If done well, they give you an honest and authentic insight into a company. These are real people sharing their connection with the business and you can instantly tell from their eyes whether they really mean it – “The Camera Never Lies.” Talking head video feature employees talking directly to camera or to an interviewer who’s stood to the side of the camera. You may find talking head videos on youtube but there aren’t many.


Good framing – technically a good talking head should be well-framed with an interesting backdrop with depth behind the interviewee like in this film we did for Royal College of Psychiatrists.

By using prime camera lenses we can create depth of field to the shot that will feel stylish and visually pleasing.

The location needs to be spacious and quiet.  Try to avoid plain, small or stark office spaces – it’s an opportunity to show off your workplace to future clients and employees.  Check the space doesn’t have noisy air conditioning or road works just outside or people walking in and out.

Clothing is important – prior to filming encourage the talking head to bring bright colours and options to choose from on the day as a coloured jacket can really help a video pop – like this yellow jacket in the RCPsych film.

Use 2 cameras – this really helps create dynamic videos and also helps you cut down content in the edit as you have something else to cut to!  By changing the camera angle on the subject your viewer is less likely to get bored.

Include cutaways – simple shots supporting the story really brings a talking head video to life.  Whether it’s of someone cycling to work, in a meeting or working at their computer. They can be filmed in a cinematic, beautiful way that will visually engage the viewer and enhance your message.

Relaxed contributors – It’s essential for the subject to come across as relaxed and at ease on camera as if they’re talking to a friend in a café.  The director’s job is to help set them at ease and tease out genuine, short and succinct answers.  If the answer is too rambly – the director is there to ask for another version.

losing the script

It’s good to come prepared but the talking head shouldn’t come with exact lines to remember as you can see that they’re thinking too hard on camera.  They should come prepared to answer questions that will draw out great content. The contributors need to lock eyes either with the camera lens or the interviewer as roving eyes can distract a viewer.  In this RCPsych piece we had them looking directly to the director to the side of the camera. This helps draw out emotion.

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