We’ve been working with DFDS UK to make video marketing content for their Rediscover Freedom campaign. In July they started to welcome passengers back on their ferries as the borders have now been eased post the coronavirus lockdown. How to keep video marketing during COVID-19 lockdown?

Whilst remaining PPE compliant our video production team set sail from Dover to Dunkirk to film their new on board safety measures. We used our Canon camera on our DJI Ronin gimbal to get ultra smooth shots which was much needed on a rocky ship!

We edited the content with a tight turnaround ready for the videos to hit their social media channels. The campaign was designed to spread the word on safer travel so their passengers can feel at ease onboard. DFDS provided us with instructional captions which communicated their post COVID-19 offering and new operations. These highlighted a complimentary meal voucher for every passenger, enhanced cleaning, fully PPE compliant crew members and their luxurious Premium lounges to relax and unwind.


Click below to see the results of our full promotional video which featured on board their ferries,

Our edited cut down video for their social media channels to boost their online presence in welcoming passengers back on board,