation across businesses. 90% of marketers say it has helped them to generate leads.

Video marketing engages customers at a personalized level, thus encouraging them to buy products. 87% of marketers say that video content plays a crucial role in generating sales.

Video marketing like demo videos, and Q&A sessions results in 53% reduced support queries. It minimizes the overall operational costs.

92% of marketers claim it has given them great support and a great return on investment.

Video Marketing 

Since video marketing is an outbound strategy, it comes with a lot of challenges. It includes creating awareness, getting attention, and ensuring personalized messaging to make sure your sales and marketing strategies are aligned.

If done correctly, video marketing is an effective account-based strategy — meaning you can leverage it to create campaigns to target your customers through a personalized approach.

Whether it’s just traditional video marketing or the most viral reels, video marketing is helping businesses to achieve their goals seamlessly.

96% of marketers actively work on creating unique videos every year. Marketers and brands create videos to keep the audience engaged on social media, email campaigns, websites, etc.

Video is a go-to marketing tool in 2024 for businesses and marketers whether they want to,

Statistics show that people watch at least 17 hours of video content weekly.

Video content is a great start to help your audience understand the product/service. 96% of the consumers say that they watch videos to understand any product during their awareness stage.

The video acts as a great tool to assist your customer in educating and informing throughout the buying journey. It helps them get answers to most of the queries.

People share video content 1200% more than other content on social media, both text and images combined. The engagement rates of video content are higher than all other content types.

Marketers need to monitor engagement rates closely to get a clear idea of what your target loves the most, and what needs to be done to improve the overall engagement rates.

As a result, marketers will be able to create videos that succeed at creating an emotional connection with the brand.

Video content is one of the most shareable content types on the internet. 51% of people reveal that they love to share videos with their friends and family.

The better the quality of your video content, the better the engagement rate is. Create a great hook to engage your customers from the start. Identify the drop rates to adjust accordingly.

YouTube Videos

YouTube continues to be the most trusted video marketing platform in 2024. It is a great place to have professional, and educational videos that are in-depth, authentic, and reliable.

90% of video marketers trust YouTube for its authenticity. Some video types on YouTube include,

Live Streaming

23.7% of people watch live streams on social media on their phones. Real-time broadcasting of video content has helped marketers to achieve business goals more than ever before. They can use it to host events, promote products, and increase customer engagement rates.

Live-streaming helps retail marketers connect with the audience at a personal level and share expertise and insights about the products. The share of live-streaming in global marketing is going to get bigger with a great share of live-streaming in China.

Amazon Live Demo Videos

Live streams are creating a huge impact on e-commerce. Amazon live videos are a great way to engage customers with live demos to make their buying journey seamless.

It’s a wonderful opportunity for makeup and beauty businesses where customers are interested in how the specific product works before making a buying decision.

The goal of Amazon’s live demo videos is to entertain the audience and inspire them to take action. Brand influencers create content and use the power of storytelling to generate sales.

They use the personalized video creation format to highlight the products and give the audience a real firsthand experience. The brand influencers build their community and bring exciting new products that customers won’t resist.

Based on your product type, the goal could be to inform and educate your audience. Marketers can give a demo of how to operate an LG washing machine in real-time.

It can also have a Q&A session, where viewers can leave their queries in the comment section and can get answers to the questions live.

Amazon Live Shoppable Video by Delfina

Below is a great example of an Amazon Live Shoppable Video by Delfina. The content creator provides a live demo of a hairstyling product for frizz-free hair. This makes it easier for the audience to know how the product works, and what results they can expect.

Social Media Shoppable Reels & Videos

First introduced by TikTok, reels are now endorsed by all social media platforms including Instagram, and Facebook. Reels are your go-to marketing tools, if your target audience is Generation Z. They are just TikTok lovers!

Customers love reels for two major reasons, first, they need to be more interactive, and second, they need less effort to consume the content.

One of the significant features that we like the most is, ‘Inclusion.’ Live captions throughout the videos, and reels cater to the diverse group with hearing disabilities and ensure inclusion.

Shoppable Videos

Shoppable videos on TikTok, Instagram & Facebook give the viewers an immersive experience. The displayed link on the video directs the user to the product catalog or the specific product.

The videos are normally short and often have a short ‘call to action.’ As a result, a customer can make a buying decision in just a few steps.

User Generated Video Content

Just like user-generated content like posts, testimonials, and reviews, user-generated video content has been popular recently. It strengthens your brand credibility, brand awareness, and authenticity. It acts as a word of mouth and can greatly convince potential leads.

