Our creative video production agency is working exclusively with DFDS to supply top quality video marketing strategies.

DFDS is a World Leading ferry operator, providing ferry travel across Europe to destinations including France and Holland. Founded in 1866, they now have over 50 ships, and bring over 6 million passengers safely across the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, and the English Channel each year. However, whilst they may be popular with holidaymakers, and freight businesses, video for their social media marketing was lacking.

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Our video marketing agency aimed to showcase that the ferries and the crossings were part of the fun of a trip. Whilst flying and the channel tunnel/Eurostar may be quicker, the ferry offered the opportunity for passengers to walk around, and have more open space, as opposed to being sat cramped either on a plane or train, or in their own car. This was something that DFDS really wanted to communicate to their customers, and share across social media that there was plenty to do on board.

To accomplish this, our video marketing agency worked with the DFDS marketing team to create a series of online video marketing strategies that covered all aspects of DFDS’s business, including catering, staff training, on board events, retail opportunities, wildlife and conservation efforts. The focus on showcasing their top quality restaurants onboard their fleet, lead to the series “Field to Ferry” which has amassed over 350000+ views across multiple social media platforms. 

On top of these, our video production company also created a series highlighting their partnership with ORCA, who do incredible environmental work in protecting, Whales and Dolphins and various other sea life creatures. Their work with DFDS to ensure that the wildlife is disturbed as little as possible on the ferry routes, as well leading a campaign to educate passengers on the various wildlife and environmental elements they may see or experience on their journeys, perfectly lent itself to an video marketing strategy. By showcasing these incredibly beautiful creatures and environments, it allowed DFDS to reach out to potential customers, and showcase that there was more to their crossing than the comfortable lounge spaces, and delicious food on board, not to mention the fantastic flash mobs that have taken place on board, and taken the passengers by surprise.