“We need industry-leading film for corporate promotion and training videos for airports, adhering to their strict requirements”

AIRDAT Ltd is an industry-leader providing training and systems to airports around the world. Their products and services completely overhaul day-to-day operations at airports, streamline processes, increase safety and cut costs.

When AIRDAT was formed in 2006, the marketing climate was in a very different place. On the whole, it was only large corporations and businesses using video to advertise their products and services. Today, video marketing is more essential than ever and is the fastest growing and most successful medium for promotion. Before working with Modus, AIRDAT was self-promoting with their own videos on social media platforms – but it wasn’t getting the reach that they needed to grab the attention of new prospects.

That’s where we came in.

The Focus

Our focus working with AIRDAT is to show the aviation industry that they are a forward-thinking business with a range of products that can transform the industry as a whole.

Each decision, every feature and all the products AIRDAT develops has a fundamental reason behind it – it will make someone’s life easier. Their products and speciality may be systems but behind that their focus is the people that use them.

We love getting involved with a company and exploring it’s culture so we have a better understanding and appreciation of who they are and what they do – and we work hard to portray who they are and their core values through our films.

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Challenges & Success

One of the key challenges we face working with AIRDAT is helping them stand out from other service providers in the aviation industry which for the most part, has been standing still. Due to the huge scale of airports, the introduction of system’s like AIRDAT’s is a huge undertaking for all and it’s easy for clients to take the path of least resistance. Through our films with AIRDAT it was imperative that we show the plethora of advantages and improvements that would be introduced on a large scale.

We achieved this simply by focusing on AIRDAT’s core value of ‘People First’ – so we bring the subject of our films down to a micro level – and how the systems impact the individuals working at the airports. This approach was a great success and with some targeted content we helped convert opportunities for AIRDAT internationally.


Making training videos at airports introduces a whole new set of challenges. Every aspect of our work with AIRDAT is a challenge, from the shoot locations to the specificity and technical accuracy required. Every detail of our training films are meticulously scrutinised by airport officials and trainers, and we work closely with the team on the ground to ensure we provide the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Jumping into this project we wanted to provide the absolute highest value possible. We planned and shot the films in such a way that would minimise the requirements of future amendments when inevitable changes to the airport were made. The end result was a series of high quality videos used as the official training resource for airside safety, and one very happy customer.

Working with Modus is always a pleasure, they have a very personable team, it’s a small company and if feels more like working with family. We needed to get out what our services are to a range of different people and this medium really helps us. Our videos with Modus help us get new customers, we can see the email trails that come from our videos to contact and then we convert that customer. Right the way through you’re very aware of whats going to be delivered, and you have the confidence that it’s going to be something you are very pleased and happy to push out to the rest of the world.

Charles Cardwell – Chairman