Live stream videos are a great way for businesses to engage with their audiences all thanks to platforms like Facebook, you really don’t need too many tools or knowledge to get in front of customers. This is the perfect addition to any video marketing strategy and the team at our video production company tells all.

All you need is a Facebook profile, a mobile with a camera (we recommend Apple iPhones obviously), and in two clicks you are talking directly to consumers and bringing them video content in real-time! There is an art to Facebook live video streaming, and if you want to do it well you need to first think about how to use it as part of your overall video marketing strategy.

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at Facebook live streaming and see what it can really do for businesses and your ROI.

#TurnerPrize19 Facebook Live highlights

So why Facebook Stream and Why Do We Rave About It?

Recently, marketers have been focusing on video content as a key way to connect with an audience, engaging with them, and promoting brand awareness and boosting conversions. When a picture’s worth a thousand words video must be priceless in terms of social media marketing.

In place of traditional video content, you have video live stream. This is where a brand, influencer, or even a regular person goes live in front of their social media audience. There are many different arguments as to why this is good, and we’ll cover them all.

As for actual, identifiable results, Facebook live streams or live broadcasts can:

If connecting with your audience is a top priority for your business, then a Facebook live video might be the way to go. As with other posts and content, just having a live stream every now and then won’t exactly bring you the results. Facebook live videos need to be planned and integrated into a wider video marketing strategy. Our video production company can support you if this is something you think your business will benefit from? We can also help you understand engagement and ROI in more detail here. Check out our TikTok guide.

How Does It All Work?

Let’s get technical and see how you can go live in front of your audience. Facebook allows you to go live in just a few seconds by tapping on a few simple links.

First, go to your Facebook page where you want the live stream to happen. You’ll need to do this through one of your mobile devices using the Facebook app, desktop versions don’t have this feature.

Go to the ‘create a post’ section, click it, and you’ll see a lot of options like photos, videos, polls, and live video. After you select it, you’ll need to give Facebook access to your camera and microphone allowing it to fully use the device for the live stream or live broadcast.

That’s it although you will want to use some of these other great features this service offers, such as:

Once live, your followers will start seeing the video on their news feeds, and some may even get a notification if they are following your page. You can start a live video on your personal profile page, which will be visible to your closer circle of friends if you just want to test out the feature first.

What Can You Use Live Streaming for?

If you want to integrate a Facebook live video into your video marketing or digital strategy but aren’t exactly sure if it would benefit your business, look no further. Let’s now look at some of the different opportunities Facebook live broadcasts bring to the table:

1. Connecting with your Audience

Live videos are the perfect way to get closer to the audience and show them the people behind the brand or business. The whole point of social media is to give a human dimension to brands and businesses and at some point that stops working if you we post only a load of links and cute photos of kittens.

With a Facebook live video, you can take audiences behind the scenes of your business and present the amazing team that helps make the day to day happen. For instance, let’s say you have a small business where you sell handmade cloth bags, personalised for each customer. How much more value does seeing the faces of those makers give to the client. We’d say loads!

Why not take audiences on a journey behind the scenes and show them who’s working on the bags? Let them present themselves and say 2-3 things about themselves. Film them in action, and teach the audience something about the entire process. This could be a 20-minute live video that manages to:

Create the feeling that buying from your business is a good idea because a potential customer knows exactly how the product is made.

2. Live Q&A’s

Customers may have a ton of questions about your brand/business, a campaign, the products, and even services. In today’s digital world, people can send queries directly to their favourite brands on social media using private messages or in the comment section.

Consumers may have the same questions, which is why it’s a good idea to organise a live Q&A. Put these questions into the spotlight and answer them. This is a good digital strategy because if you tell audiences you’ll be doing a live Q&A, they will come to it with the explicit intent of asking questions or actively listening to you to find out even more. If you don’t have time to answer everything in the video, respond to comments when you can on your page in a post. Facebook will save the live video and all its engagements so you’ll never have to answer the same question twice.

3. Make Important Announcements On Facebook Live!

Facebook’s algorithm favours live videos more than other content, so its more likely to be seen in news feeds. This works well for announcements because it means you can generate more excitement around your announcements. If you are launching a new product, adding additional services, or just want to shout at people. This could be a good platform for your business.

4. Organise Your Events

Show events that some audiences can’t attend. If you’re doing a talk at 2am or have limited space you can offer audiences to watch via the Facebook app.

Our video production company offers live streaming services which we can do across multiple camera setups. See our video marketing services if you require more information. 

Things to Consider Before Going Totally Live

Our video marketing agency knows the secret to deliver a Live broadcast. You need a live stream that appears organic, natural, and improvised, it all comes down to preparation. If you watch a live video, you don’t see all the work that goes into it, so consider some areas:

1. Internet Connection

Live videos need a good internet connection. If connection keeps dropping out, or you don’t have good signal, it will affect the quality of the live stream as well as the user experience.

A bad internet connection is a disaster. The live steam will keep disconnecting and a semi-bad connection will make you the pixelated man. Before going live please make sure your connection is stable. 

2. What Will You Say?

Even if you want the live stream to seem organic it’s worth preparing. A few points or a bullet point list is a great place to start. Practicing in front of the camera makes perfect. Our videographers can always give you some top tips. 


3. Bring Value to Facebook Live Stream

If you’re running a live stream think about what your audience would find interesting or valuable to hear. If you want to bring real value to your audience follow that logic. Don’t do a live stream just because you can, well unless you have hundreds of thousands of followers then you have nothing to lose. 

But what does Live Stream “value” mean?:

If you manage to do a Facebook live video that relates to this criteria it should be successful.The easiest way to ensure this is to consider your overall digital content strategy on social media and integrate live streaming into it to bring another dimension.

Do You Need to Talk to an Expert?

As video marketing experts we are specialists in live stream broadcasting. Here at Modus Film we have completed many projects for our clients that have required live stream video content with really great results. If you want to speak to a specialist email [email protected] or call us on 01233 273 273.