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How MrBeast Became The Best At Creating Video Content

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It seems that every other week there’s a new viral Mr Beast company video content that’s got all corners of the internet taking note. We’re taking a look at his meteoric rise Jimmy is someone who really knows how to nail YouTube SEO with everything from keywords and thumbnails to the way his videography is edited specifically for audience retention.

He’s also relentless. This drive has seen his subscriber number skyrocket and we feel there’s little to stop him one day becoming number one on YouTube.

Take a look at the top 100 YouTube channels by subscribers, and there’s one man who’s climbing the ranks faster than anyone else. MrBeast (real name Jimmy Donaldson) is the man of the moment. After receiving the Breakout Creator award in the 2019 Streamys, Jimmy went on to win “Creator of The Year” in the 10th and 11th annual Streamy Awards (with overall 7 Streamy nominations). It seems nothing can stop him ever since he started his YouTube channel 9 years ago. By his own admission, he wants to be the greatest YouTuber of all time. Given his track record, it seems likely he’ll someday be taking the number 1 spot with the most subscribers.

At a glance

video content
company video content

Jimmy was born and raised in North Carolina and continues to operate out of his studios there. Yes, it’s studios in the plural. The scale of MrBeast’s modern-day operation is hard to believe. Working with his dedicated team, he creates and films absurd game scenarios, such as “Last to take their hand off the Lamborghini, keeps it” and “Last to leave $800,000 island keeps it.” But he also launches ambitious philanthropy projects where he gives away millions of dollars and attempts to hit huge targets in cleaning up the world’s oceans. For MrBeast, it’s go big, or go home.

His knowledge of video content is second to none

It’s clear from the get-go that MrBeast has a deep, extensive knowledge of YouTube. He gets it, and that’s been reflected in his success. In this recent and insightful interview with Colin & Samir, he talks about how even at a young age in school, all he could think about was YouTube. All he wanted to do was study YouTube. So instead of paying attention to what was being taught in class, he was busy studying YouTube and thinking about how he could “make it.”

Jimmy is an ideas man, and it’s no wonder that each of his videos gets 10s of millions of views. Each and every video is based on a crazy idea that makes you want to click and watch. Who doesn’t want to watch a game of tag where the winner receives $500,000 and takes place in a giant vacant stadium? Who wouldn’t be intrigued seeing a man spend 50 hours buried alive? The ideas that MrBeast comes up with are always crazy and attention-grabbing.

Alongside the ideas that help shape the titles, his thumbnails really help win clicks. Take a moment to check out his channel and study each one. They’re always bright and colorful, bold and relevant. They jump out at you. Combined with the title, they always make you want to click.

Even after Jimmy’s won your click, he doesn’t stop there. The editing of his videos is remarkable. The idea is all about audience retention. To ensure you keep watching, MrBeast’s editors make every second count. In any part of any video, multiple things are happening. They’re quick, snappy and high-octane, ensuring he has one of the highest audience retention rates around.

Hillier Smith made a fantastic editing breakdown that goes into detail on this. It’s well worth checking out:

MrBeast has scale

While it can be challenging for relationship-based creators such as Emma Chamberlain to scale up, MrBeast is an ideas-based creator. People don’t necessarily watch his channel for him or his personality, but for the games and ideas he comes up with. So feasibly, Jimmy could put out video content on his channel that doesn’t feature him once, and his audience would still love it.

This has enabled the MrBeast channel and brand to scale significantly. Everything that Jimmy earns, he pours back into the channel. The more views he gets, the more revenue he receives, the more money for better videos, generating even more views. This cycle has allowed him to hire a huge production crew numbering well over 100. Together, they create different brands such as MrBeast Burger (yes, he owns a fast-food chain, and it’s highly successful) and create other channels such as Beast Reacts and MrBeast gaming – all of which bring in even more revenue.

More recently, he’s started putting out his videos in Spanish, helping him reach brand new audiences that previously were not exposed to his videos and would not have watched. And again, you guessed it, this extra revenue goes straight back into the main MrBeast channel. It’s a genius business model.

The dedication

Jimmy is wholeheartedly committed to creating the best company video content he can and, by default of that, becoming the number 1 YouTuber. He is obsessed with YouTube and is relentless in this pursuit of greatness. It’s what makes his channel so fun to watch.

In his earlier days, as he began to gain some notoriety, he was posting absurd challenges, such as counting to 100,000, counting to 200,000 (it took him 55 hours to do that), watching paint dry for an hour (yes, really) and “Grilling A Microwave Microwaving A Microwave Microwaving A Toaster Toasting An iPhone Watching Micro.”

In short, there’s really nobody quite as dedicated to YouTube as MrBeast. He did whatever it took to gain views and subscribers and will continue to innovate and change the game long into the future. Even if he were to end up in a scenario where he was starting again at 0 subscribers, I can guarantee he’d be reaching millions again in no time.About Our Video Marketing Agency

About Our Video Marketing Agency

Modus Film is a video production company based in Kent and London. Our services are nationwide and our video marketing agency can help you make some ground breaking content. If you want to discuss this further contact us or better yet see how video marketing can transform your current marketing mix. We are now fully PPE compliantPlus we carry on working!

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As video marketing experts we are specialists in all forms of video marketing. Here at Modus Film, we have completed many projects for our clients that have required us to define a digital strategy with really great results. If you want to speak to a specialist email [email protected] or call us on 01233 273 273.

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Wedding Videography From 4K To 8K

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Wedding videography has come a long way in recent years, from the early days of standard definition footage to the introduction of high definition 1080p video and, later, the stunning clarity of 4K resolution. However, the latest and greatest development in the world of video content is the arrival of 8K resolution. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out in the industry, understanding the power and potential of 8K resolution is essential for staying at the forefront of this exciting field. In this post, we’ll explore what 8K is and how to switch to this resolution with and without changing your gear.

Step into the future with Bride& already today

The benefits of shooting in 8K are undeniable, from capturing more detail and allowing for greater flexibility in post-production to future-proofing your video content for emerging technologies.

As we can see, wedding videography recording in 4K is now the norm. But what is 8K video and how does it differ from 4K? Simply put, 8K resolution is four times higher than 4K UHD and 16 times higher than Full HD.

The higher the resolution, the more pixels fit on the screen size, increasing their density and making the image sharper and more realistic. This megapixel resolution provides a more immersive viewing experience, drawing the viewer into the action on the screen.

With each passing year, there are more opportunities to create a Hollywood-style picture. And this can be a key factor in capturing beautiful weddings. Of course, cameras that shoot in 4K provide high-quality images, but sooner or later, there will be new trends, and Bride&Groom are ready for them already now!

  1. The first thing we do is use professional editing software for weddings, such as DaVinci Resolve, which is considered the best for color correction.
  2. If we see that the program can’t handle high bitrate performance, we use 10-bit proxies.
  3. Even if you shoot in 4K, we’re ready to upscale your footage to 8K using our AI tools. AI work looks amazing! You can see it in action in the showreel below.

The screenshots show the main difference – 8K image have more sharpness, and the details of people’s faces are more distinct, which gives a significant advantage.

It is also worth noting that AI allows us to add the Grain effect. Grain prevents the image from being too smooth and can give a cinematic look, like on film cameras.