Since user-generated videos are created by a variety of customer bases, they are diverse, creative, and have unique perspectives.

A great way to leverage video UGC is to share them on all social media platforms, place them on the website, and include them in your email campaigns.

Encourage your customers to generate video content. It strengthens brand loyalty, and they can become brand ambassadors. This also results in improved lifetime value of a customer.

GoPro Video Challenge

GoPro recognizes and appreciates its loyal customers for documenting their thrilling journeys using its video gear. This contributes to the overall marketing strategy of GoPro.

The brand leverages user-generated videos and images to sustain YouTube channel and other social media platforms.

The best video gets featured on their website and other marketing channels. To participate, all you need to do is shoot, and submit the content and the best one wins the award. GoPro’s #goprosnow contest had around 80K entries on Instagram.


Podcasts are a great way to build industry authority. Marketers can interview industry leaders to discuss the latest trends, innovations, and business news.

The number of active listeners increases every year, and there are 464.7 million active podcast listeners today. This makes podcasts one of the sought-after video marketing strategies.

Podcasts are great because people can either watch them or just listen to them when driving or working out at the gym. It gives them the freedom to consume the content in any format.

AR/VR/AI Videos

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have been popular for a while. These technologies are finding a way to be included in mainstream video marketing trends.

They are a great way to provide an immersive experience, enhanced storytelling, and interactive product demonstrations.

With a great blend of real and virtual world, the goal is to give customers a great experience from the comfort of their home. Customers can get a better understanding of product features, benefits, and functionality, providing an authentic, real, and memorable experience.

Factors that Affect the Success of Video Marketing Engagement Rate

Marketers need to consider a few factors to ensure the success of video marketing.

Length of Video

Your video content could be under thirty seconds or a few hours long. The length of your video content varies based on your various factors, including;


Embrace quality over quantity. With so much availability of top-notch video content, nobody will click through a poor-quality video.

Pay attention to the video resolution, sound quality, and image quality that you use. Furthermore, you can outsource video editing or video recording to professionals for better results.


Your video marketing efforts should be relevant and timely. Use your video marketing efforts to inform, engage, and convert your leads as per their requirement at specific stages of the sales funnel.

For example:

An educational video is a great fit for someone who is at the awareness stage. If a potential prospect is searching through your website, and he signs up for your newsletter you can send him a video to educate him about your product/service.

A product demo video is great for someone who has just signed up for the trial version of your product.

A promotional video for people who are existing customers to keep them engaged with your brand.

A personalized video for cart abandonment. Because for ecommerce businesses, cart abandonment could be a potential-missed opportunity. It’s great to leverage this opportunity by creating a personalized video and sending it through email.


With the blend of creativity, innovation, and ease of targeting, video marketing is going to significantly impact businesses in the coming years. It’s a fast-growing marketing tool that ensures great customer engagement, better lead generation, and more revenue.

Keep the latest video marketing trends in mind to make informed decisions and make the most of the video marketing efforts.

About Our Video Marketing Agency

is a video production company based in Kent and London. Our services are nationwide and our video marketing agency can help you make some ground breaking content. If you want to discuss this further contact us or better yet see how video marketing can transform your current marketing mix. We are now fully PPE compliantPlus we carry on working!

Do You Need to Talk to a Marketing Expert?

As video marketing experts we are specialists in all forms of video marketing. Here at Modus Film, we have completed many projects for our clients that have required us to define a digital strategy with really great results. If you want to speak to a specialist email [email protected] or call us on 01233 273 273.

We are still an active creative marketing agency. Video production company London, Video production agency Kent.

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Top 10 Best Video-Sharing Platforms

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Videos are powerful in communication. They let you convey your message, showcase your work, and build trust and rapport. But how do you choose the best video-sharing platform for your business needs? There are many factors to consider, such as the video-sharing platform’s quality, security, cost, and ease of use. But lucky for you, we will help you find the best video-sharing platform for your videos for business. We will review the top 15 platforms to make it easy for you to choose.

video-sharing platform
videos for business

1. Zight

Zight revolutionizes creating and sharing videos, making it incredibly easy and efficient. You can capture high-quality videos directly from your computer screen or webcam. It allows you to demonstrate software, present slideshows, create business upsell videos, or record tutorials effortlessly.

Zight is your easiest-to-use platform! Your video-sharing process is a walk in the park. Why? Because the minute you finish recording, this screen recording software automatically generates and copies a shareable link to your clipboard. You can paste this link to your recipients, who will view it without downloading it. Alternatively, you can download your video and share it. More on video sharing below!

