Gone are the days when you would listen to radio stations on repeat. Feverishly trying to find anything useful to occupy your mind and ears. Anything you’re interested in — from quantum physics to stand-up comedy to love and loss tales — may now be accessed and experienced with the swipe of a finger. Let’s figure out why are Podcasts so Popular in 2022.

A podcast is a miraculous alternative to regular radio that most people are familiar with these days. A podcast, by definition, is an episodic collection of digital audio recordings made accessible for download through the Internet. For convenience, listeners may subscribe to their favourite radio stations and listen either online or offline. Even better, they’re (usually) free!

Podcasts may make a monotonous commute to and from work more fascinating, stimulate your thoughts while cleaning the house, or encourage you while working out at the gym. But what is it about podcasts that make them so popular? What makes them more appealing than their favourite new hit or a typical radio show?

They help you get over a creative block.

Assume you’re a fiction writer who is stuck on character development in a new novel you’re working on. Listening to podcasts including conversations with other fiction authors might provide insight into how they use their personal experiences and dreams to help construct characters in their works. You may then utilise these ideas to draw inspiration from your own life. Podcasts can also help listeners address problems creatively while focusing on other topics.

They help you feel inspired and empowered.

Do you wish to go all over the world? Considering establishing a non-profit organisation? Do you want to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle? There are several podcasts that contain conversations with activists, explorers, and small business entrepreneurs that might motivate you to live the life you’ve always desired. Sometimes all you need is a podcast to get you started in the morning.

They help you spend time more effectively & escape reality.

Consider how much time you spend travelling to the office, jogging, or perhaps even house cleaning (geez)! Those are many minutes that can be spent far more successfully by listening to podcasts while driving, running, cleaning, or cooking, making the best use of your time.

They help you understand your education in a far more enhanced manner.

Did you major in Business Administration but secretly want to be a farmer or a filmmaker? With the abundance of podcasts accessible, it’s simpler than ever to broaden your knowledge on any subject conceivable. You may learn about fresh technological developments, unusual scientific findings, and the best ways to advertise your web series or start a homestead.

It’s easy to feel quite depressed after listening to the news all day. Podcasts provide a new dimension to your daily news by providing engaging debates on a wide range of topics. They can look at a topic from several perspectives and frequently delve much further into an issue than a standard news source would, while also providing some entertainment value. As a result, you may have a more comprehensive understanding of the issue. Many new listeners have discovered podcasts to be an excellent substitute for news that is overly fear-mongering on television and overly sensationalised on social media.

They enhance relationships and make you feel less lonely.

It might be tough to look at a situation objectively and address an issue if you have a bad connection with a family member, love partner, or friend. Listening to conversations with individuals who have dealt with similar situations might help you get clarity on your own problems and gain the information you sorely need. In the absence of individuals in your actual life, the podcast might help you feel linked to another human being.

There is a podcast for everyone, whether you are 20 or 70, male or female, a free-spirited hippy or a highly focused businessman, and there will be more in the future. They’ll make you laugh and cry, push you to advance in your work, or provide you with the clarity you’ve always needed to make a crucial life choice.

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