You can try new gear

Previously, only the film industry used 8K filming with such cameras as RED, ARRI, and others. And the quality is phenomenal. However, when we look at the prices (starting at $15,000 and higher in 2023, not including lenses and additional equipment necessary for filming), we understand that they are not suitable for most weddings, or they must be rented for each shoot, which can be quite expensive as well.

There are several more budget-friendly options available, such as Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K, RED KOMODO, and so on. Are these cameras good for weddings? It all depends on your vision of the filming process and post-production. But as our experience shows, most video operators prefer cameras with autofocus.

What autofocus solutions are available on the market? Since 2021, many companies have introduced and continue to offer cameras that shoot in 8K up to 30 fps, such as Sony a1, Nikon Z9, Canon EOS R5 C, and others. Their prices start at $4,500.

Are there cameras that shoot in resolutions higher than 4K and cost less than $4000? Absolutely! For example, Fujifilm X-H2 shoots in 8K and costs $1999! And if we look at the 6K format, we can also mention the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K and 6K Pro, priced at $1995 and $2535, respectively.

We’re not considering all existing cameras but giving examples of the modern camera market and what it is telling us if you want to change your gear.

Final words

The world of cinematography is constantly evolving, and 8K video resolution is the new frontier in terms of resolution and image quality. Whether you decide to upgrade your equipment or use our help to upscale your 4K video, you will definitely elevate your work to the next level. Let’s take the first steps toward the future already today and start making wedding videography films look like Hollywood blockbusters! Contact us, and we will take care of editing your 8k videos.


What is 8K resolution?

8K resolution is a video content display format that offers approximately 8000 pixels of horizontal resolution, sixteen times that of 1080p resolution. It provides extremely sharp and detailed images but requires high-performance computing power to display and process.

What is the difference between 4K and 8K?

The main difference between 4K and 8K formats is their resolution. 4K (Ultra-High Definition, or UHD) offers approximately 4000 pixels of horizontal resolution, while 8K (Super-High Definition, or SHD) offers approximately 8000 pixels. This means that 8K displays have four times as many pixels as 4K displays.

What is the size of 8K video per minute?

The minute-long size of an 8K video can fluctuate depending on different aspects, including compression, bitrate, and codec employed. Nevertheless, as an approximation, assuming a 100 Mbps bitrate, an 8K video capturing 30 shots per second could consume around 7.5 GB of storage capacity per minute. In contrast, an 8K video capturing 60 frames per second with an identical bitrate could take up around 15 GB of storage per minute.

When will the world be using 8K video content?

8K video content is already being used in certain industries, such as professional film and TV production, but its widespread adoption by consumers is still in its early stages due to the high cost of compatible devices and limited availability of 8K content. In the wedding industry, 8k is starting to be used more and more often, thanks to new AI technologies that allow for improving footage after shooting.

What video resolution is best for wedding videography?

The best video content resolution standards for wedding videos depend on various factors such as the intended use, budget, and equipment. In general, a resolution of at least 1080p (Full HD) is recommended for capturing and editing wedding videography. However, the most popular format at the moment is 4K. In addition, you can order AI resolution upscaling services and significantly improve the quality of your footage.

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is a video production company based in Kent and London. Our services are nationwide and our video marketing agency can help you make some ground breaking content. If you want to discuss this further contact us or better yet see how video marketing can transform your current marketing mix. We are now fully PPE compliantPlus we carry on working!

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As video marketing experts we are specialists in all forms of video marketing. Here at Modus Film, we have completed many projects for our clients that have required us to define a digital strategy with really great results. If you want to speak to a specialist email [email protected] or call us on 01233 273 273.

We are still an active creative marketing agency. Video production company London, Video production agency Kent.

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How to Make Short-Form Video Content

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Short-form video refers to video content that is between five seconds and ninety seconds long. Short videos are intended to be quick, easily digestible content for viewers scrolling through social media production feeds or other outlets.

Common examples of short-form videos include TikTok videos, Instagram Stories and Reels, YouTube shorts, and Snapchat Spotlight and stories.

Short-form video content isn’t new. In fact, Vine – the short-form video app introduced in 2012 – was an early pioneer of the format. But what started as a niche platform has grown into something much larger, with tech giants like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube catering to short attention spans and launching short-form video features of their own.

Today, TikTok is the most downloaded app in the world, and ranks number one for consumer spending according to a report by Other short-form video platforms, like Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube, aren’t far behind.


This rise in popularity is due, in part, to the fact that short-form video is more accessible and engaging than ever before. With an average video length of 15-30 seconds, creators can deliver their message in a very small window of time – allowing viewers to consume content on the go with little to no commitment.

Data from Wyzowl found that 73% of consumers prefer to watch short-form videos when learning about a product or service.

Short-form videos can also be shared and watched from any device, which furthers their accessibility and popularity among users. From sending Snapchat stories on the subway to watching YouTube shorts in the dentist waiting room – viewers can access and engage with content at any time.

Short-form video is also generally cheap and easy to produce and requires minimal production effort. All you need is a smartphone and a good idea. Plus, hosting platforms like TikTok and Instagram are all free to use.

Platforms themselves are also tailored to user interests. TikToks algorithm suggests videos based on what users like to watch, while Instagram’s Explore page helps users discover new content that aligns with their interests. This focus on personalization and connection keeps viewers engaged with the platforms and your content.

In a nutshell, short-form video content is popular because:

8 short-form video best practices

Dive into short-form video marketing with these tips.

1. Use Vertical Video Content

Most short-form video platforms are designed for content to be viewed on mobile devices in a vertical format.

Vertical formats allow videos to take up the full width of a phone screen, creating a more immersive and engaging experience for the viewer.

On platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat, users are used to scrolling through vertical feeds and will be more likely to watch your content if it’s in the same format. By contrast, horizontally-aligned videos can often appear small and difficult to view, resulting in lower engagement.

If you want to know the best sizes for content on every platform, check out our social media size guide.

2. Hook Your Audience

Short-form video is just that: short. This means you only have a few seconds to capture your viewers’ attention.

Starting your video with a strong hook, through on-screen text, eye-catching visuals, or with a tantalizing story, can help draw your audience in and keep them watching.

The best types of short-form videos for marketing capture attention, evoke emotions, elicit action, and inspire engagement. Focus on creating an emotional narrative that will stick with viewers long after they finish watching.

Short-form video trends move fast, and the best creators are the ones who can stay ahead of the curve.

Are there sound bytes or songs that are being used again and again? Filters, animations, and visuals that you see posted day after day? Audiences are drawn to these trends, and incorporating them into your videos will increase the chances of your video reaching more people.

4. Keep It Short

While short-form videos can technically be up to three minutes long, the best ones are less than a minute.

Short is the sweet spot on platforms like TikTok, which reported to WIRED Magazine that the optimal video length sits at a bite-size 11 to 17 seconds. In fact, the same report found that videos over 60 seconds actually stress users out – yikes.

Similarly, while Instagram reels can be up to 90 seconds long, Hootsuite reporting found that between 7 and 15 seconds is where you want to land.

Here’s a breakdown of ideal lengths on all short-form video platforms:

5. Post Regularly

Consistency is key when it comes to short-form video marketing. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram prioritize accounts that post between three and five times per week, while platforms like Snapchat suggest posting multiple times per day.

Regular posting keeps your audience engaged and gives the platform’s algorithm enough content to choose from when surfacing videos. This will help you reach more viewers and build an audience of loyal followers.

