We’re Modus.
We make the world come to life.

We’re a small team with big ideas, we envision greatness, and that’s what we deliver.

Modus was founded in 2012 by young and talented creatives with a mission of empowering people, organisations, and leaders with fresh-thinking and inspiring films; making our clients unstoppable in achieving their business goals. We do this through timeless video, digital media, and creating products and relationships that transform what’s possible.

Our film and digital media company is made up of dreamers, innovators, creatives and people that fight for your brand. We exist to bring the finest and most refined video marketing to your business, and we look forward to putting our talents to use to push your organisation forward.

Our Vision

“To deliver exciting, creative, world-leading films that inspire, challenge and transform people and organisations around the globe.”

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Max Philo

Business Manager & Founder

Mark Castro

Creative Director & Founder

George Dersley

Filmmaker & Editor

Amber Wright

Filmmaker & Editor