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Why Do A Couple Wedding Photoshoot? 

Sharing a love story in an uncomplicated way seems like quite the complicated venture. There are so many intrinsic details assembling a tailored narrative around trust, comfort and passion. How do you share and memorialize that silly thing your partner does? How about that look they throw every so often when you delightfully trigger it? Those small moments mount to what makes the bigger picture for you now. Fortunately, a wedding photoshoot is known as a tried and true method for honest, vulnerable and compelling visual storytelling (as long as you find the right wedding photographer) and here’s a sneak peek about why:

1. Celebrate and indulge in special moments

Capturing special times allows for some kind of magic.  You can relive, celebrate, and indulge in a moment over and over again. Engagements, weddings, honeymoons, elopements and anniversaries are a few of the bigger ones which are absolutely important to catch for most. It’s equally as crucial to honour your relationship through more subtle moments. Shared, tender moments at home are just as important as dreamy beach engagements.  

While Flytographer is not about wedding photography, there are a multitude of big days we do love to capture, like proposals, pre-weddings, engagements, honeymoons and anniversaries. Withstanding a pandemic together is another to add to the list and definitely one that should not be minimized! 

2. Let creativity flow

Couple wedding photoshoots should never fall within specific criteria. You decide exactly how you want this all to be. Feel welcome to get as creative as you’d like, where the more unique you are, the better it becomes. Embrace quirky bits which make your relationship stand out. Allow for shared interests to fuel inspiration for wedding photoshoot ideas, like photoshoot location and couple poses. 

Do you share a love for music? Sports? Film? Something entirely obscure? Involve an aspect of that within your photoshoot. Make it playful. Aesthetically, are you drawn to otherworldly elements? Vintage romantic? Bold, brave and bright colour palettes? Classic black and white? Find a way to feature it. Anything is possible.

Portrait wedding photography in and of itself is expansive, waiting for you to dream something up which fits for you and your love. There are no rules. Take advantage of the freedom of this art form and let it flow. 

3. Consult With Professional Wedding Photograghy

Aspects of your photoshoot ideas such as lighting, posing, location and outfit ideas are much easier when navigating with our team and a professional wedding photographer by your side. They provide invaluable photography tips, especially timing suggestions and fool-proof colour schemes based on the original ideas you have for your photoshoot, so everything can pull through in an effortless way. 

Choosing the right time

Timing is greatly dependent on location and season, but golden hour is a lovely time to begin or end. There’s such a specific, sweet hue when the sun rises or falls, adding an undeniably romantic mood. Beyond that fleeting span of time, natural light is preferential and for good reason: it’s honest and candid, even in the most formal wedding photoshoot. There are aspects that may limit your time frame, especially if you’re considering wedding photos: your wedding photographer is awarded the beautiful challenge of capturing charming moments throughout the event.

Styling guides 

We have some great outfit ideas in our style guide, but it basically comes down to wearing whatever you feel good in. Feeling confident and loving exactly what you’ve put on is essential, as opposed to throwing on a suit just for the formality of it all. There is no need for the fashion police — anything is possible! 

Err on the side of timeless, rather than trendy. Bring additional pieces of clothing if possible, in case you’d like to capture multiple vibes throughout your session. Having more options in the end never hurt anyone. What does hurt is restrictive or uncomfortable clothing. Opt for leaving those choices behind. 

Consider complementary pieces between you and your partner, rather than opposing or clashing patterns. Solid and muted tones are best! Similar tones for both top and bottom pieces make sure there isn’t an emphasis on certain parts of the body if you don’t want to highlight anything. 

Posing prompts

When it comes to wedding photography poses, it’s important to remember what feels most natural. That is definitely easy to forget when there’s a camera pointed in your face, but the most authentic and flattering shots will come when you and your partner feel good. 

Even if the wedding photographer doesn’t initiate this, make sure everyone starts slow. Ask for an introduction where poses involve walking towards or away from the camera so that there is a gentle ease into the session. This allows for many more successful shots in the end. 

Once everyone feels comfortable, more intimate posing could be involved such as holding hands, cuddling, kissing and intense eye contact. Again, easing into this will feel much more natural. 

Experimenting with poses where you’re lying down instead of staying upright is great if your location allows for it. Think early 2000’s indie rom-com vibes, where your faces are side by side, cheek to cheek under pastel hues. 

4. Capture meaningful locations together

Choosing a location, or possibly multiple locations, is its own thing to carefully consider. You and your partner should be captured in spaces that hold meaning for you both. These locations could be as iconic as San Francisco, where you sway around Baker Beach or along the Golden Gate bridge. Your cozy neighbourhood haunt, or an iconic backdrop in Los Angeles, could be just as stunning. 

Wherever you’re drawn to, make sure it’s a place where you’ll feel comfortable. If anyone’s the shy type, choosing a less populated location to ensure you’ll have time to get comfortable in front of the camera is an aspect to consider. From there, you could move to more populated areas as nerves ease and the lens becomes second nature. 

It’s possible your location is defined by an event, such as an engagement location or destination wedding. In this case, that job is done. Alternatively, it could be a place you have no prior emotional connection with. If you’re stuck on the wedding photoshoot location, a wedding photographer can help direct you to areas that will radiate the ambiance you are looking for. They will consider flattering, complementary and appropriate backdrops able to showcase your relationship. 

5. Spending quality time together

Ultimately, couple wedding photoshoots should be fun and stress-free. While there could be quite a bit of planning involved, make sure to leave space for spontaneity and unplanned flirtation with your loved one.   Allowing this kind of space within the wedding photoshoot ensures the experience will be much more easygoing for everyone involved. In the end, it’s quality time together on its own. If it’s your first time seeking this kind of adventure out, try to be present and enjoy it to the fullest.

6. Hang your memories on the wall

After you’ve selected the cutest, most amazing photos out of the selection sent from the photoshoot, it’s important to showcase them in a way that brings more joy to your space.

Outside of sharing your love story with wedding photography on social media platforms you are actively engaged with, there is still an inherent charm with physical displays of affection — meaning, physically displaying your memories, your very own fine art, on the wall. There are definitely many ways to do this. Though the classic frame on the wall is a wonderful idea, we’ve evolved past it as the only option. We are now living in the age of LED photo lamps or frames, three-dimensional prints on geometrical shapes, and where basically any household object can be custom printed on — coffee in your very own photo mug, anyone? 

Ready to capture your love story?

We have immensely talented professional photographers located in over 350 locations around the world who are ready to help you achieve the perfect couple wedding photoshoot with your partner. Booking is just a click away, where our team helps you to choose the right wedding photographer and navigate through our seamless process following the booking. Are you ready to hire an amazing local wedding photographer and capture your love?

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