Keep in mind that quality is just as important as quantity—be sure to post interesting and engaging content rather than simply churning out low-quality videos on a daily basis. Aim to spend some time refining each video and creating content that your audience will enjoy.

6. Partner With Relevant Influencers And Brands

If you’re looking to reach a wider audience, teaming up with influencers or relevant brands can be highly effective. Data from Civic Science found that 14% of 18 to 24-year-olds reported purchasing products in the last six months due to a blogger or influencer recommending it.

Partnering with relevant brands and influencers can increase your reach and help create more engaging content for your short-form videos. Look for influencers with a similar target audience to yours with a good track record of producing high-quality content.

For brand partnerships, consider companies that have similar values to yours, or products that are complementary.

Bonus: Learn the basics of building an influencer marketing campaign in our complete guide.

7. Avoid Cross-Posting Video Content With Watermarks

One of the most significant barriers to brands and creators when it comes to short-form video content is resourcing. While a 15-second video might not seem like a lot of effort, creating original content does take time and effort.

Because of this, many brands opt to cross-post the same video across multiple social media platforms. While this can save time, it’s important to note that recycled content, especially content with clear watermarks, can hurt your rankings on platforms like Instagram.

In 2022, Instagram announced it would start prioritizing original content on its platform. This means that recycled content could be given less visibility, hurting your overall reach and engagement.

Does that mean you can’t cross-post at all? Well, not really. Check out our blog on removing TikTok watermarks so you can cross-post without getting penalized.

8. Showcase Products In Use

One of the best ways to leverage short-form video content as a brand is by showcasing your products in action. Explainer videos help potential customers visualize how and why they would use the product, building anticipation for it, if done correctly.

You can easily showcase a product’s features, benefits, and testimonials—all within a few seconds of viewing time. If your product has a niche use, like Vessi’s waterproof sneakers, show viewers all the ways they can use them in their everyday life.

Consider installation and set-up videos for more technical products. Your customers will appreciate the convenience and you’ll be able to better educate them on how your product works.

About Our Video Marketing Agency

is a video production company based in Kent and London. Our services are nationwide and our video marketing agency can help you make some ground breaking content. If you want to discuss this further contact us or better yet see how video marketing can transform your current marketing mix. We are now fully PPE compliantPlus we carry on working!

Do You Need to Talk to a Marketing Expert?

As video marketing experts we are specialists in all forms of video marketing. Here at Modus Film, we have completed many projects for our clients that have required us to define a digital strategy with really great results. If you want to speak to a specialist email [email protected] or call us on 01233 273 273.

We are still an active creative marketing agency. Video production company London, Video production agency Kent.

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Magical Winter Wedding Venues For Wedding Videography

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From castles to country estates, these five venues offer everything you could possibly need for a magical winter wedding and amazing wedding videography.

­Winter weddings are becoming increasingly popular, especially among couples looking for an alternative to summer nuptials. It’s a cosy time of the year and also has the bonus of having Christmas slap bang in the middle, which can make for a really unique winter wedding, wedding films and even create the best wedding videography.

Reasons To Love A Winter Wedding

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In our heads, a winter wedding is set against a backdrop of magical snowfall, like something you’d see in a cheesy Christmas movie. Sadly, the likelihood of that happening in the UK is slim, however, there are lots of other reasons why you might plump for a winter wedding to create the best wedding videography.

It’s cheaper: Yes, we know budgets aren’t romantic, but with the costs of weddings soaring these days – the average UK wedding comes in at just over £17,000 – a winter wedding can save you pounds. For many establishments, the winter time is their out of season period so you’ll be able to afford a venue that perhaps you couldn’t in the summer.

There’s more choice: With less weddings happening during this time, there will not only be more choice for when to get married, but also which wedding suppliers to work with.

There’s no need to worry about the weather: There’s none of that ‘will it rain’ stress you get with UK summer weddings. Everything will be happening inside, so who cares if it pours? 

Winter-appropriate wedding dresses: Sequins, feathers and faux fur are all brilliant for winter weddings and just think how glam you’ll look on your big day. It’s also the perfect time of year if you want to throw a black-tie wedding. Our toppers are the perfect way to add a little extra something to your slinky wedding dress.

A Festive Twist

If you get married in December, you’ll get the added bonus of festive decorations, which will look fabulous in your wedding films. You can also order festive food and have some Christmas tunes played at your reception. Mariah warbling all she wants for Christmas has got to be a bonus, right?

There’s no wedding fatigue: Your guests will have had a break from all the spring and summer weddings and will be ready to celebrate your wedding with enthusiasm come the winter months!

No sweat: Literally! While hot days are great for photos, they’re not so great for the sweat. Getting wed while it’s cooler means you don’t have to worry about that one bit.

So, you’ve decided upon that winter wedding, here are five great places to hold your winter wedding in the UK. 

The Hollywood choice: Wrotham Park, Hertfordshire

Fancy a winter wedding videography with extra glam? Then this beautiful location is a must. Having been used as a location for the likes of Bridget Jones’ Diary, Bridgerton and Gosford Park, it’s a great choice for movie-loving brides and grooms.

The Seaside One: East Quay Venue, Kent

If a cosy winter wedding by the sea is what you’re dreaming of, then East Quay could be the one you’re looking for. This licensed wedding venue is situated directly in Whitstable Harbour with sea views. A former Oyster House, it’s a relaxed wedding venue, which could easily be transformed for a winter wedding.

The Nature one: Marshwood Manor, Dorset

If you love being in nature, this is the winter wedding venue for you. It has both indoor and outdoor spaces to allow you to have a truly romantic day in your very own winter woodland. Think Narnia, minus the talking lion…

The brick haybarn, with vaulted ceilings and natural wood panelling, will make the perfect backdrop to your big day. There’s also luxury accommodation onsite.

The Christmas wedding venue Holkham Hall, Norfolk 

A timelessly elegant venue, Holkham Hall has a variety of places to hold your big day celebrations, from Marble Hall to St. Withburga’s Church. The Marble Hall provides the most Instagrammable photos, thanks to the impressive domed celling and blush marble pillars.

This 18th century mansion is also big on the festive season with a Christmas tree shop and candlelight tours, so will make the perfect backdrop to any Christmas wedding.

The glitzy one: L’Oscar Hotel, London

If you want to vamp up the glamour, this is the place to do it. The opulent décor including jewel tones, rich velvet, and extravagant chandeliers is just perfect for a city winter wedding. The Baptist, which is a former Grade II listed chapel, comes complete with a lit-up dome roof, dance floor and bar.

The Importance of Video Marketing At Christmas

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You can feel it can’t you? The nights are darker, the air is colder. The shops are starting to fill out. Local towns begin to start preparing decorations, you’ve probably noticed an early bird in your neighbourhood begin to light up the house and your funds begin to slowly dissolve into a chaotic festive expense. It really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas; but what is the biggest clue? What rings the bell and gets all that anticipation snowballing? The video Marketing content at christmas that appears on our television, in our newsfeeds and the topic of conversation between your friends, family and co-workers.

