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You can feel it can’t you? The nights are darker, the air is colder. The shops are starting to fill out. Local towns begin to start preparing decorations, you’ve probably noticed an early bird in your neighbourhood begin to light up the house and your funds begin to slowly dissolve into a chaotic festive expense. It really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas; but what is the biggest clue? What rings the bell and gets all that anticipation snowballing? The video Marketing content at christmas that appears on our television, in our newsfeeds and the topic of conversation between your friends, family and co-workers.

It’s been long since a tradition that was universally recognised by our eager Christmas spirit and a very literal consumer-driven thirst, Christmas has not begun until you see the Coca Cola lorry advert appear. Yes, that iconic cacophony of ‘holidays are coming’ has become synonymous with
kickstarting the Christmas spirit and sits quite comfortably being recognised as indicative of Christmas to us as much as the tree, Michael Buble and mince pies. This memorable form of iconography is now the cornerstone of Christmas Marketing Campaigns. So much so, that Coca Cola has long since been rumoured to be the actual birth of modern Christmas and its widely accepted tropes altogether. Albeit up for discussion, this isn’t necessarily true…but did they set a new standard for brand engagement.

Other Brands

In later years, one company sought to carry the torch in being just as iconic and again, with the simple strategy of selling us emotion as the product rather than its actual business. Again, we speculate, anticipate and wait for its arrival to signify the beginning of our inner festive buzz. You probably know who I’m talking about.
The John Lewis adverts began to use Video advertising to create a feel-good, forgiving and empathetic video that oozed the very same festive concoction of emotions we all willingly invite during this time of year…and they do it well. So much so, that other retail giants Aldi, Tesco, and Sainsburys amped up their video marketing efforts to produce their own examples in a similar fashion.
Whilst their products and services exist all year round, it is the festive flick of the switch to remind us your weekly food shop was now something different and that as a business they are ready, willing and engaged to compete for your extra budgets and attention this Christmas.

Do your customers/clients know you’re Christmas ready? Have you prioritised your communication channels to tantalise their festive spirit? Whilst we’re not suggesting a bandwagon attempt to outshine the multi million-pound platform big companies use, there’s still a variety of strategies and tools you can implement into your festive marketing.

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