PPE compliant Video company in Kent and London now able to continue social media video marketing. in Kent and London.

Now we have started slowly thawing out of our COVID-19 freeze we have started to implement measures to make our services compliant with the government guidelines. As a video production company this can be a little difficult as our products force us to get up close and personal with the subject matter. Typical for social media video marketing, but regardless of this situation, we are enforcing the following practices:

1. Wear face masks at all times unless given permission by the client to remove them. 

2. Maintain social distancing and try to use zoom lenses whenever possible.

3.Sanitise all our equipment, especially microphones which come into contact with individuals. 

4.Sanitise hands regularly and try with all your will not to touch your face.

5. Do not accept biscuits from a tin or any other food items that clients would normally offer

With these measures in place we have been busy working with a number of our partners to deliver COVID-19 awareness videos across the South East. With more and more venues opening commissioning Modus to deliver your new compliance video will make you look professional, and serious about safety. Get in touch with our sales team now we are a PPE compliant Video Production Specialists! 

For the latest safety information visit: https://www.hse.gov.uk/coronavirus/index.htm

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We are Video Production Specialists working across Kent and London. We are keeping things moving!