It’s been long since a tradition that was universally recognised by our eager Christmas spirit and a very literal consumer-driven thirst, Christmas has not begun until you see the Coca Cola lorry advert appear. Yes, that iconic cacophony of ‘holidays are coming’ has become synonymous with
kickstarting the Christmas spirit and sits quite comfortably being recognised as indicative of Christmas to us as much as the tree, Michael Buble and mince pies. This memorable form of iconography is now the cornerstone of Christmas Marketing Campaigns. So much so, that Coca Cola has long since been rumoured to be the actual birth of modern Christmas and its widely accepted tropes altogether. Albeit up for discussion, this isn’t necessarily true…but did they set a new standard for brand engagement.

Other Brands

In later years, one company sought to carry the torch in being just as iconic and again, with the simple strategy of selling us emotion as the product rather than its actual business. Again, we speculate, anticipate and wait for its arrival to signify the beginning of our inner festive buzz. You probably know who I’m talking about.
The John Lewis adverts began to use Video advertising to create a feel-good, forgiving and empathetic video that oozed the very same festive concoction of emotions we all willingly invite during this time of year…and they do it well. So much so, that other retail giants Aldi, Tesco, and Sainsburys amped up their video marketing efforts to produce their own examples in a similar fashion.
Whilst their products and services exist all year round, it is the festive flick of the switch to remind us your weekly food shop was now something different and that as a business they are ready, willing and engaged to compete for your extra budgets and attention this Christmas.

Do your customers/clients know you’re Christmas ready? Have you prioritised your communication channels to tantalise their festive spirit? Whilst we’re not suggesting a bandwagon attempt to outshine the multi million-pound platform big companies use, there’s still a variety of strategies and tools you can implement into your festive marketing.

About Our Video Marketing Agency

Modus Film is a video production company based in Kent and London. Our services are nationwide and our video marketing agency can help you make some ground breaking content. If you want to discuss this further contact us or better yet see how video marketing can transform your current marketing mix. We are now fully PPE compliantPlus we carry on working!

Do You Need to Talk to a Marketing Expert?

As video marketing experts we are specialists in all forms of video marketing. Here at Modus Film, we have completed many projects for our clients that have required us to define a digital strategy with really great results. If you want to speak to a specialist email [email protected] or call us on 01233 273 273.

We are still an active creative marketing agency. Video production company London, Video production agency Kent

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Choosing The Best Lenses For Wedding Photography

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A lot goes into documenting the wedding day details and intimate moments that help narrate your couple’s story in stunning photographs. While your artistry and creativity are essential for capturing those special moments that your clients will treasure for a lifetime, with the best lenses for wedding photography at your disposal, you can ensure documenting each moment in its full glory. With so many options available, you might wonder what lens to use! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the top-rated and must-have wedding lenses. Plus, we’ll also provide details about different lens types, their features, and advantages to help you choose which one would work best for you.

Best Lenses For Wedding Photos

wedding filmmakers, cinematic wedding videographers, wedding videography wedding photography
The wedding filmmakers and cinematic wedding videographers at our wedding videography company reveal the most popular wedding lenses and videography trends.

As a professional wedding photographer, you know that capturing the perfect moment requires the use of a high-quality lens. By and large, the best lenses for wedding photography need to be fast and provide the right color rendition. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular choices for the best wedding lenses. 

1. Zoom Lenses

Wedding photography is all about capturing those once-in-a-lifetime moments. And while there are a variety of photography lenses, a popular lens choice among industry professionals is zoom lenses. 

A zoom lens can help you with wide-angle shots of the ceremony and close-ups of the bride and groom. Earlier, many high-quality zoom lenses sacrificed the sharpness of most prime lenses. No more! The latest editions of modern camera fast zooms are sharp and not a downgrade from their high-end primes. With a zoom lens, you can be sure to capture all the special moments of the wedding day. Some of the best zoom lenses for wedding photography include: 

A. 16-35 mm

The ultra-wide zoom lens is beneficial for documenting wedding scenes perfectly. Great for capturing wide shots of the ceremony or reception hall, the 16-35mm lens is ideal for taking group photos of the wedding party and stunning landscape images. If you’re wondering what lens to use to frame in the whole view of the venue or stunning decor, go with an ultra-wide zoom. This lens choice can also help you capture the energy of the dance floor and all those breathtaking must-have wedding ceremony shots. 

When you are shooting in low light, a fast lens will help you keep pace. For that reason, f/2.8 or faster are preferred as the best lenses for wedding photography. Under the right circumstances, particularly with the best wedding cameras that can produce excellent images at very high ISO settings, f/4 lenses can be perfectly suitable for some weddings.

Popular lenses:

B. 24-70mm

The 24-70mm lens is perfect for close and mid-range shots, such as couples portraits or detail shots of the decorations. The zoom lenses are fast, diverse, sharp, and encompass that perfect middle-length focal range. Shooting in small dark wedding venues and other low-light situations or a smaller indoor space gets convenient with the optical stabilization (correcting a camera shake) provided by several latest models with IS versions.

For someone new to the trade, a standard zoom lens’s robust build quality and extensive focal length range makes it the right pick for the one lens for wedding photography. The Canon 24-70 f/2.8L II USM is popularly considered the best Canon lens for indoor photography for standard zooms. 

C. 70-200 mm

The fast 70-200 lenses have been the go-to wedding photography lenses for thousands of photographers to document wedding ceremonies, and for a good reason. The great focal range and optical image stabilization (producing sharp images) make these a preferred portrait lens at weddings or otherwise. The high image quality they produce, while shooting ceremonies from a distance, candid shots of guests or action shots of the first dance (with a creative background blur), make them the ideal lens choice.

On the longer end of the zoom range are the Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS III (preferred best Canon lens for wedding photography), Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8E FL ED VR (best Nikon lens for weddings), or the Sony FE 70-200mm F/2.8 GM OSS II (highly preferred best sony lens for portraits). 

2. Prime Lenses For Wedding Photography

Prime lenses are an exclusive lens choices for wedding photographers while

shooting weddings because of their superior optics, which allow greater control over the depth of field. The advantages of prime lenses are the faster apertures and shutter speed (up to two stops faster than the fast zooms!), smaller size, and lighter weights.

It’s great for close-up and wide shots as it allows wedding photographers to capture a wide range of emotions, moments (from the bride’s dress to the guests’ reactions), and specific wedding details. You can also use these lenses for various creative narrow depth-of-field shots that truly capture the essence of the occasion. So whether you’re shooting wide or close, there’s a prime lens that’s perfect for the job.

A. 20 mm

From the best Nikon lenses for weddings, the ultra-wide prime lenses are loved by photographers who want super wide lenses with fast apertures. Both the Nikon 20 f/1.8 and the Sigma 20 f/1.4 Art (in both Canon and Nikon mounts) are wide without a great amount of distortion and sharp. They’re solid, easy to use, and fast! You can try one of these as an alternative to the ultra-wide zooms to capture the entire wedding venue or the reception hall and get creative with your wide angle wedding photos.

B. 24 mm

The 24mm prime lens is a classic. Different models from Canon, Nikon, or Sigma all come in at a fast f/1.4 and are really sharp. Photographers who love shooting wide are going to love these lenses and the extra 2 stops they bring to the table, versus the f/2.8 zooms. The wide lens can help you capture group shots and candid moments – being really fast and able to draw in the available light.

C. 35mm

A 35mm lens is referred to as a normal lens. It’s wide without being too wide and great for capturing wedding spaces and groups. Again, the lenses from popular models with f/1.4 and f/1.8 are all sharp and easy to handhold throughout the day. Many prime shooters will carry two cameras with them at all times. One with a 35mm and one with an 85mm. Just those two lenses and you have a lot covered without a backbreaking amount of weight.

