Social Media Usage in 2022 vs. 2023

While 84% of US adults unsurprisingly use social media productions or video production studios, where are they going when they use it? Here are a few fast facts about the top platforms US consumers use in 2023, keeping in mind that this list might be different in other countries.

With that, let’s take a deeper dive into the fastest-growing platforms.

The Fastest Growing Social Media Productions

1. BeReal

BeReal has seen 313% growth in usage from consumers we polled, which was likely fueled by hype. But — as we wonder with all emerging social media platforms — will it last?

The young platform, which gives users one opportunity to post a picture of themselves wherever they are with no filter during a few timeslots — designated by the app each day, went from being used by roughly 0.7% of the population to 2.8%, growing the most of the social platforms we analyzed. But, the real story is how its taken of with Gen Z. Usage from just this age group jumped from 1% to 13% (a whopping 1,200% increase).

BeReal does benefit from being the newest social platform we asked about in these surveys, so it had the most room to grow. On the other hand, with other competitors trying to copy its platform, it risks being another trendy social media platform that gets forgotten or lost in the shuffle.

Due to BeReal’s format, it also might not be the most welcoming channel or community for brands, as people join to see the “real” versions of their friends and aim to use the platform to amplify authenticity and human connection. 

2. LinkedIn

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Between May and January LinkedIn grew 20% amongst consumers we surveyed, boosted by Boomers. However, the platform is starting to see declines with other age groups.

While LinkedIn usage declined mildly for every other generation, LinkedIn usage among Boomers grew from 11% to 20%, an 85% increase.

All-in-all, we’re not too worried about the slight declines as LinkedIn continues to be a mix of social media and utility that job hunters and recruiters will need, and use to buffer their portfolios, for years to come.

So, if you’re a marketer who leverages the platform, while it’s important to keep demographic shifts in mind — you likely don’t need to pivot your strategy there just yet.

Check out the video below for some tips on how to get started or improve on your current LinkedIn strategy: 

3. TikTok

Despite TikTok’s ongoing regulatory concerns, people who loved the platform back in May seem to be sticking around, while others are beginning to experience the channel for the very first time.

Between May and January, TikTok usage among our surveyed consumers grew by 16%. Usage also grew across all generations — especially with Boomers.

When looking at the generational increase, the number of Boomers who’d used TikTok grew by 164%, showing again that they’re catching on to many viral Gen Z trends and apps.

From our research, we estimate that one in three American adults now use TikTok.

If you aren’t on TikTok yet, you should keep it on your radar and take some time to consider if the app makes sense for your brand. Just keep in mind that it will require some video-related time and resources, as well as user-research into all the trends going on there, to build a successful strategy.

4. Twitter

Despite fluctuations in leadership, Elon Musk’s controversial takeover, and office-wide changes at the company, Twitter’s social media platform is still holding a strong user base and grew 7% among our consumer audience.

While our sample shows that Twitter pulled in roughly 12% more Gen X users and 27% more boomers, this should be taken with a grain of salt as 9% fewer members of Gen Z survey-takers said they use Twitter in January compared to May.

5. Instagram

It’s no shocker that Instagram is one of the favorites among multiple generations. Between May and January, usage by consumers we surveyed grew 6%. While the channel continues to win over Gen Z and gain attention, it might be losing its Millennial audience. Below are just a few fast facts.

Now that we’ve covered some of the fastest-growing social media platforms, here are the ones slowing down in 2023.

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