Social Media is made up of a variety of different platforms and our video content needs to be appropriately adapted to work with each one. In this post we wanted to express the importance of the direct upload feature you find on both Facebook and LinkedIn.

Videos posted to Facebook and LinkedIn greatly benefit from a video uploaded straight from the desktop or mobile especially if they are produced in the standard 16:9 format. This layout looks great within the newsfeed blocks and helps scrolling users see them neatly. Direct uploading as opposed to sharing content from other people works far better with what is commonly referred to as ‘original content algorithms’ meaning that social platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook naturally increase the chance that more users will see your video. The reason for this is that historically, originally produced material gets more engagement than that of the content we share – friends and connections supporting each other type of thing. Of course, this does not mean to say that a video you share won’t have gravity and get tons of views, algorithm bots will also take into account very quickly how many people engage with a video/shared post so if more people watch and engage the greater the organic reach will be. If nobody seems to like your video/shared post then the reach of the video will ultimately suffer. You have to picture this as layers of a cake:

Layer Example:

For Organic Upload

For Shared Content

Ultimately you have to know your audience. 

It’s worth mentioning that autoplay automatically unlocks when a video is directly uploaded to either Facebook or LinkedIn meaning users are more likely to stop and watch an already playing video in your timeline – just like when you walk past a TV that is showing an episode of your favourite series, you just can’t help but watch.

Remember a catchy title and good description along with 8 seconds of eye-catching opening content does wonders for engaging with users fast. Some organisations struggle to achieve this however at Modus we are social media specialists in the field of video marketing. So if you are a Kent or London based company looking for video marketing drop us an email to see how we can push your marketing into overdrive! 

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Written by Max Philo (Business Manager)