Zight also integrates with many popular tools and platforms you use for your business, such as Slack, Trello, Asana, Zendesk, and more. It also helps you track the performance of your videos with analytics. You can see how many views, downloads, shares, and comments your videos get, as well as the average watch time and engagement rate.

Let’s talk security – it is paramount when recording and sharing business videos. Zight ensures the security and privacy of your videos with encryption, password protection, expiration dates, and permissions. You can control who can access, view, download, and share your videos. You can also delete your videos at any time.

The best part is you can use Zight for free, with a maximum upload limit of 5 minutes per video and access your last 50 uploads/recordings. Want more? You can upgrade to the pro plans for $9.95 per month. Zight supports standard video formats such as MP4, MOV, AVI, and WMV.

  1. Open the app or extension and choose the Record button to record a video. You could also use the shortcut CMD+Shift+6 (for Mac) or Alt+Shift+6 (for Windows) to start recording your screen without any preference selection.
  2. Zight will automatically save your video to the cloud and generate a shareable link when you finish recording. The video-sharing app will also copy the link to your clipboard to make sharing easy.
  3. You can paste the link to your recipient’s message board. That’s the easiest way to share videos instantly since the recipient can view the video online without downloading it.

You could also download the video to your computer. Click the Download button on the Zight dashboard and select where to save it on your computer.

You can then share the video as an attachment, but your recipient will only view it after downloading.

Other Video-Sharing Platform

You may want to try out other popular video-sharing sites for other use cases besides what Zight offers. If so, here are other sites we tested and liked:

2. Filestage

Filestage is one of the best online video-sharing sites that help you streamline the feedback and approval process of your video projects. You can upload videos of any size and format and organize your files into projects and folders for easy access and management. You can also track the status of each review round and set deadlines and reminders to keep everyone on track.

Filestage also integrates with other productivity tools like Asana, Trello, Slack, and Dropbox and supports different video formats like MOV, MP4, AAC, MPEG-2, FLS, WMV, and MXF. You get a free plan for unlimited team members. Filestage’s paid plans start from $49 per month.

3. is a platform that helps you collaborate with your team and clients on video projects. With, you can upload and share different video formats and sizes with external reviewers who don’t need a account. You can also protect your share links with passwords or expiration dates.

In addition, you can share your videos as a presentation for viewing and downloading. You can customize your presentation page with your own branding, layout, and color scheme. You can also connect with the tools you use for your video production workflow, including Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro X, Slack, Dropbox, and more. supports different video formats, including MP4, MOV, AVI, and WMV, and you can use it on a free plan with two users. Upgrade to pro plans that start at$15 per month for up to five users to get better features.

4. Loom

Loom helps you communicate faster and more effectively with async video.

As one of the best video-sharing platforms, Loom can share your video with the click of a button by copying and pasting the link anywhere you want. You can also adjust your video’s privacy settings to control who can access and comment on it. Alternatively, embed your video on your website or blog or download it as an MP4 file.

Loom offers a free plan for up to 25 videos. The paid plans start from $12.50 monthly for unlimited videos and 45 minutes per video.

5. OneDrive

OneDrive is one of the best platforms that help you store, access, and share your videos online with a Microsoft account. You can upload videos of any size and format to OneDrive using the web, desktop, or mobile apps. You only need to create a shareable link or invite your recipient through email to share. OneDrive also helps you remove access for specific people at any time.

This platform offers a free plan for up to 5 GB of storage. Plans start from $5 per month.

6. YouTube

YouTube is a free and popular video platform that helps you discover, watch, and share content online, including music videos.

You can easily upload and edit YouTube videos. Once the video content is live, hit the share button to send the video link to your recipients. You could also copy the link to your clipboard and paste it on your communication channels for your recipient to watch without downloading.

YouTube offers a free plan for unlimited videos and storage. The paid plans start from $11.99 per month for YouTube Premium.

7. Dropbox

Dropbox is a cloud storage service allowing you to share files and folders. It is one of the most popular content-sharing sites that allow you to share a video link so anyone can view or download, even if they don’t have a Dropbox account. You can also password-protect the link, set an expiration date, and disable downloads.

Some supported video formats include MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, FLV, and MKV. The basic plan is free and gives you 2 GB of storage space. The Plus plan costs $9.99 monthly and gives you 2 TB of storage space.

8. Google Drive

Google Drive is another of Google’s platforms that lets you store and access your files from anywhere. You can also use it to share videos with others, whether you want them to watch, download, or edit them.

You can share videos instantly by uploading them to Google Drive. Then, right-click on the file to find the share button. You can share the link to any communication platform. Alternatively, you can invite people to view your video via email.