Popular lenses: 

D. 50mm

There are those who love the 50mm lens for its simplicity and those who simply find it too “blah”. Whichever camp you fall into, there are some really excellent choices from Canon, Nikon, or Sony. The 50mm lens can be really great for portraits, capturing candids and getting ready images, as they allow you to document all the emotion without getting too close. And if you’re looking for some stunning bokeh wedding photography shots, these lenses might be just what you need! 

Popular lenses: 

E. 85mm

Ideal for those dramatic portraits, the 85mm prime lens is one that many photographers are passionate about. They allow you to shoot from a distance, which helps to create a more flattering perspective. The amazing optics makes them a truly fantastic lens choice.

Considered among the best Canon lens for portraits and wedding photography, the Canon 85L f/1.2 II is known for its legendary smooth image quality, and slow autofocus. At just 1/3 stop slower, but with IS added, the Canon EF 85mm f/1.4L IS USM can be a wedding favorite for many years. From the best lenses for wedding photography Nikon comes its AF-S FX 85mm f/1.8 – an excellent lens in its own right. 

3. Macro Lenses

One of the must-have lenses for wedding photography – the macro lens. It allows you to get close-up shots of the bride’s dress, the groom’s boutonniere, and the beautiful flowers. There are a variety of macro lenses on the market, each with its own set of features and benefits. While some macro lenses have a wide focal length, which is perfect for getting group shots, others have a longer focal length, which is ideal for capturing close-up shots of specific details. No matter what your needs are, there is a macro lens that can always help you take stunning wedding photos.

A. 100mm

Many wedding photographers love having a macro lens in their bag to capture close-up and other detail shots. Offering a great balance of focal length and aperture, these lenses are ideal for capturing stunning couples portraits as well.

Popular lenses:

B. 105mm

Another popular option, these lenses offer a slightly longer focal length and built-in vibration reduction for sharper images, with truly unsurpassed image quality and a very shallow depth of field. A few of these models are slightly heavier but truly worth the weight. You might become addicted to this ultimate wedding lens. 

C. 135mm

For those who need more reach than what an 85mm can provide, there are some great 135mm choices. From the best Canon lens for weddings, the Canon 135 f/2L has been around for many years; it’s still a small, light, sharp, and fast-focusing lens. An excellent addition to any camera bag. The Nikon version has been around even longer and suffers from slower autofocus. Especially for Nikon shooters, the Sigma 135 f/1.8 Art lens can be a good choice. While it is a beefy lens, the image quality is wonderful and provides an extra 1/3 stop over both the Canon and Nikon. 

D. 200mm

If you need something long and fast, these lenses are for you: The Canon 200 f/2L IS and the Nikon f/2 VR II are excellent lenses. Not for the faint of heart, these lenses tip the scales at between 5 and 6 pounds, roughly twice the weight of most other prime lenses mentioned here. They’re also the most expensive lenses on the list.

So why choose a brighter macro lens? Do you need one at every wedding? Not likely. But picture yourself in a dark church, where you know you’ll be relegated to the back. That 135mm is great but not quite long enough, and the 70-200 f/2.8 is not relatively fast enough. Bring in the big lens, and you can shoot even under the most challenging conditions. And when you’re done with the ceremony, and you have a couple you can’t wait to photograph, you can’t find a better-quality portrait lens than this one.

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How To Deliver A Great Best Man Speech, Wedding Videography

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The best man wedding speech is a huge part of the wedding videography so make sure yours is memorable. There are many areas to think about while preparing your speech; who is in the audience, how big is the audience, how long should the speech be, should I be telling jokes and so on.

Below we’ve listed essential best man speech tips on dealing with these questions and guidelines you can use to write your own speech.

Essential best man speaking tips

Do your homework and plenty of practice

Being prepared is the key to any successful wedding speech. Write down bullet points of you key message, jokes, quotes etc. Spend time revising the content of your speech using different tips from our blog, adding in literary techniques, noting tactical pauses and best ways to end a speech.

Once the wedding speech is written, spend hours practising it, the more you practise the less nervous you will be and the more natural you will sound. Don’t learn your speech off by heart, learn some key points and improvise around them. This will make you sound less wooden and monotonic.

Open by expressing gratitude

Thank the ones that made the day possible, the happy couple’s parents (single them out by name) and offer a toast to them for raising two fine people. Don’t forget to thank the audience as well. It’s a good idea to say something about how beautiful the bride looks and what a remarkable woman she is – this is guaranteed to go down well with everyone.

Introduce yourself to everyone

Many people at the wedding won’t know who you are. Briefly say who you are and why you’re such good friends with the groom.

Speak confidently and clearly

You know the groom better than most, so take the chance to introduce the real him to everyone. Talk slowly and clearly, taking time to pause and take deep breaths. Have a glass of water you can sip on during the wedding speech, to help calm the nerves and break up the speech.

Get a joke in early

Getting a joke in early will help relax the mood. Spend time preparing the right joke – funny but not offensive, something that will appeal across all age groups, and make sure you learn it by heart.

Self-deprecation can go a long way, so it might be something told at your own expense. The audience will expect the speech to be somewhat funny so starting strongly will help engaging the audience.

Tell a story

Every great man speech includes a story, which could be how you met the bridegroom or a funny incident which you both went through. You can also tell a story about when you realised your friend had found his other half, or about when your friend would complain about being single for so long. Tread carefully when telling these and don’t cross the line with them!

Stay away from controversial topics

Anything embarrassing or offensive should be avoided by all means. Although this is common sense, once you get up there with a mic in front of you and a crowd waiting to see what you have to say, the situation might be so tense that cracking a crude joke or sharing an embarrassing story may seem perfect to lighten the mood. You’ll be left with a frozen audience that doesn’t want to laugh at the expense of the bridegroom.

Best to avoid past relationships

Try to avoid talking about the groom’s past relationships or reveal what you thought of the bride when you first laid eyes on her. Winking at the bride with comments such as “looking forward to the honeymoon” is absolutely out of the question when writing your best man speech!

Keep it short

Ideally, a best man’s wedding speech should be no more than 1,000 words. The guests have already listened to the bride’s father and maid of honour speeches and are minutes away from eating the cake, so shoot for five minutes tops.

Summarise your friend’s good character

After the bulk of your speech, make sure you list the essential qualities of the groom which you have discovered over the years. You want the audience to think you’re a nice guy and convince the bride she picked the right man to marry!

End with a quote

Wrap everything you have said up nicely by ending with a quote, such as: “Giving a best man speech is a choice. And, these two people have clearly chosen!”

Propose a toast

It’s time to raise your glass and toast for a lifetime of happiness and love for the couple… or something to this effect.

Use these best man speech tips to deliver a powerful wedding speech people will remember for a very long time.

Best Man Speech – things to avoid

How to write a Best Man Speech – detailed guide

The Opening

Like any form of public speaking, you need to have your audience on side right from the beginning. Be confident. After all, you know the groom better than most in the room and your best man speech is the perfect chance to introduce him to everybody else!

The main section of the speech

The important thing to remember is that the speech is not about you but the groom. Therefore, it’s okay if your best man speech paints a picture of your relationship with the groom but you need to concentrate on what a great guy he is, so everything you say has to revolve around that.

