From sizzling burgers to perfectly chilled beer, we’ve got experience filming a variety of food & beverages.


North Sea Bistro, DFDS

Ambassador Cruiselines' Head Chef

Foraging in Wye Dessert

Breakfast at Shepherd Neame

Best served in high quality.

We know that in today’s digital age, having high-quality videos of your food is essential to showcase your culinary creations and draw in customers. That’s where we come in. That’s why we showcase your food and/or beverages in 4K using our Sony A7SIII’s.

Our team of experienced videographers specialises in creating stunning and appetising videos that showcase your food in the best light possible. We use state-of-the-art equipment and the latest techniques to capture the colours, textures, and flavours of your dishes, so that viewers can almost taste them through the screen.

We offer a range of services, from simple recipe videos to full-scale food documentaries. Our team can handle every aspect of the production, from scripting and storyboarding to shooting and editing, ensuring that your vision is realised from start to finish.

Smoothly does it

Have you ever wondered how plates of food seem to turn so perfectly in adverts? We use our turntable to do just that!

Preparing for a food video shoot requires attention to detail, planning, and organisation.

Here are five essential things you need to do to prepare for a successful food video shoot:

Plan the shoot: Decide on the dishes you want to feature, the style of the video, and the locations you’ll be shooting at. Create a shot list and a schedule, and make sure everyone involved knows what’s expected of them.

Gather ingredients and props: Make a list of all the ingredients you’ll need for the shoot, and make sure you have them on hand. Also, gather any props you’ll need, such as plates, utensils, and decorations.

Clean and organise the shooting area: The shooting area should be clean and well-organised to ensure that the food looks its best on camera. Remove any clutter, make sure the surfaces are clean, and have any necessary equipment set up.

Test lighting and angles: Lighting is crucial for creating a visually appealing video. Test the lighting and angles before the shoot to ensure that the food looks great on camera.

Practice plating and timing: Plating the food and timing the cooking process are critical elements of a food video shoot. Practice plating the dishes beforehand and make sure the timing is just right so that the food is cooked and plated perfectly for the video. Remember to not use food cooked too long ago! But we do have tricks up our sleeve to bring it back to life.

At Modus we’re here to help you plan all these aspects of your shoot. If you don’t have answers to all these questions or need suggestions and ideas from us, we’re here to help create your vision.

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