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What is Log company video content and ProRes on the iPhone 15 Pro, and should you use it? Here’s what you should know. While the new iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max’s titanium designs and powerful performance are so amazing, it’s the cameras that I’m particularly excited about, as they got some serious upgrades, especially if you’re into your video production. The Pro models can now shoot high-quality 4K Apple ProRes video in Log color profile for amazing-looking footage.  But what do Log and ProRes refer to, how is it better, and crucially, is it something you should use? Here’s what you need to know. 

What Is ProRes?

ProRes is a video codec created by Apple in 2007 that has been widely adopted by video and cinema professionals. Typically found on high-end video cameras, ProRes files capture more data when shooting, resulting in better quality footage than you’d typically get from a phone or even some dedicated cameras. 

What Is Log video?

Log (short for “logarithmic”) is a color profile found on some professional video cameras and which is now also available on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. Log footage preserves image information in the highlights and shadows, allowing for more flexibility in editing colors and contrast in post production. 

Can My Phone Shoot ProRes Log Video? 

Apple introduced the ability to shoot with the ProRes codec on the iPhone 12 Pro, but right now only the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max can also shoot in Log. 

Should I Shoot A Company Video In ProRes Log? 

ProRes footage in Log profile is very specialized. It requires additional time in post production, and the file sizes are many times larger than regular video files. If you just want to shoot footage of your family gathering or your mates at the beach to upload to Instagram or YouTube, then you don’t need to worry about ProRes or Log.

However if you want to use your iPhone 15 Pro as a professional video production tool and you have the resources to so so, then you should absolutely give it a go. The flexibility of recording allows you to get video out of your iPhone that would give dedicated cinema cameras a run for their money, and it makes the iPhone 15 Pro an exceptionally powerful camera for content creators looking to add some professional flair to their videos. 

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