Be pleasant and nice and give your best man speech a flow. Every section and paragraph should run smoothly, jokes should be brief, and each story (you could also include other friends’ favourite memories, too) should reveal some more of the groom’s character and life.

The conclusion to the speech

So, by now you will have used all the funny stories and are ready to wow your audience with something emotional. You can say something about love and philosophise a little. It is also a good time to emphasise the love story of the bridegroom.

End your speech by saying how they complete eachother and how happy you know one will make the other. Your end to the best man speech should be as noteworthy as your opening comments so don’t fade away.

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How META Augmented Reality Glasses Will Reshape Marketing Content

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Augmented reality has been used in isolated applications for decades, but the technologies needed to fully realize its potential have recently become available. At its core, augmented reality (AR) transforms a large amount of information and analytics into images or animations that are superimposed on the real world. Most AR applications are delivered via mobile devices, but delivery will be increasingly shifted to hands-free wearables such as augmented reality glasses. Augmented reality glasses can be used in videos for business settings by marketing content and marketers in different ways.

What Are Augmented Reality Glasses?

Augmented reality glasses bring the digital and physical worlds together. They are distinctive in a way that they can project a digital overlay directly into a user’s field of vision without requiring them to do anything. AR glasses project digital information onto the user’s field of vision to help them interact in real life.

Augmented Reality Glasses In Marketing Content

AR glasses provide a significant opportunity for marketers to explore different marketing strategies. “By leveraging technologies that allow marketers to control reality rather than perception, marketers can position their products in the best light possible,” said by Kolsky. In this era of technological advancement where people have the freedom to engage with the brands the way they want, Kolsky believes “Augmented reality is a great tool if it is properly used can be the best friend for the marketers.” AR glasses will be powerful tech which will have a significant influence on the way marketing research is conducted and the marketing content strategies. The AR glasses will enable marketers to access real-time information to make instant decisions. 

Data Collection Through Augmented Reality Glasses

Augmented reality glasses can gather multiple types of data which can be used by marketers to understand their target market and create a unique consumer experience. The AR glasses will have inbuilt cameras on the outer and the inner side of the glasses. The emotions of the user can be comprehended by eye expressions as they will signal the emotional state of the user. The movement of the eyeball can be captured which can provide useful information regarding eyeball movement behaviour. Eye movements are interesting in relation to advertising and more broadly because they provide useful information about patterns of visual attention. The surrounding environment of the user can be captured by the outer camera which will provide information about the user’s view like areas they will pass by, the billboards they will see, and the brands they will visit. The connection of AR glasses with smartwatches can provide marketers with information regarding arm movement for instance the speed by which the arm is moving or whether the user is holding something in their hands. It is rumoured that Apple’s upcoming AR glasses will be able to sense the figure’s gesture through a smartwatch.  Similarly, it is alleged that the iPhone will be used for all data processing in Apple’s AR glasses. Additionally, AR glasses can provide information to marketers about user lifestyles by tracking their routine activities. AR glasses will be connected to a smartphone through which video marketing content can gather data regarding the sites visited, time spent on those sites, and search history. The inbuilt mic in the AR glasses can collect speech data that marketers can use to understand the emotions of the user and their interests. 

Augmented Reality Glasses and Advertising

Augmented navigation is one of the workable uses of augmented reality glasses. AR glasses will be able to provide directions to destinations regardless of whether the user is walking, driving, or running without requiring them to open google maps on mobile phones. This real-time geospatial information can be used by marketers for pop-up advertisements of the brands nearby the specific location. These pop-up ads of the brands will be based on the recent search history of the user and their location on the following route. For example, if the user has recently searched for McDonald’s Big Mac and there is a branch of McDonald’s on the route he is taking, an ad can pop up on the AR glasses saying “Hey, Big Mac is waiting for you.” and providing the real-time information like no long ques, no wait time. To leverage the built-in mic feature of AR glasses, the user can also order a takeaway by replying to the ad without needing the user to make a call. 

Augmented Reality Glasses and Shopping

AR glasses can significantly enhance the user shopping experience while also collecting data which can be used by the marketers.  AR glasses could be used in retail stores by adding special tags on the products so when the user sees the product its price will be displayed on the lenses and if there is any promotions or discounts on the specific products the user will be notified on their lenses. During shopping AR glasses will be able to collect data regarding stores visited by the user, how much time he spent at each store, and the products he looked over. The user emotions could be analyzed so the marketers can gather data such as if the user liked the product or not and whether the discount attracted the user or not. Marketers can use this information to design their promotional campaigns and to improve shopping experiences. 

Augmented Reality Glasses and Customer Touch Points

There are various customer touchpoints at which marketers can improve the user experience through AR glasses. AR glasses could help advertisers show different ads to different people through billboards. Billboards will have the ability to show people personalized ads based on the user’s data collected as they look at the billboard with the lenses on. By this method advertisers will be able to show thousands of ads on the same billboard. AR glasses could be able to translate advertisements in real-time which could enable the user to understand ads which are not in their native language. For instance, if someone is using apple products, they will be shown other apple product ads on the billboard. Also, if someone has searched about apple products recently, personalized ads will be shown on the billboard according to their search history. This will help advertisers to collect data such as if the user has seen the full duration of the advertisement so in future improvements could be made. Additionally, AR glasses will be able to sense the emotional reaction toward the ad through facial reactions and eyeball movement captured by the inner camera. This will help marketers to know to which level people were able to resonate with the ad. 

Augmented Reality Glasses and Voice Control

AR glasses with a voice control feature could be able to listen and analyze your speech about the products you use such as if you are complaining about a malfunctioning washing machine. Marketers could use that data to send you pop-up ads about promotions and discounts on specific washing machine brands. It will enable marketers to target the right customer with the right product.

Augmented Reality Glasses and Day-to-Day Activities 

AR glasses could be used to buy groceries from supermarkets as the user can scan barcodes through lenses which will add products to the cart so the user will be able to see the total bill before checkout. Users can also check the substitute product’s prices, discounts and nutritional information by scanning barcodes through lenses. With the data collected by marketers, the users could be sent new deals, discounts and promotions about the products which are regularly scanned by the user. Based on the information regarding the products purchased by the user marketers can send notifications to them about restocking those items while informing the users of the nearby location of the store. Based on the user’s voice command AR glasses could help the user in finding the product easily by navigating the user to the aisle and sections. This will enhance the shopping experience of the customer.

AR glasses can track the user’s day-to-day activities. For instance, if a user is cooking while wearing AR glasses and they can watch cooking shows and recipes in real-time without touching any device and staying hands-free. With this information on user’s routine activities marketer will be able to send this user cooking-related ads as AR glasses would analyze the data and decides that the user prefers to cook and dine at home. This will enable marketers to gather behavioural data about the user to improve customer experience and target the right customer.

Augmented Reality glasses and lifestyle

If the user is health-conscious and has an active lifestyle. Since AR glasses will be connected to smartwatches, it will provide the user with real-time important information about their health like heart rate and blood pressure without requiring them to look over their smartphone or smartwatch. For example, the user regularly goes for outdoor activities for maintaining an active lifestyle. This will provide marketers with users’ lifestyle information like whether they go to the gym or like to run. Based on such information they will be able to target the right product to the right customer without misspending their marketing content budget. Also, this will enable marketing content to create unique customer experiences by designing a custom package according to the customer. For example, based on this information marketers can provide a digital guide for healthy food along with their main product. 