Google Drive is available on a free plan with 15GB, and when you exhaust that, you can pay $6/month for more storage.

9. Wistia

Wistia is a video hosting and marketing app you can use to share engaging content with your audiences. One of the best video-sharing sites, it is ideal for content creators who want to integrate video with other marketing tools.

Share the direct link to your video so everyone can watch it online. You could embed videos on your website or blog with Wistia’s flexible and customizable embed codes. Wistia is relatively affordable, with a free plan for 10 videos. You can also upgrade to premium plans that start at $19/month.

10. lets you upload videos and share them with your audience without ads or distractions. One of the best video-sharing sites, lets you share direct links to your content; anyone can watch them online or download them. In addition, you can let viewers collaborate on your videos, especially for work. has a free plan for 10 videos; the premium plans start at $10.

About Our Video Marketing Agency

is a video production company based in Kent and London. Our services are nationwide and our video marketing agency can help you make some ground breaking content. If you want to discuss this further contact us or better yet see how video marketing can transform your current marketing mix. We are now fully PPE compliantPlus we carry on working!

Do You Need to Talk to a Marketing Expert?

As video marketing experts we are specialists in all forms of video marketing. Here at Modus Film, we have completed many projects for our clients that have required us to define a digital strategy with really great results. If you want to speak to a specialist email [email protected] or call us on 01233 273 273.

We are still an active creative marketing agency. Video production company London, Video production agency Kent.

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Should You DIY Your Wedding Video or Hire a Professional?

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wedding filmmakers, cinematic wedding videographers, wedding videography wedding video
The wedding filmmakers and cinematic wedding videographers at our wedding videography company reveal the most popular wedding video trends.

Your wedding videography day is one of the most important and memorable days of your life, and capturing those precious moments is an absolute must. But the question is, should you DIY your wedding video or hire a professional? While it may seem like a good idea to save money by doing it yourself, it’s important to consider the benefits of hiring a professional.

Professional vs. DIY Wedding Videography: Which is Right for You?

Deciding between professional and DIY wedding videography can be a daunting task. But with the right information, you can make a decision that will ensure that your wedding video captures all the special moments of your big day. Below, we will explore the pros and cons of both professional and DIY wedding videography so that you can decide which is right for you!

DIY Wedding Video: Pros & Cons

So you’re getting married, congrats! Now comes the fun part — planning the wedding. And what’s more fun than DIY-ing your own wedding video, right? Well, before you grab your iPhone and start filming, let’s weigh the pros and cons of this DIY approach.


First up, the pros. DIY-ing your wedding video can save you a lot of cash. Professional videographers can cost thousands of dollars. By filming and editing the video yourself, you’ll be able to allocate that money towards more important things — like your honeymoon.

Another pro is that you’ll have complete creative control over the final product. You can film whatever you want, however you want, without having to worry about a videographer not capturing your artistic vision.


But let’s not forget the cons. DIY-ing your wedding videography means you’ll be doing a lot of work. Like, a lot. Filming, editing, and piecing together a cohesive story takes time and effort. You’ll also need to invest in some equipment, like a good camera and editing software. And if you mess up a shot or forget to hit record during a key moment, there’s no going back. You also run the risk of capturing poor-quality footage that you won’t be happy with.

Another con is that you’ll be missing out on a professional’s expertise. A good videographer knows how to capture the right angles, lighting, and audio to make your wedding video look and sound amazing. They also have experience with editing and storytelling, which can make all the difference in the final product.

Professional Wedding Video: Pros & Cons

A professional video is like the cherry on top of the wedding cake — you know it’s not necessary, but it sure makes everything look better. But is it worth the expense? Let’s break down the pros and cons.


On the pro side, you’ll have a beautifully edited video of your special day that you can watch for years to come. It’s a great way to relive the memories, and it’s especially nice for those who couldn’t attend the wedding. Plus, a professional videographer will capture all the little details that you might have missed in the whirlwind of the day.

A professional wedding videographer has the experience and expertise to capture every moment of your special day in the best possible way. They know how to use the right equipment, lighting, and angles to create a stunning video that you will cherish forever. They also have the skills to edit and enhance the footage to make it look even better.


However, on the con side, wedding videos can be expensive. You might be looking at several thousand dollars for a high-quality video. And let’s be honest; not everyone wants to watch a two-hour video of your wedding. You might find yourself fast-forwarding through some parts.

At Reverent Wedding Films, we have videography packages to fit every budget. We also offer various types of wedding films, from highlight videos and social media teasers to full documentaries and feature films.