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As video marketing experts we are specialists in all forms of video marketing. Here at Modus Film, we have completed many projects for our clients that have required us to define a digital strategy with really great results. If you want to speak to a specialist email [email protected] or call us on 01233 273 273.

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10 Cheap Wedding Videography Venues

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Keeping costs down when planning a wedding can be tricky. Opting for cheaper wedding venues can make a huge difference to the cost of your day, meaning you can splash out on a few other things like your wedding dress, wedding cake, wedding photographer and wedding videography or wedding videographer.

We’ve rounded up some of the best cheap wedding venues that look anything but – and will help you plan the wedding day of your dreams for a budget that suits you! 

When searching cheap wedding venues near me, some couples may worry they’ll have to compromise on style and aesthetic because of their budget, but we’re here to tell you that isn’t the case at all. These affordable wedding venues allow you to plan cheap weddings that look the total opposite.

As well as listing some of the most gorgeous, cheapest wedding venues in the UK, we also have advice on how to decorate a cheap wedding venue and how to find bargain wedding packages under £2,000. It really is possible to get a wedding videography venue for cheap prices when you know where to look – and if that’s your goal, you’ve come to the right place. 

Cheap Wedding Venues: 30 Affordable Wedding Venues in the UK

Make your wedding budget stretch further by saving big on one of these affordable wedding venues. 

If you’re specifically looking for cheap wedding venues in London, you can find our pick of the best 19 here, and we’ve also got the top 22 affordable wedding venues in Scotland too.

To explore more amazing offers, check out our wedding venue special offers section, where you can narrow down deals by your county to help you on your search for the cheapest wedding venues near me.

1. Brickhouse Vineyard – Exeter, Devon

wedding videography
wedding venues
wedding videographers

Tucked away in the picturesque South Devon hills, Brickhouse Vineyard is the ultimate hidden gem, and one of our favourite cheap wedding venues in the UK. Perfect for intimate weddings, you’ll have exclusive use and complete privacy as you say “I do” among 20 acres of woodland and vines. Naturally, you’ll also have access to some of the best wine the South of England has to offer!

If you’re looking to really wow your guests while also saving, then this is the cheaper wedding venue for you. One newlywed said: “Our guests were in awe when they arrived at how amazing and beautiful they thought the venue was. “

This same Hitched user highlighted another amazing feature of the venue: the staff. “All the staff we interacted with, both in person and through email, were all so lovely and helpful, and thanks to them our day ran so smoothly.”

Deals: Hitched get exclusive access to a 10% discount at this cheap wedding videography venue and there are also late availability offers for remaining 2023 dates. 

Pricing: From £1,700

Capacity: Up to 100

2. Holmes Mill – Clitheroe, Lancashire

This former textiles mill in the charming Lancashire town of Clitheroe is the height of modern industrial chic. With exposed beams, naturally textured walls and even some of the former mill machinery, Holmes Mill is a unique wedding venue with tons of natural light and character. Right next door is a luxury hotel with 39 bedrooms for guests.

Newlyweds have described this gorgeous wedding venue as “everything we hoped for and so much more”. 

Deals: Holmes Mill, one of the cosiest cheap wedding venues in the UK, is offering couples a stonking deal. All remaining 2023 wedding dates will cost you just £3,995 for 50 guests. 

Pricing: From £3,995

Capacity: Up to 150

3. Owlpen Manor – Dursley, Gloucestershire

wedding videography
wedding venues
wedding videographer

Think a private Cotswold valley with a 215-acre estate is out of your price range? Think again! The great deals that Owlpen Manor has on offer make this stunning property one of many cheap wedding venues in the UK. 

Owlpen Manor is a romantic Tudor country house with plenty of spots across the estate to tie the knot. From the church to the Great Hall and Cyder House barn, there are spaces for 20 to 200 guests. The Old English formal gardens are ideal for your photos. 

The medieval Cyder Barn dates back to 1446 and features a huge oak cider press for a unique setting.

“Owlpen feels like your own private slice of idyllic countryside, where you are able to create your wedding day exactly as you want it.” says a Hitched user. “We loved having the whole venue for two nights, and having close friends and family staying on the estate in cottages meant we had time to really enjoy the whole weekend.”

Deals: Planning to tie the knot during the week? Check out Owlpen Manor’s Midweek Wedding Package which includes food and drinks for 40 guests, with the option to add more up to 120! They also have a winter wedding discount for late 2023 and early 2024 dos, and an exclusive 10% offer for Hitched couples only. 

Pricing: From £3,250

Capacity: Up to 120

4. The Shropshire Golf Centre – Telford, Shropshire

The Farmhouse at the Shropshire Golf Centre dates all the way back to 1818 and has beautiful beams and chandeliers in abundance. Couples looking for a picturesque Shropshire wedding venue are in luck – this cheap wedding videography venue has it all. 

No matter whether you want to tie the knot indoors or outdoors, there are numerous event spaces and scenic areas to choose from. Not only that, but couples have the option of exclusive use for a private celebration. There’s a separate Library Bar and snug for your guests to relax in and, thanks to the venue’s recent refurbishment, the interiors are stunning.

The staff are another great benefit of this venue, with one Hitched user saying “I don’t know what to write to express how utterly amazing the staff at The Shropshire are. They made our day everything we wanted & more.”

Deals: If you absolutely can’t wait to get hitched, check out this venue’s Let’s Knot Wait package, giving you room hire, food, linens, bar, a resident DJ and more, for couples who have their wedding within six months of booking. 

There’s also an exclusive cheap wedding venue deal for couples wanting to get married in winter. The Under the Mistletoe package offers couples an £800 saving on festive weddings. 

Pricing: From £3,500

Capacity: Up to 200

5. The Sitwell Arms Hotel – Eckington, South Yorkshire

wedding videographer 
wedding venues
wedding videography

The Sitwell Arms Hotel is a former 18th-century coaching inn that has been transformed into a rustic hotel wedding venue with beautiful grounds that are perfect for photos. Outside are the lily pond and rose orchard garden, a fishing lake and fountain, and even a secret garden, ideal for an outdoor wedding. 

If you’d prefer to get hitched indoors, there’s space for up to 200 of your friends and family. Guests staying the night can enjoy 30 superb on-site bedrooms. 

Deals: Good news if you’re getting married in January or February 2024 and are on the hunt for cheap places to get married, as you can enjoy this beautiful venue for only £2,400. 

They’re also offering a whopping 20% off remaining 2023 wedding packages, giving couples the chance to tie the knot and save £3,000 while they do it. You can also secure yourself a free engagement party worth more than £1,200 by booking this deal with them. 

Pricing: Menus from £28

Capacity: Up to 250

6. The Venue At Sandy Cove – Ilfracombe, Devon

Situated in Ilfracombe, Devon is The Venue at Sandy Cove. This gorgeous property is a classically decorated space that can host both ceremonies and receptions, ideal for couples who are planning budget weddings but still want a glam look.

This is perfect for couples searching for the ultimate coastal wedding venue – we guarantee your guests won’t be able to take their eyes off the seafront views. One newlywed said, “The setting is breath-taking, all our guest were blown away with the place.”