Capture Your Special Day with Reverent Wedding Films

So, there you have it — the pros and cons of DIY-ing your wedding video. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if the savings and creative control outweigh the time and effort required. Just don’t forget to assign someone else to film the ceremony while you’re saying, “I do.”

While it may seem tempting to save money by filming your own wedding video, hiring a professional is the best way to ensure that your special day is captured in the most beautiful and memorable way possible. So, sit back, relax, and let the professionals handle it while you enjoy your wedding day to the fullest!

Contact our team for more information, or check our availability online.

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Magical Winter Wedding Venues For Wedding Videography

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From castles to country estates, these five venues offer everything you could possibly need for a magical winter wedding and amazing wedding videography.

­Winter weddings are becoming increasingly popular, especially among couples looking for an alternative to summer nuptials. It’s a cosy time of the year and also has the bonus of having Christmas slap bang in the middle, which can make for a really unique winter wedding, wedding films and even create the best wedding videography.

Reasons To Love A Winter Wedding

wedding videography
wedding films
best wedding videography

In our heads, a winter wedding is set against a backdrop of magical snowfall, like something you’d see in a cheesy Christmas movie. Sadly, the likelihood of that happening in the UK is slim, however, there are lots of other reasons why you might plump for a winter wedding to create the best wedding videography.

It’s cheaper: Yes, we know budgets aren’t romantic, but with the costs of weddings soaring these days – the average UK wedding comes in at just over £17,000 – a winter wedding can save you pounds. For many establishments, the winter time is their out of season period so you’ll be able to afford a venue that perhaps you couldn’t in the summer.

There’s more choice: With less weddings happening during this time, there will not only be more choice for when to get married, but also which wedding suppliers to work with.

There’s no need to worry about the weather: There’s none of that ‘will it rain’ stress you get with UK summer weddings. Everything will be happening inside, so who cares if it pours? 

Winter-appropriate wedding dresses: Sequins, feathers and faux fur are all brilliant for winter weddings and just think how glam you’ll look on your big day. It’s also the perfect time of year if you want to throw a black-tie wedding. Our toppers are the perfect way to add a little extra something to your slinky wedding dress.

A Festive Twist

If you get married in December, you’ll get the added bonus of festive decorations, which will look fabulous in your wedding films. You can also order festive food and have some Christmas tunes played at your reception. Mariah warbling all she wants for Christmas has got to be a bonus, right?

There’s no wedding fatigue: Your guests will have had a break from all the spring and summer weddings and will be ready to celebrate your wedding with enthusiasm come the winter months!

No sweat: Literally! While hot days are great for photos, they’re not so great for the sweat. Getting wed while it’s cooler means you don’t have to worry about that one bit.

So, you’ve decided upon that winter wedding, here are five great places to hold your winter wedding in the UK. 

The Hollywood choice: Wrotham Park, Hertfordshire

Fancy a winter wedding videography with extra glam? Then this beautiful location is a must. Having been used as a location for the likes of Bridget Jones’ Diary, Bridgerton and Gosford Park, it’s a great choice for movie-loving brides and grooms.

The Seaside One: East Quay Venue, Kent

If a cosy winter wedding by the sea is what you’re dreaming of, then East Quay could be the one you’re looking for. This licensed wedding venue is situated directly in Whitstable Harbour with sea views. A former Oyster House, it’s a relaxed wedding venue, which could easily be transformed for a winter wedding.

The Nature one: Marshwood Manor, Dorset

If you love being in nature, this is the winter wedding venue for you. It has both indoor and outdoor spaces to allow you to have a truly romantic day in your very own winter woodland. Think Narnia, minus the talking lion…

The brick haybarn, with vaulted ceilings and natural wood panelling, will make the perfect backdrop to your big day. There’s also luxury accommodation onsite.

The Christmas wedding venue Holkham Hall, Norfolk 

A timelessly elegant venue, Holkham Hall has a variety of places to hold your big day celebrations, from Marble Hall to St. Withburga’s Church. The Marble Hall provides the most Instagrammable photos, thanks to the impressive domed celling and blush marble pillars.

This 18th century mansion is also big on the festive season with a Christmas tree shop and candlelight tours, so will make the perfect backdrop to any Christmas wedding.

The glitzy one: L’Oscar Hotel, London

If you want to vamp up the glamour, this is the place to do it. The opulent décor including jewel tones, rich velvet, and extravagant chandeliers is just perfect for a city winter wedding. The Baptist, which is a former Grade II listed chapel, comes complete with a lit-up dome roof, dance floor and bar.

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