The venue has a number of spaces for indoor and outdoor ceremonies, most notably the cliff-top gazebo with a sky walk platform. State-of-the-art lighting with a colour wheel means that couples can tailor the lighting to fit their colour scheme, and guests can watch you say your vows in front of the sea thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows. 

Deals: Last-minute couples can enjoy 25% off last-minute key dates in 2023. If you want spectacular views from one of Devon’s best cheap wedding venues, you won’t want to miss out on this. 

Pricing: From £1,500

Capacity: Up to 200

7. Limpley Stoke Hotel – Bath, Somerset

Just outside the city of Bath is the elegant Limpley Stoke Hotel. Overlooking the spectacular Limpley Stoke Valley, it offers a selection of function rooms that can host up to 200 – although you can’t go wrong with an intimate wedding either. With a complimentary honeymoon suite stay and a dedicated wedding coordinator, you won’t need to worry about a thing.

The picture-perfect gardens are another big draw to this gorgeous Somerset wedding venue. Couples can opt to hold their entire wedding ceremony and reception here, making this a great choice of cheap venues for wedding videography. 

Limpley Stoke Hotel is a certified hit with our users – one even commented, “The food here is fantastic; breakfast, canapés, sit down meals – we received so many comments from guests on how lovely it all was. More people chose to stay the night of the wedding and everyone commented on how nice their rooms were.”

Deals: Check out the Ultimate Offer Package here – this includes 40 day guests, a three course meal, arrival drinks, an evening finger buffet, resident DJ and more for only £3,980.

If you’re tying the knot in Somerset and looking for ‘cheap wedding venues near me’, this could be the one. 

Pricing: Menus from £36

Capacity: Up to 200

8. The Woodman Inn – Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Nestled in a historic hamlet, The Woodman Inn is a picturesque refurbished 18th-century country inn. Offering delicious food, stunning surroundings, beautifully-appointed accommodation and lots of personal touches, there are fewer places more inviting for your big day.

When you think of this wedding venue, cheap is the last word that comes to mind, but their prices say otherwise.

If you’re planning a more intimate wedding ceremony, then The Country Room is the venue for you, seating between 40-80 people. Larger weddings can take place in The Garden Room, a glass structure seating 60-150 guests. 

One Hitched user commented, “The level of service was outstanding, the food was exceptional and the team couldn’t do enough for us.” What more could you want?

Deals: There are several budget wedding videography venue deals to be had here, but two of our favourites are their country and garden room packages.

Couples booking the exclusive Garden Room Package can benefit from a generous 20% discount, whilst Country Room Package customers can see themselves saving 15% when booking at this venue. Both deals are valid for 2024 weddings and give the option to add additional day and evening guests.

Pricing: Menus from £29

Capacity: Up to 150

9. The Plough Inn – Eaton, Cheshire

wedding videographers
wedding venues
wedding videography

The idyllic village of Eaton is home to the historic Plough Inn. Lovingly restored, the 15th-century coaching inn now has a stunning oak barn for weddings of up to 85 guests, and 17 stylish bedrooms for them to stay in. 

The red brick home, manicured gardens and wood-framed barn make this the ideal spot for a rustic-styled day, and you can plan one of the cheapest weddings here without anyone even realising. What really sets this venue apart is the food. The Plough offers a range of delicious options from tantalising canapes to delicious meals and pub classics – the ideal foodie wedding videograpyhyvenue. 

Deals: The Plough Inn team love a winter wedding, and they’re offering exclusive cheap wedding videography venue packages for both 2024 and 2025 festive celebrations.

Couples tying the knot in January, February or November 2024 can do so for just £2,424, and those tying the knot in the same months a year later in 2025 can do so for a mere £3,025 – what an absolute bargain.

Pricing: Menus from £40

Capacity: Up to 115

10. The Buttery and Glasshouse – Wrotham, Kent

The Buttery and Glasshouse is a unique and beautiful country inn located in the heart of Kent. It dates back 600 years, has bags of character with its exposed beams and original stone walls. We love The Buttery – a spacious function room that flows out onto the veranda and courtyard, where guests can enjoy reception drinks and get photographs taken.

The on-site restaurant prepares delicious English dishes using fresh local ingredients, as well as American-inspired feasts prepared in Kent’s only imported Texas smoker. 

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How To Chose A Wedding Videographer

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Your wedding videography day is going to be magical and you will want to make sure you capture every moment of it so you can watch the footage for years to come. When thinking of hiring a wedding videographer in kent it is important to start with the basic and look for a local wedding videographer in your area and then expand your search.

Start Local

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You can start your search by looking at what local wedding videographers are in your area. The more local a wedding vendor is the more they will be familiar with your area.

Hire A Friendly Wedding Photographer And Wedding Videographer

There is a lot to capture on your wedding day in a short amount of time. Both your photographer and videographer will film the same key scenes: getting ready, first look, ceremony, speeches, reception, etc. Coordination is important, so try to hire a photographer and wedding videographer in kent who have worked together before. This way, they will likely have systems in place to make sure each captures those special moments. Ask your wedding planner for recommendations or have your photographer to suggest a videographer.

Find A Filmmaker Who Is Comfortable With Your Venue Type 

Found a filmmaker you love but notice that all of their films take place outdoors and you’re getting married in a ballroom? Raise the question to the filmmaker before you hire them and make sure they’re comfortable shooting in your wedding setting. Request sample films to watch and show them an example of a film you like from your venue (or a similar) and confirm they’re comfortable shooting in similar circumstances.

Find Someone Who Matches Your Wedding Video Style Preference  

Once you’ve made a short list of filmmakers who shoot in your area and are within your budget, watch A LOT of sample films. Wedding films vary a ton. Most are scenes of getting ready and staged bride and groom moments, while some have a lot of candid coverage of dancing and the reception. Some only include music, while others include vows, speeches and toasts. Some even feature interviews with the bride and groom, filmed either on the wedding day or sometimes well in advance. The videographer you choose should have several videos you love. Prior to the wedding, send them examples of your favorites from their own portfolio. Be specific with your examples: what did you love about each?

Don’t Be Afraid To Search Beyond Your City

Certain wedding videography vendors, like florists or caterers, make more sense to hire local. However, don’t be constrained by location when choosing your videographer. While filmmakers do need a certain amount of equipment, it’s usually not more than they can take with them on a plane or in a car. Every filmmaker has a different policy on travel but if you find someone you love who isn’t from your area, you should still reach out!  

Search For A Photographer And Wedding Videographer Duo

Many times you can find a wedding photographer and wedding videographer in kent who come together in the same package. If you are starting your search try to find a vendor who can provide both services and will cut down on the number of vendor contracts you’ll have.

Understand What’s Included In Your Package

As wedding videography films have increased in popularity, so have the package options and the terminology. Understanding everything that comes in your package will help ensure you aren’t disappointed later. When your filmmaker sends you examples of what comes in your package (Instagram teaser, trailer, full edit, etc.) make sure to really watch each example and be sure it’s the type and amount of coverage you want!

Find Your Next Wedding Videographer

Modus Wedding Films is a wedding videography company operating across Kent and London. Our Cinematic Wedding Videography services are award-winning and we love to create videos you will want to watch again and again. Contact us today for a free wedding video proposal. We can’t wait to be your next Wedding Videographer.

 email [email protected] or call us on 01233 273 273.

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